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iPad Orchid App

When I was writing my book last winter, I was about halfway finished when Apple Computer announced their new iPad. As a long-term Apple fan, I was delighted to see that the screen of the iPad was almost the same size as the pages of the new book. So it has been my hope and wish ever since that point, that we might find some way to port my book to the iPad.

The long and the short of it is that we expect the Orchid Essence Healing app to be available for download on the iTunes Store by the 20th of this month if not sooner. We uploaded it to Apple last Friday, and it is now moving through what is called the Approvals process. In the USA the app will cost just $3.99 to download, and in the UK £2.39. In Europe it will cost €2.99 and in Australia $4.99. In Japan it will cost ¥450. Its wonderful to think that almost anywhere in the world, anyone with an iPad will be able to download our book in a matter of a few minutes..!

The images of the orchids look even better on the iPad than they do in the book, partially thanks to the RGB colours instead of the CMYK process of printing, and partially because the screen technology enables the photos to have a subtle glow. You can also double-tap on thw screen to enlarge the images. Single-tap to bring up a button for either the website, or the index of thumbnails, so you can jump to the middle of the book, or the end of the book very quickly.

There are also 10 new pages at the end of the app, primarily showing images and information about the 3 new LTOE essences which have been made since the book was published in May. So even if you already have the book, the app will offer you something new. And in February or thereabouts there will be further pages added, in a free update.

For the technically minded, the book needed to be made into an App rather than an e-book in the ePub format. This is because the uPub format is so severely restrictive it would have involved demolishing the entire look and feel of the book and its design.

And my enormous thanks to Bobby Farmer and his staff in Glasgow for the tremendous work they have done in creating the App.

Xmas Special Offers

Most of our customers will by now be aware that we have a number of Special Offers on at the moment, but if you are not aware of this, or wish to be reminded of the details, click here to bring up the PDF of the offers.

One special offer which we decided upon at the last minute, too late to include in the published flyer, is that if anyone wants to purchase the full kit of 84 essences before Christmas, we will let them have it at 40% off the retail price instead of our usual 34% full kit discount. This works out at £390.

Please note that the kit of 84 essences does not include the further 8 essences which do not fit inside the boxes, and which have been made since the middle of September. These 8 are the Defender Series and Violacea Veritas.

Soul Shield +

With the arrival of Defender from the Dark in early October, the question arose as to whether or not to add it to the Soul Shield combination. It became clear in testing it that it was important to do so. Defender from the Dark brings its own important strengths and character to Soul Shield, which is our best-selling combination essence. In light of the addition, the name of the combination has now been slightly altered to Soul Shield+ to help everyone know that this is a slightly different formula to the older Soul Shield.

Pleurothallis phalangifera (aka Defender from the Dark) now appears on the Soul Shield+ labels, both the sprays and the drops.

Newsletter Archive

Many people are probably not aware that we have a page on the website which is an archive of my old email newsletters. Well if you are reading this, then now you know! Click here if you wish to view it. Click on any of the images of the old newsletters to download it.

Leleshwa Oil Samples

As described in our previous newsletter, we are now importing a wonderful essential oil from East Africa, called Leleshwa oil. Reminiscent of Tea Tree oil or Eucalyptus, it is strongly camphoraceous, and yet it is very gentle on the skin. Should anyone want a free sample, simply email us or call us, or mention it in the notes section when ordering other items via the web.

Defender Series Aura Sprays

The heavy snows in Scotland in the past month caused a bit of a delay, but we finally now have the labels for our two new aura sprays: Defender from the Dark, and Shadow Defense. As with our other sprays both of these are available in a choice of two fragrances, so that you can choose according to your preference and the situation. Each spray is also available in our two usual sizes 60ml and 120ml. We have a new web page devoted to these new Defense Series aura sprays, where you can view photo montages of each of the series, as well as find options and information.

Shadow Defense is a combination of 3 orchid essences: Defender from the Dark, Shadow Warrior, and Pushing Back the Night. This combination came about when Adrian (Dr. Brito-Babapulle) was asked by a friend for a combination of the orchids which would address a particularly troubling dark energy which she had picked up from a client. It was the spray form of this trio of orchid essences which Adrian saw was needed, and it worked wonderfully. As we reflected on the matter, we realized that this was a combination which could be very useful for many people.

There are two kinds of 'dark' energy in this line of work. There is the shadow side of our psyche, which is in effect the internal darkness, the unconscious shadow self. And there are many forms of external dark energies, which can range from simply nasty vibes being sent one's way by a person who is being nasty to you, to more serious types of demonic entities etc. Shadow Defense helps to protect us from the threat posed by both sorts of shadow, both the internal as well as the external. In this way it is a very unusual combination, and the spray form of it is very powerful and helpful.

Defender from the Dark is the key essence in this series of essences for protection and clearing. As described in last month's email newsletter, there has been a very challenging global energetic shift beginning in the middle of August. This newsletter is not the best place to go into too many specifics, but it was in response to that new challenge from dark energies that Defender from the Dark essence came into being. The essence is both protective as well as clearing, and it was immediately obvious that a spray form of the essence would be needed. And so we also have the two versions of Defender from the Dark aura spray, as always in our range of sprays, distinguished by either a pale blue label, or a beige background to the label.

The spray may be used to cleanse and protect one's aura, as well as one's house or work space. Spray by windows and doors in particular.

However, there are also 5 other combinations which have come into being apart from Shadow Defense. It didn't seem right to consider printing spray labels for all 5 (which would have meant another 20 labels, with 3,000 of each label being printed...!)  but on the other hand we didn't want to neglect the other combinations in the spray form either. So we have come up with what I hope will be seen as a clever and simple means of enabling the Defender from the Dark spray labels to serve also as the label for the other 5 combinations of the Defender Series.

In the corner of the label near the Batch number we have printed 5 letters: V L P C S. If you order a Defender from the Dark spray, these letters will be untouched. But if you order from us one of the 5 other Defender combinations as a spray, then the relevant letter will be circled, and the other 4 letters crossed out, as per the example shown here for the Defend & Protect spray..

This is described more fully on the Defender Sprays web page.

This use of the label also means that if a therapist has a Defender from the Dark spray on hand, and a client is found to need one of these 5 Defender combination sprays, then the therapist can add (we have worked out as optimum dose) 27 drops of the stock essence of the relevant orchid essence to create a working version of that spray. For example, if they add 27 drops of the stock essence of Vital Core to the Defender spray, then they have thereby created the Vital Defense aura spray, and they would then circle the "V" of the V L P C S to indicate to them and the client that this Defender spray is now a Vital Defense spray. By this arrangement, the therapist is provided with a very flexible and inexpensive means of providing the optimum spray for the client on that day.

Lastly, I want to share some lovely feedback we received from a customer in Australia, relating her first day's impressions on taking the Defend & Protect essence. This was sent to us by our wonderful Distributor in Australia, Jane Lindsay.

DON'T MESS AROUND WITH ME!  This is the core statement to support this remedy!  I have my own inner army which is completely on my side and I can feel their intelligence, their consciousness, their aliveness. 
I can feel it in my body ready to defend, be on the alert, let no-one in, clear up the debris, loving energy but warrior energy really.  These warriors are my friends, on the alert, even when I'm asleep, at the ready - also seeking out every cell to check it is cleared of any possible invader…
Very powerful indeed.  Works on so many levels.  Brings the whole system back into some sense of balance rather than always being on the lookout for energies that would invade.  Don't need a part of me to do that, these defenders will do it for me. 
 Releases the stress of always fearing the worst.  These are  my allies that I can depend upon.  They have a consciousness, they live in my world and are at the ready to defend against any kind of attack.  My greatest fear is of psychic attack and from dark forces.  This part of me that fears can now rest and relax, these life forms can do the real job for me.  My fears are no defense, if anything I have attracted the worst to me. 
Relax, enjoy.  They say to me - we are going on a search and destroy mission.  We are now in your legs and feet.  Consider us a virus remover and virus protection like Norton but oh so much better.  Yes we have a sense of humour.  We are here to protect your life force and you will sleep easier (you are always on the alert). You will make better, clearer decisions, your life path will open up for you because less time and energy will be focused on fear, because the fear will be neutralized. 
Calm and deep calm starts to replace anxiety, fear, especially old fear - like the clearing out of a sewer of fear, making your blood vessels, nervous system shiny and new.  Imagine how much more energy you will now have?  So much more energy to access other realms and feel safe, a much greater sense of feeling safe.  We are your allies. 
Can you feel that your intuition is starting to be more accessible?  Thoughts will be clearer - as we clear the neural pathways into your brain. You have been at risk for a long time, now you can be relaxed and receive, rather than fighting for what you think you need (having those thoughts being controlled at times but not knowing it). 
It's a totally different experience.  We are moving into every cell, even outside your energy field (make a spray and spray the house that will also help).  Intuition returns, trust returns, hope for the future returns.  Your life path begins to clear.  Wouldn't it be fantastic if we were in the water system and everyone could enjoy the benefit of what we have to offer humanity?????

.............Jane - I couldn'ts top writing all they wanted to convey to me - absolutely fantastic - will be most interested in what happens with my sleep.  At the moment I've taken one dose only, and sprayed the house and I now am starting to feel quite energised as if I could walk a marathon and have energy to spare!!!!!
I'll write more in a couple of days, but thank you from the depths of my heart - it feels so good..............

                                  -  Lucy F., via Jane Lindsay  Nov. 2010


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