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International Flower Essence Repertoire
October 30th 2013

Special Offer

For our customers in the UK and Ireland, and anywhere else that doesn't have a Distributor for our products, we have a Special Offer on our scented 60ml and 120ml aura sprays until December 24th.

During this period if you order two of the larger aura sprays, you can have a 60ml aura spray free of charge.

Or if you order any 3 of the 60ml sprays, you can have a larger (120ml) aura spray free of charge.

The normal therapists and other discounts also apply. And multiples of the offer are fine. So for example, if a member of the public were to order 6 of the large sprays, they would get a 15% discount, in addition to also getting 3 of the 60ml sprays for free.

If a therapist were to order 6 of the 120ml aura sprays, then they would get a 25% discount as well as the 3 free sprays. And so on. Hopefully this is clear..! But if you have any questions, please let us know.

For those of you unfamiliar with our scented aura sprays, we offer two options for each one, indicated by a choice of either a blue label, or a beige label. This allows people to enjoy the sprays and yet avoid those essential oils that they either don't like, or are possibly sensitive to. So for example Soul Shield+ in the beige label has the oils of Sandalwood, Grapefruit and Juniperberry. But the blue-labelled Soul Shield+ has oils of Clary Sage and Lemongrass.

If ordering via our website, simply state in the Notes section of the order which free spray(s) you want.

You can find our scented aura sprays on this page: (Click Here)
and also the Defender Series scented aura sprays can be found here:
(Click Here)

Feel free to email Don if you have any queries. Our email address is

New Orchid Healing Cards

We have about 12 days to go on the Kickstarter campaign, to raise the funds we need to get the new, larger Orchid Healing Cards printed. If you missed the mention of them in my last newsletter, these cards will be 3.5" x 5" (89mm x 127mm) and there will be 132 of them in one beautiful rigid cardboard box. These cards will be twice the size of our earlier cards, and will have a photo of the orchids on both sides. Here are a few examples.

This card above shows one of our newest essences, Eye of the Tiger, which was made in September. The images show the cards at roughly actual finished size (3.5" x 5").

Silver Ghost was also made in September this year.

The deck of cards will eventually retail at £29.95 + p&p, but at the moment you can in effect pre-order them via Kickstarter for just £20 including p&p. Click on this link to go to the Kickstarter campaign page.   Please note: if we do not reach or exceed our funding target by November 12th, then you will pay nothing at all. It is ONLY if the funding target is reached by the finish date that pledges are then paid. So there is very little risk involved in pledging support for the project in this way.

If you live outside of the UK, then there would be £8 shipping that would need to be added to the pledge.

The cards may be used as diagnostic tools, or to provide healing directly via the photos, or can also serve as oracle cards. There will be 37 combination essence cards, and 90 individual essence cards; and a few general information cards as well.

Our intention is to get these to people in time for Christmas, but to do so we need to get the support of pledges on Kickstarter. So if you have a wish to see these lovely new Orchid Healing Cards this year, please visit the Kickstarter page and pledge your support.

Below are several more examples of the cards as they will appear in the finished deck. All the orchid photos have been taken by Don Dennis.

(Note: above card shown smaller than life-size, to fit the column.)

(Note: above card shown smaller than life-size, to fit the column.)

There will be a few "informational" cards as well in the deck.

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