I photographed a solo record for Howie D of the Backstreet Boys in about 2010, and we got some great shots.  So when they were about to launch their Las Vegas shows at Planet Hollywood, I got together with the guys and their manager Jennifer Sousa to come up with a plan.  At first they wanted to shoot in Las Vegas outside, but considering it was August, I thought 114 degrees might be a little uncomfortable ;), so I came up with the next best thing. One of my friends Lisa Schulte, owns a neon warehouse, Nights Of Neon in the valley...We shot everything there so we had carte blanche of the joint for the day! She supplied us with so many great set ups!
Click the picture below to view the behind the scenes of the photo shoot. 

Side Note: Backstreet Boys broke the record for the fastest selling shows in the history of Las Vegas...Our efforts worked!

Another Awesome Job with Producer's Kim Creighton and Lindha Narvaez for Milkt Films.  We shot a lifestyle photo/commercial campaign for Zenni Eyewear.  David Purcell at Zenni was just such a delight to be creative with.  Cinematographer Will Dearborn shadowed me with motion as I did stills to get all the content for Kristen Hilkert to edit into 3 killer spots. Thanks to Heather Cvar who did the Make Up - Justin Lynn for Styling & Vanessa Knight for doing hair! 


Nicole Frantz from Capitol Records decided with the band Capital Cities, to do a shoot with kids. She thought I'd be good for this project because they wanted to have the kids actually doing the photos and styling the band, for real. Guess I can be a kid too? Let's say it was a bit like herding cats! Thankfully Lego donated some good time toys to the shoot which helped with the focus! are some of the press and album shots for their single "Vowels"


I Did another music video for the haunting and ethereal Miranda Lee Richards song "The Colours So Fine".  Coming up with this treatment together was fun because it's based on a trip she had, how it felt emotionally and what she saw. We wanted to get that feeling across while watching the clip. Let us know if it worked CLICK THE PICTURE TO VIEW THE VIDEO. Shot by Will Dearborn and edited by Kristen Hilkert.


It's official! Save Ferris are back and the new song is the "New Sound" that's comin' around! Monique Powell and I did a music video for their new single and it came out great.  Super excited for this girl, she just opened a couple dates for Gwen Stefani in the O.C. The two original rude girls home turf. Video coming soon!

John Varvatos the clothing designer has started a label! He's a music person as we all know. I even sell some of my photo prints in his stores.  He signed the band below called Bad Flower, they have a very unique sound, really rocking. I can't really explain it, but they have "it". His label goes through Universal Music Group in New York so it was great to get to work with them again.  Produced by Kim Creighton and Styled by Scott Free.



Last but certainly not least, I am now represented by Weiss Artists.  Caryn & Co. have inspired me to finally sit in front of the computer long enough to edit down my work and lay out a printed portfolio!  I would love to come share it with you, so hit up me or Caryn so we can schedule a visit.

Thank you for checking out some of my new work!  
I would love to shoot something with you.
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