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Our Angelic Coconut Body Butter now in Miron Glass Jars

During the past year we have brought out two skin creams, which we make here on Gigha in collaboration with a small local business, Gigha's Natural Skincare. We initially brought out the Angelic Coconut Body Butter in an aluminium tin, as this had the big advantage of fitting through most UK letterboxes when packed. Unfortunately it had the disadvantage of taking dents rather too readily, and so we have moved the body butter into the dark violet glass jars from Miron Glass.

As before, the Angelic Coconut Body Butter is available in two sizes: 100ml and 200ml. These are available now from IFER, and in the weeks ahead should be available from our various overseas Distributors.

The body butter contains the essence Angelic Canopy, which helps ease tensions and trauma held in the skin and body. Many years ago we made a small batch of skin cream containing this essence, and we found wonderful therapeutic benefits. Unfortunately we couldn't produce the cream back then, 10 years ago, as the pharmacy in London suddenly changed their minds about supplying us with base cream. Years went by and I tried other base creams, but never found one I especially liked, until I came upon the creams and lotions produced by Morven here on Gigha..!

We discovered along the way that if the ingredients were not sufficiently stirred while warm, then separation could occur. We now make sure the stirring is prolonged..! But should anyone have had a tin of the body butter from the batch that we didn't stir enough, please let us know and we will send a replacement body butter, in the new Miron glass jar, and no charge.

With Morven's help we also launched the Orchid Beauty Facial Moisturiser this year, which is available in a 50ml Miron glass jar. This has been a great success
with many repeat orders; one customer who has used it daily for several weeks described it as "transformative".  We are very pleased with the moisturiser, and hope that some readers might consider trying it if they have not done so already. This is already available from some of our overseas Distributors. 

The Orchid Beauty Facial Moisturiser contains the essences Rising to the Call of Beauty; Just Me; Clearing the Way / Self Belief; White Beauty and Purity of Soul.

We thought it best to remind you that our entire range of essences is now available in 3 forms: as stock essences, made with organic cognac; as stock-strength unscented aura / oral sprays which are made with organic vodka; and as Xylitol pillules. The pillules and unscented sprays are generally only available from IFER direct.

A Trio of Orchid Essences

In the previous newsletter I described our new essence Crown of Serenity. With its extraordinary circle of blooms defining part of a torus (the mathematical term for the "donut" shape), Bulbophyllum eberhardtii introduced what has turned out to be a trio of essences, all concerned with the structure and alignment of our higher chakras, each one building upon the alignment achieved by the previous one. The second essence in the trio is called Celestial Triangle, which amongst other qualities has a quiet joy. But it does much more than that. For the sake of space in this newsletter, I would ask you to click here to read more about it

The overall theme of this trio is our connection with humanity, at a very direct and immediate level. Each essence in turn facilitates the re-aligning of our energy field so that we are better able to connect with the 'human internet', that level of our common consciousness where we are connected with one another on a global scale. As one customer put it, this is the "real ethernet". 

Our advice is to take each essence in turn, with each one taken once a day. Here is the recommended schedule:

Day 1:  Crown of Serenity    7 drops
Day 2:  Celestial Triangle    8 drops
Day 3:  True Connections   9 drops

Day 4:  Crown of Serenity    7 drops
Day 5:  Celestial Triangle    8 drops
Day 6:  True Connections   9 drops

Repeat this pattern for 21 days, and then stop for two weeks, then repeat again for 21 days.

The energetic structures and processes whereby we are able to tap into this human internet of spirit are principally located in the chakras immediately above the head. While each of the essences can be taken on their own, it is especially the case with True Connections that its fullest effect will be felt by those who first use the other two essences, as described above.

How these essences came into being is interesting by itself. But the most extraordinary story relates to the making of True Connections. Our friend Sally Middleton has become a keen orchid grower, partially spurred on by her experiences with the LTOE. She has also been making essences with her orchids from time to time, and sharing them with our other friend and colleague Dr. Adrian Brito-Babapulle. Sally had bought an orchid called Zygolum Louisendorf, and made an essence with it. Adrian was impressed, and so he called me one day and asked me to get some Zygolum hybrids in. I ended up tracking down the nursery in Germany that has been producing these hybrids, and I ordered 6 of them. There were various kinds in the mix that arrived, and as the nursery itself was not that good at providing identifying tags, it took some work in the weeks that followed to figure out just what had arrived.

But in any case, two of the orchids came into bloom first, and I sent photos of these to Adrian, who said the essence should be made with both. But the next day a 3rd one came into bloom with a lovely further aspect to it. I photographed it, showed it to Adrian, who had to reflect a minute or two, then said, "All 3 need to be used..!". I had never hear of essence-making being done with three different orchids, but it felt right. So I set up the 3 orchids on a table, and placed 3 large glass bowls on the table, forming an equilateral triangle with them. 

When the essence-making was being completed, each orchid had water poured over itself into the bowl and water beneath, with no cross-over energetically between the 3 bowls. So in effect each one was a complete and full essence. And then I had to pour equal amounts of each of the 3 essences into a 4th bowl set up in the middle of the three. And so all the 3 mother tinctures were combined in this way, and we have a new category of essence, which we can call a "complex single infusion". And that was how True Connections came into being.

Via the editor at the American Orchid Society I was then sent a very useful article they had published 2 years ago, which helped me to identify the three orchids. They are all part of the same "group" of orchids, centered around the Zygolum genus. One is called Zygolum Louisendorf 'Rhein Moonlight', which is almost the same orchid that Sally Middleton had used. The 2nd one is called Zygolum Rhein Harlequin. And the 3rd is Zygonisia Blue Angel. (The genus Zygonisia is a cross of two natural genera: Aganisia and Zygopetalum. The genus Zygolum is a cross of the two natural genera Zygopetalum and Zygosepalum. These natural genera are all three found in Central and South America, primarily in the mountain forests.) 

There is a fair amount more which can be shared about this trio of essences, but I will have to leave it at this for now, or else this newsletter might not get out this month, and I am already pretty late in writing it...!

- Don

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