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Orchid Essence Seminars

Our August seminar is about to start in a few days, with people arriving from as far away as Chile. This will be the 33rd seminar on the Living Tree Orchid Essences which I have taught here at Achamore House on the Isle of Gigha. As we still at this point do not have a buyer for the house, we are also scheduling another seminar for early October.

Should anyone think, Oh! I would like to come, last minute, there are still a couple of spaces remaining. Long shot but thought I would mention it.

For the 8-day seminar in October, people will arrive at Glasgow Airport or train station by 12 noon on Wednesday the 9th, and will depart Gigha the morning of Friday the 18th. For further details, please contact us here by phone or email.

Orchid Oral Sprays
Many of our readers may not be aware that we now offer all the 122 essences in our range in both 15ml dropper bottles, as well as 30ml (1 oz) spray bottles. The former are with organic cognac, while the sprays are made with organic vodka. We initially thought of these as Aura sprays, but with changes in the rules from the Royal Mail in the UK relating to "Dangerous Goods", we have re-branded them as Oral sprays. One can feel at times like Alice in Wonderland when dealing with regulations from groups such as the Royal Mail, but in any case our sprays haven't changed a bit, just what is stated on the labels. And the sprays may be sprayed in the mouth as they contain no essential oils, but they may also be sprayed on the body, or in the aura, or in the living space etc. In other words, the 30ml unscented sprays have tremendous flexibility of use. And they are all made at stock strength.

Shown here is one of our newest combinations, which I wrote about in my last newsletter in May. An interesting use though has been found for Coming Home: it can help one to clear the negative emotional impact of cyber-bullying, which sadly is all too common now. Online forums and social networks often attract people who have little courtesy, and think nothing of being nasty to others online. Coming Home can be very helpful if this sort of behaviour is encountered.
Two New Orchid Essences

Some essences have a curious manner of coming into being. A few months ago our Distributor in Japan, Junko Terayama, had a dream of a new essence, which was made with two orchids that began with the letters "ph". She told our colleague Dr. Brito-Babapulle about the dream, and Adrian then told me of the dream. So I photographed the orchids in the greenhouse that were in bloom that began with "ph" and sent these photos to Adrian and Junko. And this is how our new essence Unconditional Love came into being, with Phragmipedium schlimii and Phragmipedium Desormes participating. But this is only part of the story...

Adrian also saw that a certain emerald gemstone was to be involved. This emerald was in a silver ring which Junko had felt drawn to at a shop in Japan. The ring was posted to Gigha, and I then took it to a goldsmith in nearby Campbeltown to get the emerald removed from the setting of the ring. And only at this point, with the emerald able to participate, was the essence completed. A trio of people, and a trio of direct energetic participants: the two orchids and the emerald.

There is a yearning in the soul to re-connect with our ultimate source, with Being which is beyond our understanding.  A key step on that journey towards what some call the Divine, is to drop any pattern we may have of only conditionally opening our hearts to others.  Unconditional Love helps us to dissolve the defensive emotional barriers we have constructed, and invites the heart to be open with love unconditionally. Only when the heart has re-learnt this way of being, are we then able to move forward on the next step, which is described with the essence Love’s Gift.

It has often happened that two essences came along in a short space of time, that are energetically paired. We had some idea that might be the case with this one, but it became very clear in July once Love's Gift was made, that these were a very important pair of essences, with the one leading into the gift of the other. Love's Gift was made with an orchid hybrid called Doritaenopsis Juihbao Fairy, as well as the emerald, a sapphire and a 'black' pearl. (The essence was made by Adrian and Junko, when Junko was visiting England this summer.)

Once the heart has learned the lesson of the essence Unconditional Love, it is then ready to open itself to an exquisitely high vibration of Love. What is sought by most people in churches, temples and mosques is a direct connection of the heart with the Divine. Love's Gift enables that connection, if one can give the time in the bustle of our lives to meditate deeply upon its gift. And in so doing the church, temple or mosque is found within.

This essence (Love's Gift) will be put up on our website within a few days.

Emerald Essence

Two of the earliest essences in our range were made with gemstones and orchids: White Beauty, and Clear Mind each had one gemstone involved. And now two of our newest essences also have gemstones involved. I'm sure there is more to say on the subject, but I mention it at this point because until now we have never made a gemstone essence by itself. But the emerald which Junko posted to us from Japan felt so special, we decided it was appropriate in this case to do so. And so we are now also offering an Emerald Essence.

It is awakening, brightening, and clarifying of the mind.  Emerald opens one to higher energies, clearing the brow and crown chakras in so doing. It stimulates the mind and memory, and develops discernment and reflection. Awakens yet also calms the heart chakra. Harmony and mental focus are nurtured by this essence. If one has a writing project, for example, this essence can be very helpful for the fairly intense mental focus needed.

Each of these essences is available for immediate release.

Next month: Sorcerer's Apprentice, another new orchid essence, with an interesting backstory.

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