Optimal Solutions releases 3.5
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Sculptor 3.5
  • Power
  • Speed
  • Flexibility
Shape Matching:  
Breaking down barriers between data types

Using Sculptor's ASD technology to MORPH, OPTIMIZE, and now SHAPE MATCHING gives you multiple ways to explore, expand, and refine your design space and ultimately your products.  You can now morph, optimize, and match between models of varying formats. If you want to apply design changes from a CAD model to your MESH (FEA,CFD) model it can be done quickly and easily.  Sculptor 3.5 allows design changes between CAD - CAD, CAD - MESH, MESH-MESH, and most any other path or direction you've defined in your analysis process.
   In this example the designers want to explore the potential benefits of some new designs for the rear bumper, deck, and undercarriage of this concept car without having to re-mesh the model.
The car model and the bumper/rear undercarriage parts have dissimilar topologies.  Using Shape Matching the car (source model) can deformed to match the new rear parts (target model).  We call this type of Matching "heteromorphic" due to the differing mesh topologies.
One of the new features in Sculptor 3.5 is the Multiple View function which allows multiple models or multiple views of the same model to be viewed simultaneously.
When  both files are imported into Sculptor and the new designs are in their desired position we can see the the difference between the source model and the target shape desired when superimposed.
Next we need to a pick a series nodal pairs.  One point on the source model and a corresponding point on the target model.  Sculptor's dialog boxes make this easy with simple clicks on the screen.  More nodal pairs create a more accurate matching results.  In this example we only used three nodal pairs.
With a simple ASD volume and three nodal pairs selected Shape Matching process is activated using optimization algorithms and within seconds a new design is created to match the desired target.  Notice the smooth volumetric deformations made to the model.

This new shape change (design) can now be applied to other format types.
Version 3.5  Brings Power, Speed, and Flexibility.
  • Shape Matching tab added to the Optimization Control Center providing capability to handle different topologies.
  • Added color contouring to Shape Matching.
  • Added nodal pairs selection to Shape Matching.
  • Added Multiview.
  • Added Point, Spline, and Surface Morphers.
  • Freezing routines replaced with new faster algorithm.
  • Groups Dialog will now let you modify an existing group.
  • Fieldview translator now supports binary files.
  • Added import/export for LS-DYNA models.

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