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February 2011 Newsletter

Petite Fleur essences
Many of our customers are not aware of one of the truly extraordinary line we carry, called the Petite Fleur Essences. These are made by Dr. Judy Griffin PhD., in Texas. Judy is the 4th generation of women in her family to make flower essences, something I describe in further detail in the opening pages of my book, Orchid Essence Healing.

Judy's essences are not shown in the chart on the right, for the simple reason that they are all sold at Mother Tincture strength. Judy is the only essence maker I know of in the world who sells mother tincture in this way. And as these are so potent, she sells them in very small bottles, just 3.8 ml size. One drop will do you! While I normally prefer essences being sold in 15 ml size bottles, this tremendously potent range is an exception which is fully justified in my mind in having small bottles.

Judy's essences are made differently to all other essences as well. Her technique is to steep the flowers in alcohol for several days or even a week, to extract the growth hormones from the blooms. In this way her products are a kind of hybrid of flower extract and flower essence. Her essences contain the etheric energy of the blooms, and also the growth hormones, which Judy says act as catalysts for our healing process in the body. Judy's PhD. is in Nutrition, and she is also a master herbalist in several different traditions.

If you are not familiar with the Petites, be sure to check them out. Here is a link to our main homepage for them. Much more information is available in her two books, the most important of these being the title, The Healing Flowers.

New LTOE Discount for Therapists
This month we brought in our price increase, and I have been reflecting on the question of our costs and the with to ensure the essences are available to our good therapist cuustomers. With this in mind, we are going to trial a 3rd tier of discount, whereby if a therapist places an order for more than £100 worth of product, they will get a 33% discount on any of the  Living Tree Orchid Essences. I hope to have this set up on our website within a few days, but in any case, we will refund any excess on web orders, and give this new discount level on all telephone and postal orders straight away. In June we will review the new policy, and see whether to keep it permananetly, or whether to drop it - it all depends on how popular it might be with our customers.

Thinking about numbers
This whole process of changing our prices got me to thinking about the flower essence market in the UK, and the different retail prices one sees for various lines.  I'll be back to writing about the orchids next month, but I thought the perspective I have on this topic might be of some interest to others.
All essence makers have to make ends meet, and so we have to charge for the essences that go out into the world. Dr. Bach himself initially wanted to give his remedies away for free, but soon realized he needed to make a nominal charge. Dr. Bach's Flower Remedies were the first essences ever to appear in the marketplace, and in the early decades after his death, they were sold directly from the Bach Centre, as well as from a few pharmacies. It was pretty simple as business models went, and Nora Weeks had no interest in profit, she was driven by the same vision that Dr. Bach had had: that of service to humanity.

For those same essences to reach a wider, global market, the people making their essences in the UK needed to have importer / distributors in other countries. Inevitably this meant a mark-up in pricing, as the importer of course has pay their wages and bills too. As a result, Britain has always been the cheapest place in the world to buy the Bach Flower Remedies. And since they were the first on the market here, it also meant that other essence lines, once they started appearing, were under some pressure to have their prices conform as much as possible to the low pricing of the home-grown BFR. In this chart, I have made a comparison of the ranges of stock-strength essences we carry, analyzed on the basis of cost per millilitre, rather than by bottle. I have also added in for interest two components of the Bush Essences which we at IFER do not carry: their White Light and their Light Frequency Essences. These are of interest for being offerings from the market-leading imported range in the UK.

The prices are simply our own retail prices, or in the case of the White Light and Light Frequency, the rrp of the UK importer. To the best of my knowledge, this type of analysis has never been published before. (It would be interesting to do similar charts for essences sold in other countries. In Japan for example, essences are generally far more expensive than in the UK.) In this chart we are looking at how much one millilitre of a stock-strength essence costs at retail prices. You can see that of the six most expensive essence per ml, three of them are in 7.5 ml bottles, while the top two are in 10 ml bottles.

This goes some way to explaining my dislike for the smallest sizes of bottles! Look at the contrast in price between the two sizes of the Pacific Essences. Still, if someone only needs a particular essence to be taken for a few days and maybe never again, then obviously the 7.5 ml size bottle will be the best, most cost-effective choice.

The lowest cost is of course with the 30 ml stock bottles. (And note that the lowest cost per ml of any essence are the ones from Healing Herbs Bach Flower Remedies...)  Now while for the therapist who makes a lot of use of a given essence will naturally be drawn to buy the 30 ml size, for most people it is simply more essence than they will need in the first decade they own it, especially if they are inclined to make up dosage bottles from it.

I have always felt that the 15 ml size bottle is the Goldilocks size in our "industry": it isn't too big and it isn't too small, but rather for most people and purposes, just about right. And notice how they provide a healthy middle-ground of cost per ml for customers. But it is vital of course if you buy 15 ml stock essences, that you keep them stored well away from any electromagnetic source, such as computers, TV's, stereo equipment, fax machines etc. You want that essence to still be fine to use 3 years or 8 years or more from now. Which is another reason we have moved our orchid essences into the Miron glass bottles, to help ensure that the essences are at their optimum potency for many years to come.
By the way, if you click on the bottle image, you will be taken to the new page we have created for Love's Secret, with several photos of the orchid. This is a new element of information on our website which we are now creating, essence by essence, orchid by orchid. We hope you will enjoy viewing the further photos!
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