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This is Called the Land of Milk and Honey for a Reason...


“We’re a fair trade company working to strengthening the organic culture that has been sustained in this ecosystem for thousands of years … we produce some of the FINEST olive oil in the world, and we’re here to present it and share it with the world on behalf of the farmers from Palestine.”


Canaan at PYMWYMIC Impact Days 2014, Amsterdam! 

“From crop to shop: Canaan Fair Trade building a value chain with a social impact”- this is how director and founder Nasser Abufarha presented Canaan in front of 250 world social investors in the Dutch city of Amsterdam at PYMWYMIC (Put your money where your meaning is community) Impact Days 2014!

"I was there to present Canaan and showcase the social impact value chain we have built over the years to one of most prestigious impact investments gathering in the world. The depth and scale of the impact exhibited by Canaan was distinguished and appreciated." – Nasser Abufarha, director & founder of Canaan Fair Trade. 

Pymwymic (Put Your Money Where Your Meaning Is Community) is Europe’s largest community of impact investors, where for 20 years, families, philanthropists, and individual investors have invested capital & resources into hundreds of for-profit companies creating positive social & environmental impact.  PYMWYMIC IMPACT DAYS is Europe’s most inspiring and focused gathering for the groundswell movement of people involved with the Impact movement:  aligning investment, intention, and action for social and environmental return.  



With an educational background in computer science, cultural anthropology, and international development, his reciprocity approach to business has helped Canaan Fair Trade become a multi-million dollar business. Check out this article from Upsides on Impact Days 2014 speaker and social entrepreneur Nasser Abufarha.
After Canaan’s delicious spreads and tapenades have been at national distribution in Wholefoods – USA, we're very thrilled to announce that now, Canaan is launching a new olive oil bottle with a label that carries a painting of Jerusalem by Palestinian artist Ibrahim Shalabi, and the Arabic Calligraphy “Shajara Tayibah”, meaning Wholesome Tree, at Wholefoods national at every store in the country the first week of June!  We’re counting on Canaan supporters and Palestine supporters, and on everyone to buy a case from your local Wholefoods store and give gifts to your friends! We’re going to make this a great success for Palestine, and we invite all of you to take part! 
Busy Spring for International Customers in Palestine:
Ben and Jerry’s, Lush, & Dr. Bronner’s at Canaan & PFTA!

In a fact-finding mission about the conditions of producers in Palestine under occupation, three of the Ben and Jerry’s board members visited Canaan and the Palestine Fair Trade Association for the first time last month.
“I was deeply moved by my recent visit to Canaan Fair trade in the West Bank.  Their work is incredibly important as it gives the smallholder farmers a hope of surviving the occupation. I left Canaan with my spirits raised.  Their work represents all that is best in humanity, a deep attachment to the land, a kind gracious spirit, a sense of sharing and hope, all done with a sense of joy.” - Ben and Jerry board member Jeff Furman
Ben and Jerry’s Ice-cream is one of Canaan’s biggest customers for ALMONDS, and they use these wholesome Palestinian almonds in their absolutely delicious New York Super Fudge Chunk flavor, See some pictures of their visit here

“If you are looking for a great place to visit, think about going to Jenin and visiting Canaan Fair trade. You will understand the struggle of the Palestinian people in a beautiful setting, with kind gracious people who are working hard to expand the fair trade movement and bring human rights to all those in the West Bank.” - Ben and Jerry board member Jeff Furman
Canaan and the PFTA were also really happy to receive two of Canaan’s main customers for OLIVE OIL and ALMOND OIL, Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps & Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics, in visits to review business and develop future plans and projections.

"These oils are more than top quality products. They are a message in a bottle from an island surrounded by walls instead of oceans. Rich and luscious oils that lend beautiful qualities to our face and body moisturisers." - Lyndsey, Lush Cosmetics

See pictures of Lush's visit HERE.

Dr. Bronner’s sources 95% of their olive oil needs for their quality soaps from Canaan, and Lush Cosmetics uses Canaan’s almond oil in two of their products: Skin's Shangri La and their Fair Trade Foot Lotion

Yadiot Ahronot Newspaper: Canaan Fair Trade - a Palestinian venture that has succeeded where its Israeli counterparts have failed.

An English Translation of an article published in the February issue of the Israeli Yadiot Ahronot newspaper from Hebrew, titled: World’s Largest Fair Trade Olive Oil Supplier Has Origins in Jenin.

Although the article got some factual errors on investments in capital from Dr.Bronner and the Palestinian Authority, but it's definately good to show how Palestine is ahead of Israel in fair trade. Read article here.
Hear Canaan Fair Trade's director Dr. Nasser Abufarha speak about the story of Canaan and Fair Trade in Palestine on Radio Islam in a session titled "The Battle of Justice in Palestine" HERE. Interview starts from minute 3:20.
Also, check out another radio interview with Canaan's US Sales Manager Diane Adkins on Radio Islam titled "Understanding Palestine from the Fields" HERE. Interview starts minute 41 to 53.
Ambassador and Head of the Representative Office of the Sovereign Order of Malta to the State of Palestine, Mr. Justin Sterling Simpson, visits Canaan
"It was fascinating to get a look into the detailed components of the "olive to kitchen" supply chain, and extremely impressive to learn about how Canaan Fair Trade has led the way in making significant improvements at every stage of the supply chain, to the great benefit of the farmers themselves, and to the economy of the Palestinian state.
The premises and facilities that we saw were most impressive, and the continuing vision of your founder and director, and commitment of your team, made it clear that the business is destined to expand and succeed even further, and we wish you well."
- Mr. Justin Sterling Simpson

Have your lunch the Palestinian way this spring! Think: fresh goat white cheese, Canaan olive oil & olives, fresh organic tomatoes, fresh onions, fresh mint, & the delicious Taboon bread! 

This simple and YUMMY lunch is quick to prepare, healthy to eat, delicious to taste, and makes the ideal lunch for picnics, mountain hikes, in-between-meals spring snack! 
Canaan is a sponsor of the WORLD FAIR TRADE DAY (WFTD) program, and we invite you all to take part! 

Canaan would like to congratulate the Fair Trade Movement on the occasion of World Fair Trade Day (WFTD), celebrated on May 10th this year, and to all the wonderful fair trade advocates, promoters, and thousands of people from all over the globe who have contributed in the growth of Fair Trade around the world. It is because of YOU, Fair Trade has become the leading movement promoting social justice today. 

This year, Canaan is proud to be a sponsor of the WFTD program in the US, and from May 3rd until May 18th,  will be doing nation-wide demos for people to try Canaan's delicious products in stores. 

For more info about the WFTD program and events, please visit the WFTO Website

How YOU can support World Fair Trade Day:
  • Use web app  and show to the world that Fair Trade People are everywhere, by sharing it on social media channels with hashtags #FairTrade and #WFTDay.   
  • Organise a World Fair Trade Day event in your community and publicise your event on our website, click here  
  • Buy Fair Trade products and be a Fair Trade consumer
  • Help  spread the word of Fair Trade by following our social media channels: FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedIn and YouTube

We are very excited about the success of the Canaan olive oil in the Japanese market through our partners Ohsawathe strongest organic food brand in Japan. After one successful year of partnership in selling our 250ml olive oil bottles and reaching over 2000 outlets across the country, Ohsawa just introduced their second 500ml bottle of olive oil, which hopefully will receive the same demand as the 250ml bottles and more in the near future! "We're pleased to partner with the leading organic brand in Japan; we find the perfect partnership in Ohsawa to the organic values our farmers have embraced for thousands of years"- Canaan's director, Nasser Abufarha.
We would like to congratulate our partners Equal Exchange (EE) in Scotland on the success of the co-branded EE-Canaan bottle of olive oil in 350 Sainsbury’s stores, one of the biggest supermarket chains in the UK. Since the beginning of this year, sales of our olive oil in the UK through EE have increased by 20%, and are still on the rise! Equal Exchange is a worker co-operative based in Edinburgh, Scotland and specialized in fine food, and have been at the forefront of the alternative trade movement in the UK for over twenty-five years. They are dedicated to promoting fair trade and organic production, ensuring a fair deal for small-holder farmers and for the environment.
We would also like to congratulate our Swedish partners
Sackeus on the success of selling the Canaan branded products across Sweden. After a very successful 2013 with a big growth of sales, Sackeus started 2014 with a 15% extra increase in sales in just  the first three months of this year! Canaan is proud to be working with fine partners around the world who carry the same commitments to Palestinian farmers and passions for their products.

Support Palestinian farmers, plant trees as gifts, contribute to women projects, and MUCH MORE, through the LAND OF CANAAN FOUNDATION

Visit the Land of Canaan Foudnation (LOCF)  for news and updates on how YOUR gifts are helping sustain Palestinian farming families and communities in Palestine.

The Specialty Food Association: Canaan Recognized for Efforts in Rural Transformation.
In case you missed the news: The International Labour Organization  has featured the Palestine Fair Trade Association and Canaan Fair Trade as a case study for the world to learn from in a report of rural transformation in 8 different countries.
This publication is “Learning from Catalyst of Rural Transformation”, and can be read and downloaded from the ILO website here. The report about the Palestine Fair Trade Association is chapter 6.
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