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New, Larger set of
Orchid Healing Cards

We brought out our first set of Orchid Photo Cards in August 2007, and the response was tremendous. It was great to finally be able to present the photos of the orchids themselves, with their beauty and healing energies. We then brought out Set 2 of the cards in June 2011, and these included the combinations, as well as the new single orchid essences that had been made in that interval. All of these cards were relatively small, which has some advantages, both in terms of cost and handling.

But it was always my intention back in 2007 to also bring out a set of larger-size orchid photo cards, to enable to the photos to be seen that much more fully. I take a lot of time and care in photographing the orchids, sometimes 2 or 3 hours will be needed to get the angle and the lighting to my satisfaction. But it has taken me until now to bring this larger set to being close to production.

This is a much more expensive print run, as the new cards are twice the size of the earlier cards (3.5" x 5" or 89mm x 127mm), and there are going to be 130 cards, presented in a strong and firm cardboard box. If you have seen either tarot card decks, or New-Age cards sold in stout boxes, the new Orchid Healing Cards will be akin to those in size and presentation. We cannot afford to get these printed without some help, and so we have launched a fund-raising campaign on the crowd-source funding website Kickstarter. Our goal is in effect to raise £8,000 in pre-order pledges by November 12th via Kickstarter.

For those of you not familiar with Kickstarter, the way it works is really very simple, and with virtually no risk to you. You look at our project on their website (click here to see it) and if you like what you see, you can then "Back This Project" (large green button in the upper right-hand column of the page, just below where it tells you how many days to go) and pledge support for it. There are "rewards" shown for various levels of pledges. You can pledge (for example) £20 and then you will be sent the new deck of cards in December. (If you are outside of the UK, you have to also add the indicated shipping fee.)

I have presented 20 different pledge options, to give people as much choice as possible. You can pledge £39 and then receive 2 boxed sets of the new cards, as well as two of our A5 size Orchid Greeting Cards. Good if you want to give a boxed set to a friend for Xmas. You can pledge £125 and receive 5 boxed sets of the cards, 5 copies of our book Orchid Essence Healing, and 5 of the A5 Orchid Greeting Cards. There is even an option that includes receiving a full set of the 15ml orchid essences, and the new cards etc.

The new cards will retail in the UK for about £28, so if you think you would like a set, then pledging support on the Kickstarter campaign is definitely the bargain way to get one. For customers in the UK the p&p on the new deck will be at least £4, so you can see that how we are offering it on Kickstarter is a genuine bargain. And this is because you will be enabling the cards to get printed by pledging your support.

In the event that we don't meet or exceed the funding target of £8,000 by Nov. 12th, then you end up paying nothing, and we get no funds at all. So if on Nov. 12th we have only reached £5,000 for example, then all those who made pledges would find that no money at all is taken from their card. And we would have to scratch our heads and try to figure out how and when we might be able to fund the printing otherwise. So it behooves us to make as much effort as possible to reach that funding target..!

We're already over 12% of the way there, which is very good considering we only launched the campaign a few days ago. There are 40 days remaining, so do please have a look at Kickstarter, watch the video of me talking about the project (and see the greenhouse, and some of the orchids inside). And if you feel moved to pledge support, you will have my endless thanks and appreciation!


Sorcerer's Apprentice

About 14 years ago, in my first year of involvement with orchids, I went to a commercial orchid nursery in Winchester, England with my friend Sabina Pettitt of the Pacific Essences, who was over here to teach a seminar at The Living Tree in Milland, our old base. In the nursery there was a very large slipper orchid for sale, called Phragmipedium Sorcerer's Apprentice. It had two bloom spikes, one that was about 6 feet long, and another that was over 7 feet long and still growing. It was an intimidating plant, with about 5 or 6 blooms out. I sweated over the idea of purchasing it, not because it was expensive but because of its size. But Sabina encouraged me, saying "Hey look, you can pay £30 for one of these titchy little orchids, but you get this whole big plant for £65...  You get more bang for the bucks!" So we managed to get it into my beat-up old 4x4, and brought it back to The Living Tree.

The orchid occupied a substantial part of the corner of one of the rooms in the building, where we sometimes hosted small seminars. In the weeks that followed I ended up making an essence with this new orchid, but when I showed the essence to my clairvoyant friend Peter Tadd, he couldn't fathom its qualities. He suggested I send it to SSK, the maker of the Dancing Light Orchid Essences. She loved it. At that time I had only made a few orchid essences, and wasn't clear if a range was developing or if I was simply experimenting as it were, so I gave the mother tincture to SSK, who then incorporated it into her range, calling it Sacred Sphere. I was glad the essence of this remarkable orchid was in this way reaching out to people in the world. But sadly when I went on holiday that following Xmas, the person I left in charge of watering my orchids almost killed this one by hardly watering it at all - and Phrags like lots of water!  I still have a small portion of the original plant, but it has never really recovered.

But 5 years ago I came upon two fine specimens of the same hybrid at an orchid show in Glasgow's Botanical Gardens, and I brought these back to our new greenhouse. I have watched and waited to see what developed. I needed to get a sense of the orchid forgiving me the neglect, and to see if the same remarkable energy I had found all those years ago would again be found in the blooms of one of these new plants. And after 5 years, that is what happened: one of the two plants came into powerful and beautiful bloom on two spikes this summer. I discussed the matter with our colleague Dr. Brito-Babapulle, who has remarkable intuitive gifts. And he agreed, it was time to re-make the essence. And so the essence Sorcerer's Apprentice came into being in July.

The simplest way to think of Sorcerer's Apprentice is that it is like a spam filter for the psyche, helping to keep out unwanted stimulus and energies. It is also something of an energy regulator, so if you are revving your engine too high it will calm you down. It can also be viewed as another essence for protection. But it especially provides a healthy working space for you to be active, enabling you to choose which elements of your surroundings you wish to engage with.

Centre Renewal

Another new single orchid essence was made in early September. I had been intrigued by this species for several years, as it has a sweet musky fragrance, and a liver-dark tongue. I have two good specimens of Bulbophyllum carunculatum in the greenhouse, and it was with the one with some red streaks in the petals that we (Adrian and I ) chose to make the essence. As we felt that there were physical-healing aspects to the essence that we wanted to bring through, Adrian recommended that I arrange the orchid and the bowl of water in such a way as to have the bloom entirely in the water during the hours that the essence was forming.

It was clear upon meditating on the mother tincture that Centre Renewal has three distinct levels of action. One is in energetically supporting the digestive organs of the liver, gall bladder and pancreas. Of course we won't be able to talk much about that in our descriptions of the essence. The other level is that of a clarifying, energizing and joyful dance.  And the 3rd level seems to be the way in which Centre Renewal connects one with a centre of energy just above the solar plexus, which radiates throughout one's energy body. (This type of energy is normally associated with the higher chakras). One prover experienced the solar plexus opening up to the entire cosmos, a connecting with that vast wholeness of the Universe. In this way Centre Renewal brings about a renewal of the person, brings energy and clarity from that connection with the larger Wholeness of Being. That sounds grand, but the essence will mostly be experienced as joyful and energizing by people, unless they choose to work with it and go deeper.

These essences are available now, although they are not yet up on our website. If you wish to order them via the website, order some other essence, and then in the Note section of the order let us know that in fact you want one or the other of these. It is a work-round that we use pretty often, when there is a new essence but the website folks haven't caught up with us yet...

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