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I hope to be able to let you know of the latest developments with our essences, and anything else that seems relevant (for example, what's in bloom in the greenhouse, or interesting feedback, case histories, etc.) I will be aiming to send this out in the 3rd week of each month, if I am able!  Please bear with me on the style of these first ones, as I try to get to grips with Mailchimp, the web package that is meant to make email newsletters very easy! (The reason for going to such a program is that most email programs will send emails with images straight into the Junk box. So Mailchimp helps prevent that happening. It has come highly recommended by a few friends.)  -Don

Pictured below:
Pushing Back the Night (Bulbophylum Elizabeth Ann 'Buckleberry')

Greenhouse Notes:
Winter is the hardest time in the greenhouse, with low light levels and low outside air temperatures which mean more heating is required inside the glasshouse. So it is something of a relief to find the days getting longer and warmer! Of course then as we move towards summer the challenges become that of excess heat... I keep a 'suncream' on the greenhouse glass all year around, as very few orchids like full sun for any length of time.
There's always plants which do better than others, and I'm very pleased that the specimens we have of Bulbophyllum phalaenopsis (aka Shadow Warrior) are doing very very well.

One of the 3 plants has a new leaf which is 88 cm long - that's nearly 3 feet. So our glasshouse appears to be ideal for this species native to Borneo. For a good photo of the infloresence please look at the News page on our website.

Special Spring Offer

Order a full kit before April 15th and receive 3 of our Aura Sprays free of charge. Two of the sprays will be 60 ml size, and one will be the 120 ml size spray, and you specify which ones you want. Cost of the full kit of 64 essences in two lovely blue wooden boxes is £363 + £12 p&p if you are a professional therapist.

And finally...

When you check our website now you should also see the list of the various ranges of essences we carry. One by one we are making these 'live' on the site, and the first range to go live (as of March 17th) is the Pacific Flower & Sea Essences. As each line goes live, you'll see the rollover text change colour. Have a peek at the Pacific Essences pages if you have a moment - these are terrific essences, and available to order from us now online.

Two New Combination Essences
Its been a very challenging time for many people of late, with the impact of the recession kicking in. In this time, it feels appropriate to mention two new combination essences, which are both so new that all we have by way of labels at the moment are the rather poor B&W ones...  I hope to have 'proper' labels by the middle of April. These two new combinations are called Positive Flow, and Shiva's Crown.

Positive Flow came into being in response to a question put to me by our wonderful Japanese distributor, Junko Terayama. She asked me several months ago which essences in the line would be helpful for creating abundance? I had to think this one over for several months. Its kind of a crowded field, what with the Bush Abund Essence, Pacific Abundance, Findhorn Prosperity...  But increasingly of late I realized that our single essence Positive Outcome is a very important essence at this time. We need to maintain a positive frame of mind to get through this period gracefully. And as it happens that orchid (Scaphosepallum gibberosum) has been in wonderful bloom in the greenhouse for several months now, and shows no signs of abating.

Then a few weeks ago while in the greenhouse, admiring the extraordinary blooms (seen in the photo here) of Scaphosepalum gibberosum, I found myself wondering what the effect would be of combining Positive Outcome with Pushing Back the Night. So we bottled it up and tried it, and wow! this is a combination with some very powerful synergy.

Positive Flow has a strong action on both the solar plexus as well as the ajana centre between the brows, and gives rise to a very strong "can do" feeling throughout. The first impact of taking just 3 drops seems to go on for hours, and even can be felt the following day. It feels as though it is helping to bring about some soft 're-wiring' of the brain, to help us regain a strong positive focus to make things happen. And the first two weeks after we made this essence were the busiest we had had for a month, with orders for essences as well as bookings at our B&B here at Achamore House. It feels like a very helpful essence to burn through the negative fog of the collective psyche that the recession (helped hugely by the media) has brought about for many.
Crown of Consciousness

The second combination is called Shiva's Crown, and contains Shiva's Trident and Crown of Consciousness (pictured above). This combination was brought into being by our wonderful therapist colleague Dr. Adrian Brito-Babapulle, who also created Temple of Light and Temple of Light (5). Adrian describes this new combination in these words: "This essence connects the causal body with the soul's journey and its divine contract, enhancing the process of spiritual healing and assisting in the therapeutic effects of other healing processes in the body as well. It heightens and deepens the souls understanding of its journey in this physical body." He has further information regarding its use in conjunction with Shadow Warrior essence, but please contact us for that.

In any case, Shiva's Crown also seems an essence which can be suitable for some of the deeper questions of the soul which may arise in these challenging times.

Believe it or not, when there are 50 essences to work with, the number of possible combinations is close to astronomical - well over a billion possibilities. But very slowly, as we are guided by our intuition and experience, and as the needs arise, it is exciting to find the new qualities that these combinations have to offer.

These two new combinations are available immediately, albeit with the B&W labels, priced the same as the rest of the range. Positive Flow is also available as a spray, and will also get a 'proper' label shortly!
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