November 05, 2019
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Lobo Genetics enabling personalized cannabis product selection based on consumers’ genes

Closely-held Lobo Genetics is taking its cannabis genetic profile testing to the next level.

“We started with genetic tests and genetic profiling and now we are complementing that by helping guide consumers to the right products,” CEO and co-founder, John Lem, says in an interview with BioTuesdays.

Lobo launched its DNA testing services late last year. Similar to 23andMe and other direct-to-consumer genetic tests, DNA is collected via a simple cheek swab. Lobo’s test is unique in that it can determine whether an individual has genetic variants that may affect their response to cannabis. Lobo’s test kit is currently available in select pharmacies, retailers and clinics across Canada. Consumers can also order a test kit online from Lobo’s website and have it mailed directly to their homes.        

“Two people can use the same cannabis product and have a completely different response. This isn’t speculation, it’s a fact, based on the scientific literature and backed up by our data. Genetics can have a strong influence on how individuals respond,” Mr. Lem contends.
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