"My name is Ronald Laverdy Montero. I made the decision to enter a rehabilitation centre after struggling for many years with an addiction to drugs and alcohol. I came to Novō in October 2018 and finished the programme over a year ago, on 12th June 2019. 
"At first, it was very difficult to lead a life of abstinence. For the first three weeks, all I did was cry and cry out to God from the floor of my room, asking for mercy. Today, I can say that Novo was the family that I needed!
"I remember an experience that I had in the first month. I wanted to leave because of swelling in my right foot due to high Uric acid, so I spoke to Oscar, Novō’s psychologist, and he told me that they cared about my health, that my uric acid would be treated, and that the most important thing was dealing with my addiction problem. When I heard these words and realized that were people who were interested in me and my health, it brought me to tears! The feeling that someone cares for me was a feeling I had not experienced for a long time. 
"At Novo, I learned discipline and to respect the rules of the centre. Before, I just did whatever I wanted. I learned how to treat people and how to be tolerant of others. I learned to prepare food and to serve others by setting the table and washing the dishes once a week. Before, I’d never entered a kitchen to chop vegetables. I realized I was a selfish person, that I only thought about myself. I learned to value my family, my wife, my children and I learned to put these people before my own interests. Today, I help my wife in the kitchen! 
"I’m very grateful to each volunteer who always gives their time – and often gives their personal belongings – to bless the residents! They always had a word of encouragement when I was going through difficult moments. The doors of the management were always open and I was able to speak with [Quinta Director] David Salazar. He’s a person who’s willing to listen to us, to give us advice, and above all to empathize with us. Even after graduating, I still have Novō’s support, emotionally and practically. 
"Now, when I have a problem, I now know that going back to my addiction is not the solution. The most important thing I have learned is to give my life totally to God and to be strengthened every day by his Holy Spirit. 

"Despite being 46, I know that God had a purpose for my life!"
  • After 5 months of strict lockdown, we are now able to accept new residents onto the programme. Please pray for our newest resident, Juan Carlos, that he will quickly settle into the community, and that we will see a steady flow of new residents in the coming weeks.
  • 6 men - Alejandro, Benigno, Jhon, Diego, Gabriel, Mario - have completed the programme in the last few months. These are strange times to reintegrate into the community! Please pray for them as they do so, that they'd take advantage of all the support available to them. 
  • Novō Adventures has a new home at Quinta Totaices! We've been taking advantage of the lockdown to review the whole business strategy in order to put ourselves in the strongest possible position ahead of the return of customers in 2021. If you're interested in (border reopening permitting) a 4x4 or motorcyle tour of Bolivia, do check out and get in touch so we can tell you about the special offers available to Novō supporters.
THANK YOU so much for your prayerful and practical support of Novō. Without you, none of this would happen! 
If you'd like to make a ONE-OFF DONATION to Novō at this time, we do have immediate needs. A click on the box below takes you to the donate page of our website where you'll find all the information you need to give tax-effectively in the UK, Canada, and the US. If you have any questions, do write to us at
Don't forget to you can now also become a NOVŌ PADRINO. Padrinos (Godparents) support the work of Novō Bolivia by sponsoring a place on our programme through a recurring monthly donation. There are 5 levels of sponsorship available – Medical, Therapeutic, Practical, Recovery, & Full – with all donations ensuring that more men in need can follow in Ronald's footsteps. To find out more, visit
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In the UK, Novō Communities is a Registered Charity (1164421). In Canada and USA, we are partnered with the Evangelical Free Church of Canada and America respectively.

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