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LTOE Pillules

After some deliberation, we have decided to make our essence range available in an additional form: sugar pillules. While flower essences have traditionally been available as liquid with dropper tops, for some people that is a reason for avoiding flower essences.

We will of course continue to have our entire range available in the traditional essence form, and also in the new stock-strength 30 ml aura-spray form. But the pillules will enable the healing energies of the orchids to become available to people who otherwise have not been able to experience their benefit.

The pillules will be available in both 4 gram and 12 gram sizes. These are not yet available via our website, but will be soon. In the meantime, anyone wishing to order them can do so by calling us. (You could also order the 12 gm size via the website, by ordering the 15 ml essences, and stating in the Note with the order that you want them in the 12 gm pillule form. We are then able to take note of that here.)

About Pillules

There are 3 types of pillules available in the market today: the traditional ones made with milk-sugar; sucrose pillules; and a plant-derived one called Xylitol. Some people are lactose-intolerant and so do not want the milk-sugar pillules. And the sucrose ones tend to dissolve a bit too readily, making a bit of a sticky pile of pillules if you are not careful. So we are opting for Xylitol, which is tooth-friendly and contains no lactose. It is also more than double the cost of the milk-sugar pillules, and available at present only in the 2.5mm pillule size. Nevertheless its advantages are substantial, and so all of our pillules will be Xylitol. (Click here to read the Wikipedia article about Xylitol.)

The bottles we are using for the two offerings are the 5ml and the 15ml Miron bottles which are very dark violet glass, with a black cap with a violet insert. The bottles are only 90% filled with the pillules, to enable the pillules to be swished around inside to ensure that each pillule is infused with the essence drops placed inside the bottle.

As each pillule bottle will be made to order at least initially, please allow an extra day or two for these to reach you.

The 12 gram bottle will retail at the same price as the 15 ml essences, at £9.95, while the 4 gram bottle will retail at £6.95
Of course the normal discounts will apply as with the rest of our range.

We will let you know when the website has the pillules listed, but they are available now should you wish to order them.
Special 3-for-2 Offer on Creams

This month we have a Special Offer on several of the creams and lotions we carry. The Self Heal Skin Creme from FES in California is a wonderful all-body skin creme which comes in two sizes: 50 ml and 240 ml. The Best Before dates on these jars are December 2011. If you order 2 of the same size of jar, we will send a 3rd jar of that size to you for free. Our usual discounts apply, so this means for a therapist ordering 2 of the 240 gram jars, each of the 3 jars you get would be costing half of their retail price.

This Special Offer only applies to our existing stock, and is available on a first-come first-serve basis. Order either over the phone or via our website. If the latter, simply order 2 jars, and we will send 3 to you with no further charge.

The same 3 for the price of 2 Special Offer is also available this month on a few of the creams and lotions we import from the Living Essences of Australia.

The Relaxing Moisturiser comes in a 125 ml plastic bottle, or a 240 ml bottle. The Best Before date on this lotion is November 2011.

The Special Offer also applies to the 240 ml bottles of Body Bliss lotion, of which we have 12 remaining on hand.

And we also have several bottles of both the 240 ml and 1 litre bottles of the Body Sports lotion, which are Best Before October 2011.

These offers are valid until the end of August on existing inventory only.

The lotions from the Living Essences of Australia are terrificly effective products, if you haven't tried them before. Several of them are in use in 18 hospitals in Australia. Vasu & Kadambii Barnao have been making flower essences now for over 30 years, and have a great deal of research behind their lotions. The only drawback for us in carrying them is that the lotions are only able to be given a 2-year Best Before Date at the time of bottling in Australia. So it is always a balancing act when we get a shipment in, between getting enough to make the shipping worthwhile, and not getting so much that they go out of date before we have sold them! We persever with them in any case, as they are truly wonderful products.


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