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International Flower Essence Repertoire
LTOE Seminars
We still have space remaining on our 10-day seminar on the LTOE at the end of this month. Anyone wishing to book last minute may take advantage of a 45% discount on the fee. I recognize that 10 days is a big chunk out of anyone's month, but it is the best way to get to know our range of essences. So instead of it costing £695 including the b&b accommodation in Achamore House, the discount brings the cost down to £385.

Bookings are still open for the April-May seminar, as well as the Kinesiology seminar in July which is being taught by our wonderful colleague Dr. Adrian Brito-Babapulle.

Orchid Healing Cards
We have had lovely feedback from so many of our customers regarding our new deck of Orchid Healing Cards. A few more essences have come along though since the deck was published, and we will in the next few months get cards printed for these. However, if anyone wants a deck now, our website still hasn't been updated since December, and so therapists can buy the deck with a 35% discount - but only for the time being! As soon as we can get our web designer to make the change, it will revert to normal discounts. I doubt that she'll have the time to make that change until the end of the month. So if you want a deck at 35% off, don't wait until April..!

Inner Peace
The newest essence came into being about one week ago, though it was anticipated for the past year. Our colleague Adrian saw Dendrobium eximium in bloom in our greenhouse 11 months ago, and felt immediately drawn to it. But as those blooms had been out for 2 months already, we decided to wait until it came back into bloom this year. And so it did, and in my next newsletter I will give a fuller description.

But in brief, this essence prepares one to experience true peace, as known by those who have reached the highest levels of their spiritual journey. "That Peace which surpasses all Understanding." This orchid's extraordinary gift to us can be seen as a new energetic constellation, which is perhaps the ultimate gift of the orchids.

Along with the blooms, this essence had a small phantom quartz in the bowl during its making.

Adrian and I have been on quite a journey together, especially over the past 6 years, exploring the orchids, and bringing new essences into being. With the making of Inner Peace Adrian commented that the journey was now complete. Not that there may not be other orchid essences coming along, but that the orchids in their wisdom have brought us through myriad chapters relating to our Soul's journey, and with this new essence there is a sense of that story now being complete. The essential tools that are needed are now in place. I find this particularly remarkable, as I had no inkling there was any sort of end in sight. But what Adrian said rings true.

It is a bit as if the wood has now been chopped. There is still the carrying of it. Our work doesn't finish. Dr. Bach took 6 years to find his 38 remedies, and they have a sort of completeness to them as a group. I think this is something like what Adrian meant: we have spent the past 16 years exploring many orchids together, listening to them, tending to them, getting to know them. And with some 90 single essences, we have reached a point of a type of completion in relation to their energies, the healing gifts they bring to the soul on its journey home.

40% Pre-Order Discount on our new Orchid Aura Sprays

This month we are getting new labels printed for all of our LTOE Aura Sprays. The labels should be delivered by the end of March, all 72,000 of them. As I mentioned elsewhere we are changing over entirely to the dark violet glass bottles made by Miron Glass of Holland, and as they do not make a 60ml or 120ml bottle, we need an entirely new set of labels, for the 50ml and 100ml bottles of theirs we will be using. And by way of introducing the changes to our sprays, we are offering a 40% discount off the new 50ml and 100ml Aura Sprays to anyone, anywhere in the world up until March 22nd. This special discount is a pre-order discount, and delivery of the new sprays will be in early April.

Please Note the Label Switch
One very important point to note: we have taken the opportunity of the label re-print to bring a bit of order into our two colour options. If you know that you like a certain one of our aura sprays, and know it by the colour of the label (blue or beige) then you must PAY ATTENTION when ordering the new sprays, as the colours of the labels may have switched. While Temple of Light has stayed the same, with Rose Otto added to the blue label version, Clearing & Releasing has switched colours. What used to be the oils found in the beige Clearing & Releasing are now to be found in the blue-label version. And what was previously in the blue-label version is now to be found in the yellow-label version. The photo below hopefully makes this clear. The cobalt-blue glass is the OLD version, and the dark violet glass bottles are the new version.

With the new labels, all those sprays that contain rose otto are now in the blue label. So if you liked Angelic Canopy before in the beige label, this will now be in the blue label. Another minor guidance: if the spray you want contains lemon, then it is in the yellow labelled option. So we have brought a modicum of order to the labels this time, and hope that our customers will find this helpful, once they see the changes. The new sprays will start to ship in April.

How the Discount Works
Our website is in some ways not very sophisticated. So we cannot easily alter the discount rates it gives on just one portion of what we offer, especially for a very brief period. So instead we will make refunds in respect of any orders placed via the website, and the refunds will be made as quickly as possible. During our office hours this normally means within 2 hours of the order coming in, if not sooner. If it comes in overnight then we make the refunds as soon as the office hums back into life in the morning. But in any case, the 40% discount will be applied, regardless of the size of the order, and regardless of whether you are a therapist or not.

You can of course also telephone us with your order if you wish. We are open Monday through Friday from 9 to 5. And if you have any questions, please feel free to email me.

20 Groups, 80 options of Sprays
The Aura Sprays are comprised of two main groups: the Defender Series sprays, which help with myriad aspects of psychic protection; and the others, which like the Defender Sprays have 10 groups of sprays within it. Here is the link to our new webpage for the main group of Aura Sprays:

And here is the link to the new page of our website for the Defender Series Aura Sprays:

There are 3 entirely new aura sprays being offered: Energy Matrix Protection; True Beauty, and Silver Shadow. More on these in a later newsletter. We will shortly have a brochure for both of the two groups of sprays, probably in May.

Why the Big Switch?
Our aim in producing the Living Tree Orchid Essences has always been to make the best possible flower essences that we can. We work with the most exquisite and highly-evolved flowering plants on Earth - the orchids - and over these past 16 years we have studied very thoroughly the best means to make the essences. Then it became clear to us that the essence drops were considerably better off being housed in the 15ml dark violet Miron glass bottles, rather than the cobalt blue glass bottles we began with. That was three years ago when we made that switch. We very soon after that switched all of our bottles of mother tincture to larger Miron bottles. But changing the spray bottles from the cobalt blue to the Miron glass was a far more costly change-over, so we had to make certain that this was something we were fully certain of needing to do.

(Click the photo above to see an extraordinary test by the folks at Miron.)

We made two identical sprays, but in the two different glass bottles, and we set them aside on a shelf, and tested them roughly every 6 months for two years. And the results were dramatic and conclusive: the dark violet glass serves to protect the energies of the orchid essences far more effectively than the cobalt blue glass. This means that if a therapist purchases an aura spray, and uses maybe half of it in the first year, that the rest of the spray will still be almost fully effective even after a few years have gone by. With any essence stored in any glass bottle there is bound to be some degree of energy leakage over time. Our findings suggest that with the Miron bottles this leakage is about 1% or at most 2% per year. With the cobalt blue glass the leakage is about 10 times greater. It was these findings that have spurred us to make this change now.

Organic Essential Oils in the Sprays
Those of you familiar with our Aura Sprays will know that we primarily use certified organic essential oils. There are exceptions, for example Myrrh is difficult to find certified organic at this point, as it is mainly wild crafted in East Africa and elsewhere. Rose Otto is a terribly expensive oil, and the certified organic rose otto sells for close to £8,000 per kilo in the UK. That's almost 60 pence per drop (which is about $1 a drop in the USA). So we use the non-organic form, but from a very good producer in the Middle east. So many of our aura sprays use drops of rose otto that if we used the organic form, we would be compelled to put up our prices ever further than they now are - which we do not want to do. But as I said, these are the exceptions. In the photo below you can see the oils we use in the yellow-label version of Temple of Light.

We buy organic oils both out of conviction that this is best for all of us, as well as because these oils will have a higher vibration than non-organic oils, due to a variety of factors - quality of soil, lack of pesticides etc. Our main supplier of the oils we use is NHR Organic Oils, a well-respected company. We would recommend them to any of our customers as a very good supplier of top-quality essential oils.

- Don Dennis

March 7th 2014

Isle of Gigha


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