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A New African Essential Oil
IFER has not been involved much in selling essential oils in the 215 years since it was founded, as that isn't our main area of expertise. However in April we came across an oil from East Africa which has a number of remarkable qualities. And furthermore its subtle qualities are seemingly in complete harmony with our new Defender from the Dark essence.

Traditional Use
In the Great Rift Valley many of the larger animals can be seen at times rubbing themselves against the branches and leaves of the Leleshwa tree, and it has been found that the animals that do this suffer less from ticks and tsetse flies. It also is a skin cleanser, has disinfectant qualities, and is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial.

One traditional use of particular interest for us is that the Sotho people would carry its leaves and small branches with them when traveling, in order to ward off evel influences. This makes complete sense to us, as we have found that when we added it to the Defender from the Dark aura sprays, it consistently augmented the energetic action of the orchid in providing clearing of negative energies, and protection against the same.

Since the only way to obtain the Leleshwa oil was for us to import it directly in bulk from Kenya, we are now launching it as an oil on its own, so that our aromatherapist customers can try it. A couple of new web pages have been created, one for principal information, the other for purchases. There is a link as well to another site's information about the oil.

We expect that very soon most of the essential oil importers will be carrying it, once they learn of its tremendous qualities; but in the meatime IFER is the sole UK outlet for this exciting new oil.

Mentawai Islands Appeal
On October 25th an earthquake just off of Sumatra in Indonesia triggered a tsunami which kiled hundreds of villagers on the Mentawai Islands. These islands are the source of the specie Phalaenopsis violacea var. Mentawai with which we made a new essence Violacea Veritas just one month before, in September.

The devastation in the villages on the islands is tremendous, and though it is now nearly a month since disaster struck, the need for help is still pressing. One group that has a history of providing direct and important relief and assistance in the region is SurfAid International. This being a region popular with surfers, the organization has good links to the Mentawai Islands, and got moving very quickly to help the 15,000 people made homeless by the tsunami.

You can view a video report on their website, and also of course any and all donations to their appeal are greatly appreciated.

Defender from the Dark

An enormous amount has happened in the past 2 months, centered around the creation of yet one more orchid essence. A new essence (I feel I should point out) only gets made if there is either an orchid calling out loud & clear to be made into an essence, or else if there is a clear need for one. In this instance, it was both conditions.

In September I had a very clear dream in which I was told some information regarding a major negative shift in energies which had commenced on August 14th. When I mentioned this dream to one of my close friends, he told me that his health had "crashed" on that day, commencing several challenging weeks for him. We began to sense that something was up, as they say. Then at the beginning of October, our close colleague Dr. Adrian Brito-Babapulle had a vision one night in which he saw that this energetic shift was global in nature; that portals had opened "which shouldn't have been opened" as he put it, and that dark energies had come through, attacking "light workers" especially.

Adrian was teaching a kinesiology seminar that first week of October here at Achamore House, and a couple of us had pointed out this little dark purple cloud-forest orchid to him during that week. The night the seminar finished, and he was able to fully relax from his teaching duties, the spirit of the orchid came to him and told him that we needed to make an essence with it straight away the next day, and that it would be an essence to help counteract and defend against these dark and demonic energies.

The best image for understanding this new essence came to me in a dream, 3 times one night. I saw hundreds of elves, with their bows and arrows, marshalling their forces and lining up, preparing for battle. Their bows were slung on their shoulders, tips of the bows sticking up in the air. This shape of the bow and their hats were very much reminiscent of the shape of the orchid, and when I woke up I knew very clearly that it was an image to help me understand the qualities of the new essence more fully. Like the elves of Tolkien's Middle Earth, this orchid is not of the dark, but it knows the dark, and is not at all naive about it. It is able to face it, and counter it, and pierce it with its fierce attentive stance. The second part of the botanical name even suggests this somewhat prepared-for-fighting quality: Pleurothallis phalangifera (bearing a phalanx of soldiers).

Amongst other qualities and actions, Defender from the Dark is very strongly grounding, helping the 1st and 2nd chakras to connect deeply to the earth. It also strengthens the 3rd chakra, and also seems to form a kind of protective cap at the 14th chakra level.

The Defender Series of Combinations

It will come as no surprise that we have found that it made sense to add Defender from the Dark to our Soul Shield combination. This has now been done, and all the drops and sprays of Soul Shield leaving us from this week on now have it added. New labels for the sprays will be with us by early December. Defender from the Dark adds useful and important qualities to Soul Shield, giving it a more rounded feeling. It is our best-selling combination essence, and we would not tamper with the formula unless we felt there was a compelling case.

What has been a very real surprise is that as soon as Defender from the Dark was made, it made very clear that it wanted to be combined with other essences. The first night when we sipped the mother tincture, there were two combinations that knocked on the door. Within a fortnight there were 2 more; and by the time one month had passed, there were a total of 6 new combinations, what we are calling the "Defender Series". This development blew me away conceptually. Up till now, any essence range I knew of in the world, including our own, had a one-size-fits-all policy when it came to formulating an essence for psychic protection. But this stunning little cloud-forest orchid from Colombia and Ecuador basically told us that a new policy was now needed, that therapists and other people need at this time to be able to select the type of protection they or a client needs, with more fine-tuning.

Adrian has described the 6 new combinations as being akin to a constellation, surrounding Defender from the Dark. It is like a full spectrum of energies around it: above, below, behind, above, to the front and behind. Which one will be appropriate for a person on a given day will best be decided by either dowsing or muscle-testing until one has a direct intuitive feel for the 6 combinations and the single essence.

This development has warranted its own new page on our website, where you can see and read about all seven essences. Simple photo-montages are also able to be seen, please be sure to click the small image to enlarge it.

Two of the 7 are also going to be directly available as aura sprays. Shadow Defense combines Defender from the Dark with both Shadow Warrior and Pushing Back the Night. This is a powerful combination for helping to counteract both internal and external shadow energies.

The other spray is of course Defender from the Dark. As with our other aura sprays, these will be available in a choice of two fragrances / essential oils. There is far more to be said about these sprays, but I dislike long newsletters, so I'll write about them more in the next newsletter. However, there is some information about one of the essential oils in the left-hand column of this newsletter. But to finish off this newsletter, here is some feedback from a woman in the UK, relating her experience during the last week of taking Defend & Protect, which is one of the 6 new combinations.

“I saw a pink/creamy ripple colour coming in the back of the throat, then enveloping me. I felt a presence behind me supporting and looking after me and I didn't feel alone anymore. I was infused with a deep grounding maroon red and felt safe.  That day I took 5 or 6 doses and it really calmed me.  On the 2nd day I woke and took another dose and my husband said I smiled for the first time in ages.  After lunch I suddenly felt knocked out and slept for 2 days!  On the 4th day thoughts of a person I had felt hatred for came in. The essence made me realize that a lot of the anxiety and fear I was feeling wasn't mine but his, and I felt defended & protected enough to be able to separate from it. The fearful thoughts were dealt with and I felt the root of the thing was gone at last. This is a really special essence Don has made.  It's nurturing in the protective side and masculine in the defence side, very balanced. I felt quietly stronger. It felt like a light coming up from underneath the consciousness leading to a lot of light.  It has also helped with the buzzy electrical feeling in the house."


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