APFA Hotline Update - Flt. Svc. Online Training Issues - July 11, 2013

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Recurrent and Int'l Online Training Problems
Over the past week APFA has been inundated with calls from our members expressing their frustration with problems related to online training. We press the company for resolution to this fiasco every day. Earlier today we were told the problems were resolved. This evening, however, we were informed the problems appear to only be resolved for those attending International training and that the Recurrent portion (EPTs) could still pose a problem.

If you have not been able to complete your recurrent training this month due to problems with the training site prior to attending your hands-on training in Dallas, you should not spend any additional time trying to complete your home study. The FAA has granted AA a grace period for those unable to complete online training prior to the classroom. Please refer to your HI6 messages for further details. APFA is discussing compensation with AA in the form of training pay for FAs who experienced problems with the online home study. Meanwhile, please record the extra time you have spent on the site trying to complete the training.
If you are having difficulties completing online training other than Recurrent training, please contact the Training Support Desk. In addition, be sure to send details of the problem to Please include the course you are trying to complete, the problem encountered, whether you are on Windows or MAC, and the internet browser you are using.

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