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3 for 2 Lotions Offer

It has always been tricky for IFER to carry the marvelous lotions produced by the Living Essences of Australia, because they are produced with two-year Best Before dates. By the time we get them, they will typicaly have been produced a few months before shipping, and so we normally have about 14 to 16 months within which to sell them.

This has meant that we normally end up selling only a portion of what was ordered prior to them going out of date, and this means making losses we can not afford. So sadly, we are having to stop carrying these lotions. However, we still have several dozen of both the large (240ml) and the small (125 ml) sizes of both the Accident Relief Cream and the Body Supple lotion on hand. The former used to be called Pain Cream, while the former used to be called Arthritis Cream. For obvious reasons, we had to ask them to give these products different names.

It is worth mentioning that these creams and lotions are used in 18 hospitals in Australia, simply because they are very effective, inexpensive, and have no contra-indications (i.e., they don't interfere with any medicines a patient may be taking).

The stocks we have have Best Before dates on March and May 2012. We are making them available now on a 3-for-2 Special Offer. If you buy 2 of the lotions in a given size, you will get a 3rd one for free. No limit on quantity, and you can choose both lotions in the mix of the order if you wish.

When ordering via our website, simply order 2 or a multiple of two bottles, and then in the Notes please mention that you are entitled to a 3rd bottle for each of the two you paid for, at no extra charge. You can of course simply call us if you prefer.

For overseas friends & customers reading this, the special offer does apply, but p&p may have to be adjusted if the weight of the parcel causes the postage costs to go above what the website charges.

Offer available only while the current stocks last.

Time-lapse Videos of the Orchids

Over the years of making the Living Tree Orchid Essences, I have tried my best to capture something of the character and profound beauty of the orchids with my photography. I'm well aware that the majority of our customers will likely never see more than a few of the orchids we work with in the flesh as it were. It would be different if we were making essences with buttercups or even varieties of roses, etc. At least with roses (for example) if you know it is a pink rose, then the customer will have a general idea of what the bloom looks like.

With tropical orchids it is a very, very different story. Many of the orchids we grow will be utterly unfamiliar to 99% of the population. And unless they visit our greenhouse, or happen to visit another orchid grower's greenhouse they will never see most of these wonderful beings (as they appear to us). And so the photos have been and are a vital means of communicating their mystery of form, their stunning beauty.

Winter is the quiet time for us here, with few visitors to the island, and after a fairly intense few months of essence-making in the summer and early autumn, the greenhouse orchids have gone quieter, waiting for the next wave of activity no doubt. And so my mind wandered to the cameras I have, and the orchids, and back to the cameras. And it dawned on me that there was a feature in these cameras I had never explored, called Timed Interval. In short, this function allows one to create the basis for time-lapse videos, by having the camera on a tripod take a photo every few minutes for days or even longer. There's a fair amount of post-processing involved in turning a few thousand photos into a time-lapse video, but I won't bore you with the details. But I made the first trial efforts in early November, and the first 10 of these are now posted on our website. Here is my most recent one, of Phragmipedium Andean Fire. 

The time-lapse videos bring out more of the character and nature of the orchids than a still photo is able to do. And especially with the slipper orchids, the Phragmipediums that have produced a number of our essences, they seem to communicate with us with almost human expression in the growth and movement of their forms. Certainly they are very 'accessible' when viewed this way. Take a look at the one of Vital Core and I'm sure you will see what I mean.

Oddly enough, if you search the web to see other time-lapse videos of orchids growing, you'll discover that there are hardly any others to be found. Why this is so baffles me, and my activity in this area recently caused the editor of an orchid journal to ask me to write a lengthy article on my experiences so far. Digital cameras have made this far easier than it used to be, though it still has its complexities. But it is also fascinating to see an entire week's growth of an orchid in a 30 second video. 

My current project is far more ambitious than before. I want to show the growth of the flower spike of Neomoorea irrorata (Love's Secret); the camera has now been taking photos at 5 minutes intervals for over 4 weeks, and there are a few more days yet to shoot. But by the end of January I should have this available for viewing on our website.

With my best wishes,

-  Don        

Jan. 18th 2012

Achamore House
Isle of Gigha

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