Friday, August 26, 2016

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LGA Construction Issue

Your LGA Reps are currently working on an agreement with the company regarding the construction taking place at LGA. The construction of the new airport is scheduled to last approximately five years. On Friday, August 9th, we met with the local manager, Chet White, to go over a list of issues we have heard of and witnessed first-hand. In order to lay down a foundation that protects every aspect of our jobs and daily work environment, we need your assistance.

Please send detailed references to anything you have experienced since the construction process started.  We must present facts going forward.  We are seeking facts on (but not limited to) the following:
  1. If you drive, how long did it take you to get from P10, to the terminal?  Remember, the Proximity Card has a time stamp when entering/exiting the parking lot.
  2. If you drive, how long did you have to wait for the BLUE Route bus once you got to stop Seven (7)?  Additionally, once on the bus, how long was the ride to the P10 Parking Lot? Add the two for a total time from “Block In”
  3. Have you been charged a Late Report or Missed Trip (LR/TM) and if so, was it removed?
  4.  If you received a TM, were you allowed to follow IPP to protect the lost time?
  5. How has this affected Home Base Rest (HBR)? Was your HBR reduced to below minimums due to the traffic?  This pertains to both drivers and those taking taxis or public transportation, both Line Holders and Reserves.
  6. Have you missed scheduled training as a result of the traffic?
  7. If on Reserve, were you able to make a three hour call out?
Remember, we need hard FACTS and any substantiating proof (i.e. screen shots, pictures, HI1s/HI3s).  It is paramount that we have as much evidence as possible. This will affect LGA for five years, in a perfect world. We want protection for our Flight Attendants. Do Not forget to specify if you are driving or taking public transportation.

Label Subject as: LGA Construction Situation

Send your encounters to  Ellen Eherts
                                     Joann Matley Sheehan
                                     Anna Johnson-BCR
                                     Leslie DuPilka-BCR
                                     Robert Norvell

Help us Help You!


We continue to struggle with Crew Scheduling and Crew Tracking issues. On August 30th 2016, there will be a meeting with the LAA Base Presidents management. We will be taking these issues forward.  

Please take time to complete the Crew Scheduling Feedback Form on the APFA Website. Daniel and Chuck use this information when meeting with the Company department heads. Remember, however, the feedback form does not constitute as a formal complaint to reach a resolution. You must still contact the Contract/Scheduling Departments or your Local Reps. 

Keep in mind that Live Chat is there for your benefit as well via the APFA Website. These are Reps on duty after hours and are more than capable of addressing your issues. Logon to the APFA Website and Click on the Live Chat option in the upper right hand corner of the Homepage. 

Remember, all calls to Crew Schedule and Crew Tracking are recorded- USE THAT MUTE BUTTON WHEN ON HOLD!!!!!


Hotel and transportation issues can be brought directly to APFA National Hotel Chair, A. Marie Plevritis at You can also fill out the Hotel/Transportation Debrief Form on the APFA website.  

As a reminder, you do not have to wait longer than 20 minutes for transportation to the hotel. Refer to Section 6 of the JCBA regarding Crew Transportation:

"At points other than the Flight Attendant’s crew base, where the Company’s scheduled or prearranged transportation is not available within twenty (20) minutes after such is requested by the Flight Attendant, the Flight Attendant will be authorized to take alternate transportation to the hotel. On overnights scheduled for less than ten (10) hours and thirty (30) minutes, transportation shall be available within ten (10) minutes and the twenty (20) minute wait set forth above shall not apply.

a. The expense for the transportation shall be paid by the hotel, or
b. If the hotel refuses to pay for alternate transportation, the Flight Attendant shall pay for the transportation and be reimbursed by the Company or the Company may provide a cab voucher.
c. Reimbursement shall be made on the paycheck containing the pay exceptions for the month following the submission of the expense. The Company may require receipts to be submitted from a Flight Attendant seeking reimbursement."
Bed Bug Reports

We have seen a surge in Bed Bug Reports, the latest being at the short layover in LAS.  Do not hesitate to report any instance surrounding insects to,, and

Always feel free to contact your Base Reps or copy us in. Your health and safety is first and foremost for us.

Inflight Crew Rest

If you have had inoperable crew bunks and have been given less than a one-for-one seat accommodation (i.e. 777-300 with 8 bunks but only 5 seats blocked), we need to know. Please send us your reports.   

In accordance with Section 38 J.1…

“For flights seven (&) or more scheduled flying time, but not exceeding  12 hours scheduled flying time, one (1) regular Main Cabin passenger seat will be provided on a one-for-one basis for each Crew Rest Seat which is unusable.” 

That means:
777-200 => 4 seats
777-300 =>8 seats.

That’s all for now. 

Happy Flying and Be Safe

Your  LGA APFA Representatives,  Ellen Eherts  Joann Matley Sheehan

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