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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Critical Coverage - LAA

APFA was just notified by the Company that steps 6, 7, 8, and 9 are being invoked per Article 9L as follows:

6.  A Reserve Flight Attendant who is scheduled for a duty-free period may be assigned to a trip sequence provided, however, such trip sequence is scheduled to terminate at his/her home base no later than twelve (12) hours from the scheduled start of his/her duty-free period.

7.  Regularly scheduled Flight Attendants at the base in reverse order of seniority provided, however, there is no conflict with his/her scheduled duty-free period.

8.  Reserve Flight Attendants on a scheduled duty-free period.

9.  Regularly scheduled Flight Attendants on a duty-free period, in reverse order of seniority.

Critical coverage and L2 is open at all LAA bases with the exception of RDU. Please be aware of how many hours you have. If first party contact is made and you are low on time, you can be scheduled for an assignment. In addition, please make sure you will have at least 10 DFPs for the month should you be rescheduled with additional flying.

Daniel Koukes
APFA National Scheduling Chair

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