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International Flower Essence Repertoire
April 2010 Newsletter

Mother Tinctures

All essence makers are aware of the need to keep their mother tinctures safe, since a given batch may end up being used for a number of years. I know of one essence maker who painted angels on the wall where his essences are stored; some carefully wrap each of their bottles. One essence maker actually had his business inside an old provincial bank, and stored the mother tinctures inside the bank vault..! However, what I have seen over the years is that even these measures are not enough to shield the mother tinctures from the ups and downs of the essence-makers themselves. This is one of the mysterious and curious facts of our industry: that the essences have a seemingly life-long connection energetically with the person or people who made the mother tincture. And so there is a long-term responsibility which one has as an essence-maker. Unhealthy relationships with new partners can cause the vibration of their essences out in the wide world to drop dramatically. Any disconnection from the spiritual source of their work will have an adverse impact on the essences that person has made. This is just a partial description of the elements which can challenge entire ranges of essences, and most essence-makers I know of are well aware of this phenomenon.

Beyond those concerns, there is a need to ensure the essences are stored appropriately. Obviously they should not be stored near to any electromagnetic source. And over the years I have seen a few different options for containers. The least favourable are plastic bottles: the essences have never seemed happy (in my investigations) in plastic. So we have used a clear glass bottle for a long time.
However, lately I have been transferring all of our mother tinctures from the clear glass bottles into a very dark purple glass bottle made by a company called Miron Glass, based in Switzerland. As this glass only allows a particular wavelength of deep violet to enter the glass bottle, the mother tinctures feel much happier in them. Its like they don't have to worry, as they are well protected by this lovely dark purple glass.

 With muscle-testing we have also found that just a few of the newer orchid essences prefer being sent out into the world in the Miron glass bottles. This is a bit unfornuate, from a convenience standpoint: these 15 ml Miron bottles are a little bit wider than the usual blue glass bottles the rest of the line is in. Nevertheless the testing was clear, and so we need to follow the results. Our commitment is to endeavour to have our essences be the best they possibly can, based on all the factors we have learnt about over the years. These lessons have been both from our own experience, and also from discussions with many essence-makers from around the world. It is in the interests of contributing to that developing pool of knowledge that I wanted to share today about our new use of the Miron glass bottles for storing the mother tinctures especially. We use the 200ml size bottle, as its shape and size seem best for the purpose.

Book ready April 30th

Slightly later than expected, our new book Orchid Essence Healing - A Guide to the Living Tree Orchid Essences should now be finished at the printers this Friday. This has been a demanding job for them, as the book is not only full-colour throughout, but many of the pages have a solid black background and photos of the orchids, along with white text. As the photos look their best with a good dark black, rather than simply a dark grey, we had to put a lot of ink on the pages! So the book was all printed last week, after I had done a final checking of the proofs two weeks ago in London. The sheets of the pages have had the weekend to dry, as has the cover. Its a fascinating process, creating a book, and in order to be in the best position to have it printed correctly, we gave the job to the printer in Sussex who has been printing our leaflets and brochures for the past 12 years, after the people at Neals Yard Remedies told me about him. David Jenkins has decades of experience in printing - in fact if you bought an album of rock and roll in the UK in the 1970's then it was very likely printed by him... Each job is undertaken very conscientiously, but this book has been (he says) a delightful challenge. 

A Word about the Foreword
People in the UK are very familiar with the work of the actor Martin Shaw, who has very kindly written the book's Foreword, but for people outside of the UK, here is a little word about him.

Martin Shaw is a very well-known actor in the UK, who has worked almost entirely on television. Via a mutual therapist friend, he came to know of the Living Tree Orchid Essences, and bought a full kit of them 18 months ago. It turns out that Martin Shaw has been using flower essences since 1972, when he first learnt of the Bach Flower Remedies. What he has written in his Foreword about the LTOE is very moving; in very few words he gets close to describing their essence.

Pre-orders for the book are accepted via our website, and these will be dispatched just as soon as we are able to get them in our doors here, and out to you! Special postal rates have been created on the website for ordering the book from within the UK (£1.50) or Europe (£2.50) or the rest of the world (£3.90). (Multiple copies can also be ordered with minimal postal increases above the base charge, for example, in the UK the P&P charge for extra copies is just an extra 50 p per extra copy. For European destinations, an extra £1 per extra copy.) If the book is ordered with other items, then the normal p&p rates apply to the overall order value.

The biggest challenge of the book may turn out to be driving 800 miles from Sussex to Gigha this Bank Holiday weekend coming...! But collecting the books myself saves us several days of would-be transit time, and I am aware we are already overdue for delivering it.

        -  Don Dennis   April 26th 2010

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