Monday, November 9, 2015

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Dear APFA Flight Attendant,

Last week I had an important meeting with top Management. I requested the meeting to go over many items. But the most important reason I asked to meet was to discuss AA's long overdue need to recognize our collective sacrifices and dedication and our carrier's unprecedented profits.  One obvious way for Management to show its appreciation to its workforce is to share AA's unparalleled profits by providing us some form of additional compensation.  And I made that quite clear. 

Management was respectful, but predictable. They pointed to our “market based” adjustment following a new contract at United as the next opportunity to add value to our compensation package. I too was respectful, but I rejected that reasoning.  I explained that we have earned the right to share in our company's success, now. 

We will continue to push forward -- as these are extraordinary times deserving of innovative measures. That is why I have appointed a team of flight attendants to join me on the Additional Compensation Task Force. This Task Force is charged with examining multiple ways for AA to provide our workgroup additional pay in recognition of our airlines' incredible success. 

Yes, as Management reminded me, we are in the middle of a contract and there is nothing compelling management to add value. But this year's profits, at American and throughout the industry, have been nothing short of remarkable. Flight Attendants, and all employees, deserve to share in those profits. This requires an act of Management based on respect and partnership. 

Tomorrow, the Task Force will send Senior Management a letter requesting to pick up on the dialogue started at my meeting. Just as we provide world class service everyday in the air, I will spend everyday working toward the recognition we earned.  The success of AA is all of our success --- and we all must share in that glory.  It’s time for the Company to do the right thing.

Stay Tuned.

Marcus Gluth
APFA National President
Miami Flight Attendant

ABOUT APFA: APFA is a strong and independent Union comprised of 25,000 hard-working Flight Attendants of American Airlines. Like any organization, opinions and interests are varied. What makes APFA unique, though, is its highly democratic process which allows members to make their voices heard through the direct election of their Union representatives and voting power on all Constitutional changes. APFA is proud of its membership’s diversity, passion, and advocacy.
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