Monday, July 27, 2015
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  • Duty Rig Change from 1 for 2.25 to 1 for 2
  • New On Premise Reserve Times Effective August 1

Duty Rig Change from 1 for 2.25 to 1 for 2 - 2014 JCBA Section 11, Pg. 11-3

Effective with the August Bid Month, the 1 for 2.25 Duty Rig will improve to 1 for 2 for LUS Flight Attendants.  LAA Flight Attendants have previously been afforded the 1 for 2 Duty Rig as part of their previous CBA.  

1 for 2 – duty day starts with report time, ends with check-out. Then divide hours by 2 equals your minimum pay for the day.

The change will occur in accordance with the Joint Collective Bargaining Agreement (JCBA) and the APFA/AA JCBA Implementation Schedule on August 1, 2015.  Noted below are two examples showing the increased value of a Pairing using the new Duty Rig.

The application of the new Duty Rig increased the value of this Pairing by 17 minutes.  

Note* Prior to August 1, 2015 only the Duty Time between the hours of 2200 and 0559 paid 1-2.  

A direct comparison of this Pairing to an identical Pairing from July is not possible because the Pairings change from month to month.  Math tells the story:

This Pairing divides the total total Duty time by 2 (10+45/2) for a Total Credit Value of 5+23.  

The CATCREW Hours and Minutes calculator shows the calculations below.

The application of the new Duty Rig increased the Total Credit Value of this Pairing by 36 minutes. 

Joint Scheduling Implementation Committee (JSIC)

New On Premise Reserve Times Effective August 1 for LUS

Effective, August 1st, On Premise Reserve (OPR) beginning and ending times will change for certain OPR shifts in the CLT, PHL, and PHX domiciles.

On Premise Reserve Shifts – Effective August 1, 2015:

Certain times have been adjusted to an earlier start time by 15 minutes to accommodate a Reserve Flight Attendant wishing to bid an earlier Reserve Availability Period (RAP) the next day.

Following the completion of OPR, a Reserve is afforded 10 hours of Home Domicile Rest. If the Reserve wanted to bid and be available for a RAP that begins earlier than the completion of the Home Domicile Rest, the ROTA system would not award this earlier RAP. This denial was due to the rest requirement and the system requirements of awarding a complete 12-hour RAP.

For Example: Prior to the upcoming changes, a Reserve was on the 1600 - 2000 OPR shift.  Once the shift was completed, the Reserve would start a 10-hour rest period, which is completed at 06:01. If the Reserve had bid for RAP B (0600 - 1800) the following day, they would not be awarded this RAP due to the system looking for a complete 12-hour RAP for assignment. Consequently in this scenario the system would assign RAP C (1400 - 0200) instead. 

With the change to 15:45-19:45 for OPR, the 10-hour rest period will be completed at 05:46. This will now allow RAP B (06:00 - 18:00) to be awarded for the following day.

The upcoming changes are especially useful for those Reserves going off duty the day following this RAP assignment. If assigned RAP C, the Reserve would be available to the company until 23:59 going into days free from duty.

Please note: DCA will not have any OPR time slot changes.

The PHX domicile will also experience a complete time change on their last OPR of the day. The new times for this OPR shift will be 2100 - 0100. This new time will replace the previous 20:00 - 00:00 shift. The Company informed APFA that the reason for this change in PHX is to protect the operation on the last bank of departures.

APFA will continue to push for improvements to the Reserve system.

John Pennel
LUS Reserve Representative

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