11 August 2016

NEW NUCLEAR: Preferred site chosen for NuScale SMR
A preferred site has been identified for the construction of a demonstration small modular reactor at the US Department of Energy's Idaho National Laboratory, near Idaho Falls.

WASTE & RECYCLING: Digging repository deeper may not make it safer, says Nagra
Additional documentation on the engineering feasibility of a deep repository has been submitted by Switzerland's national radioactive waste disposal cooperative Nagra. It claims there are no safety advantages to constructing a deeper repository than originally envisaged.


Russia's Rosatom says it is waiting for an official request to replace the reactor shell that its workers dropped during installation work last month at Belarus' first nuclear power plant, in Ostrovets. Vladimir Potupchik, energy minister of Belarus, told reporters in the Russian city of Tyumen today that Belarus had decided it wanted the equipment to be replaced. According to TASS, the minister said the cost of replacing the equipment was a matter to be discussed with the Russian side.

Germany's newly-created Federal Office for Nuclear Waste Safety has given power company EnBW permission to transport used fuel from the shut down Obrigheim nuclear power plant for interim storage at the Neckarwestheim plant. EnBW said the transfer of 342 fuel elements to Neckarwestheim will remove the need for the construction of another interim storage facility in Germany and will allow decommissioning activities at Obrigheim to progress. The Neckarwestheim storage facility has sufficient existing capacity to store the Obrigheim fuel in addition to fuel from the plant itself, the company added.

Decontamination and decommissioning of the American Centrifuge demonstration facility at Piketon, Ohio, is not now expected to be completed until 2017. Centrus Energy said yesterday it is experiencing delays to the work, which began in the second quarter of this year, and is evaluating the impact these will have on future costs.
Veolia ES Alaron, working in partnership with Mitsubishi Nuclear Energy Systems, has built a new facility at Veolia's Alaron Nuclear Services radioactive licensed site in Wampum, Pennsylvania. The facility will enable MNES to provide hands-on training and qualification of the Mitsubishi water jet peening process under realistic plant environments. Alaron Nuclear Services is to become part of Kurion Veolia in early 2017.
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