Tuesday, August 11, 2015  - LAA/LUS
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Dues Forgiveness Ballot - Voting Now Open

The APFA Board of Directors, at its May 6, 2015 meeting, passed a resolution proposing an amendment to the APFA Constitution that will address the dues balance obligation of members in an unpaid status.

Under the proposed amendment, if a member was on an unpaid status at any time between January 8, 2010 and June 18, 2014, and has a dues balance accrued pursuant to Article II, Section 4.B.3 of the APFA Constitution in effect during that time period, that balance will be forgiven if within three (3) months of the ratification, the member makes a one-time payment to APFA of $123.00 or the unpaid dues balance accrued during that period, whichever is smaller.  

The APFA National Ballot Committee (NBC) would like to inform all Flight Attendants that the Dues Balance Forgiveness Ballot was mailed today, Tuesday, August 11, 2015. Voting opened today at 10 AM Central Time and all votes must be cast by Thursday, September 10, 2015 at 10 AM Central Time.
If you have not received your ballot by Monday, August 17, please contact the NBC at or 817-540-0108 ext. 8311, and a 16-digit activation code will be issued to you. Please remember that in order for your vote to count, you must be dues current by Monday, September 7, 2015 at 5:00 PM CT. If you have any questions about your dues, please contact the Dues Department at or 817-540-0108 ext. 8151.

Cindy Horan
National Ballot Committee Chair

Brian Clark
APFA National Communications Interim Chair

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