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3 for 2 Special Global Offer!

During the month of December we are making a global Special Offer to readers of this newsletter. If you order 2 bottles of either size of our 60 ml or 120 ml Living Tree aura sprays, you will get a 3rd one of your choice for free. 

We're trying something new with this offer and this newsletter. For the first time, readers in any part of the world can take up the offer via their local Distributors. So if you live in the USA, you can call Southern Herb Co. mentioning this newsletter, and they will honour the offer. If you live in Canada, contact Alypsis Inc. and they will too. 

In Japan you can contact Junko at to get 3 sprays for the price of 2. In Germany Helmut will also be happy to honour the terms of the offer. In Australia Jane Lindsay will be stretched to cope as she will be either gearing up for the Woodford Folk Festival or else attending it, but nevertheless she will honour the 3-for-2 Special.

If you are in the UK or somewhere without a Distributor, then you can make the order with us direct. (For a list of our overseas Distributors, please see this page of our website.) But it is essential that, wherever you are in the world, that you mention this December email Newsletter as being the source of your request. 

Why the special offer at this time of year? Its very simple: we have noticed that the aura sprays are the perfect Christmas gift for someone to give to their friends. Neither too large nor too small, not too expensive nor too cheap. Attractive, and unusual. And lovely to use! So we are wishing to help our customers around the world to share a bit of the lovely qualities of the orchids with their friends in this way this year. We hope this sounds like good news to you!

Tetra Mast Information
 If you live in the UK and have been wondering why you struggle to get a good night's sleep, then you may wish to read the article I have posted on this website created by our web designer Debra and her husband Ben. In it I give an outline of the nature of the UK's Tetra masts, and how they are wreaking havoc with the health of the nation.

Adrian's TEK Seminar 2012
 I managed to forget to give the dates for the seminar which our friend and colleague Dr. Adrian Brito-Babauplle is going to teach here at Achamore House next year. 

The seminar in effect begins on the evening of the Arrivals day, which is Friday May 25th, and the course finishes the evening of Thursday May 31st. Friday June 1st is the Departure day.

More information can be found by clicking here to visit the relevant page of our website.

Orchid Videos

If you missed it in our last newsletter, then you may wish to know that I have posted two videos of the orchids on our website. One is a time-lapse video I made of the pale form of the specie we used to make Defender from the Dark last year. The other is a 360 degree view of the orchid LC Angel Love which had been used to make the new batch of the Angelic Canopy mother tincture described in the right-hand column. This video was made 3 or 4 days after the esence-making had been completed.

Another time-lapse video is in progress, involving the orchid which produced Moon Child, but it is likely to be a few more days before the photography, involving in this case several thousand photos, is completed. But these time-lapse videos are exciting for me to create, as they can give us such insight into the nature and character of each orchid! I hope that you will enjoy them as they emerge.
Angelic Canopy - new batch

As I mentioned in our last newsletter, we recently re-made the mother tincture of Angelic Canopy. This is one of the most universal essences in our range, and is also a component in several of our combinations. So re-making it was both very important, and cause for a little anxiety on my part. Could we find a new LC Angel Love with which to make the essence again? And would it be the same, or at least similar? 

In many respects it is far easier to re-make an essence with orchid species than with hybrids, for the simple reason that species tend to be preserved in collections and amongst the commercial orchid growers, but hybrids tend to come and go. The hybrids  will be available for three or 4 years after they have been created, but after that they can be difficult to locate.

Heather DeCam and I made the original batch of the Angelic Canopy mother tincture 10 years ago, just 9 days after 9/11.  Three litres of mother tincture lasts a fairly long time, even for one as 'popular' as this one. But I realized 2 years ago that a new batch would be needed before long, as we had used nearly 2 of the original 3 litres. The plant we had used had been given away when I made the move to Gigha, and due to a costly mistake on my part during that process, we ended up with no greenhouse for the first 4 years here. I had no place to house 800 orchids, so I had to give most of them away.

In January 2008 we were finally able to build our greenhouse up here, right beside Achamore House. And I began re-building the orchid collection, with friends both old and new. But Laeliocattleya Angel Love was not easy to find, anywhere. I began looking for a specimen in earnest in 2009, contacting commercial orchid growers all over the world, but with no luck. Finally, via an online orchid forum, someone suggested I contact Odom's Orchids in Florida. They had 6 good plants which the manager was happy to sell, but they don't export any plants. Orchids require expensive and onerous paperwork for international movement. So I contacted my friend Jerry Fischer at Orchids Limited in Minnesota, and asked him if he would possibly be willing to take these plants I was buying from Odom's, and send them to me via his agent in Germany. Its a big ask, but he was willing to do so. In time the plants finally arrived, but the final leg of their journey from Germany to Scotland took nearly 2 weeks, by which time 2 of the 6 plants had suffered too much to recover. But luckily 4 of them had come through alright, with two even managing new growths this summer and autumn. Between the 10th and 13th of November both specimens came into bloom. 

I took photos of both plants to share them with our friend and colleague Dr. Adrian Brito-Babapulle. While photographing them I had a strong sense that one of them was energetically much stronger than the other, though I had been hoping it was going to be the other way around, as the other plant had its bloom positioned in ways that would have made the essence-making somewhat easier... But that's how it often works out! I didn't tell Adrian of my impression until he had had the chance to look at the photos, but he emphatically concurred with my impression.

When I had set up the bowl and the orchid in the room in the house (one of two rooms we normally use for the purpose), before I poured the water in the bowl I took a number of photos of the arrangement. I then gently poured the water in the bowl, this marking the moment when the essence-making begins. But before I left the room, I quickly took another photo from about 3 metres away. One of these is shown at the top of this newsletter, and as far as I can recall, this is the only photo of actual essence-making I have ever taken in all the 14+ years of the LTOE existing. All other photos I have taken of the process have been done for the camera after the essence-making had been finished. With this one, you can gain a sense of the atmosphere and lovely energy of the process commencing.

There are a number of our close colleagues that we consult with whenever a new essence is made, or a new batch of mother tincture is made. With this new Angelic Canopy there was good agreement that it is fundamentally the same as the original, but with enhancements. This batch has somewhat greater impact (in the loveliest of ways) on the heart chakra. Our Distributor in Japan, Junko Terayama, is very clear with her meditational experiences, and her report on experiencing the new mother tincture summed it up beautifully:

Instantly, I felt delicate chiffon veil. Very gentle energy spread into my heart, neck and up to head.  Unwinding.

I became a delicate flower sitting near the pond, watching fish swimming in it.  Very peaceful.  I saw some scenes in the pond then.

First one was a destroyed city, a ruined city, no people around, just a destroyed concrete city.

The chiffon veil comes down from the sky and wraps this city and ease the energy there.

Next I saw the army iron weapons, guns artillery – hard metals.

Then this chiffon veil again appeared from the sky and wrapped them.

I felt so much gentle smooth nice loving energy in my heart area, and wanted to hold my lover.

I just wanted to feel a nice loving holding touch.

It was a heart melting beautiful feeling.

When Heather and I made the first batch, we both felt so relaxed upon taking the mother tincture that we lay down on the carpet in the room for maybe 25 minutes.  So I was very surprised that the same thing happened to me this time as well, with me falling into a deep state of relaxation. But then through the night I kept hearing the George Harrison song "Give Me Love (Give Me Peace on Earth)", which I kept hearing again yesterday after taking the mother tincture once more.  Its interesting how that the lyrics of that song relate to Junko's meditation. 

The sense we have is that the new batch has moved the essence into a new and deeper level of its original action, with Adrian commenting that the new batch seems to be a culmination of the work of the original. 

All bottles of Angelic Canopy leaving our premises now are being made with this new batch, and we are delighted with it. We hope you will be delighted as well!

My gratitude to Rob Schneider at Odom's Orchids, and to Jerry Fischer, for getting these beautiful specimens of LC Angel Love to us here, enabling this re-making of such an important essence.

-  Don           December 2nd 2011

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