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Revelation, a new Orchid Essence Combination

I am sometimes asked just what is special about orchids and their essences, which I try to answer in different ways. But I tend always to come back to the topic of the chakras above our bodies, which the orchids are able to act on, while for the most part essences made with non-orchid flowers do not reach above the crown chakra. This can sound arcane and abstract as a notion, but with the orchids this action is very clear. I remember one participant in my seminar a couple of years ago, a Naturopath from the USA, who on day 4 told me that she didn't really believe in these above-body chakras. I said that that was fine, no need to accept what I was saying about them at all. But we then meditated on Pushing Back the Night for 10 minutes, an essence that reaches very high up above us. She commented then that perhaps she would have to accept their reality, as it was difficult otherwise to explain her experience in the meditation. We may not have the language we would wish for talking about the higher chakras in much detail, but certainly this direct experience of those energies is the starting point.

And one of the points about the higher chakras is that it is there that we need to go if we want to 'tune in" to the human internet, that part of our psyche wherein we commune directly with one another. At the level of the body, we all appear to be separate beings, and so for the most part essences which are only able to act on the first 7 chakras will not awaken that spiritual network that exists within and between us. A corollary of this point is that if we wish to treat the direct impact of society on the individual, we need to access the higher chakra network. And an interesting extension of that point is that in healing the individual at that higher level, we are also directly healing an aspect of society, via that individual's "spiritual internet" of their higher chakra energies.

And so recently I found myself bothered and reflective. Here in the UK we are in the worst recession since at least the 1930's, and there is a heavy sense of people being mired in the troubles this creates. Spain and Greece and Ireland have been far harder hit over the past 5 years, and at least in Greece we are seeing the spectre of far-right anti-immigrant political groups, gaining momentum by feeding on people's fears. In Japan they have not only had the global recession to contend with, but were also heavily hit by the tsunami of March 2011.

In this overall context, what bothered me was that clearly our combination Positive Flow was not enough. It can be helpful, and certainly we have had loads of very positive feedback in the 4 years since we brought it out. But Positive Flow works primarily for the individual, and if the individual is in a situation where the entire society is struggling, then its action is insufficient. But in the last few years some amazing essences have come into being, and I felt it must be possible to create a combination that acts at another level, beyond the limits of Positive Flow. I discussed the matter with our member of staff Rona Allan, who is very adept at dowsing. Rona then put her dowsing to work, and came up with a list of 4 orchid essences for a new combination. Some made immediate sense to me, while one or two surprised me. The list was: True Connections (of course), Pushing Back the Night (of course), Crown of Serenity (interesting...!), and Fruits of Love (wow! Really?). For Rona's dowsing, there was no question that these 4 were to be included.

We tried the combination, and it felt very good, and very interesting. In the first 2 to 3 minutes of sitting quietly after taking the drops, one feels almost nothing, but then its action builds and builds, becoming very powerful after the first 10 minutes.

We contacted our colleague Adrian about it, and he tuned into it and immediately said, "It needs some drops of Achord added to it." Achord is an essence which Adrian has very carefully made which is tonal in nature. He has had tuning forks made which correspond to the basic tones of each of the first 7 chakras (Major scale C, D, E, F, G, A and B), and uses these 7 tuning forks to create Achord. We have quietly been adding Achord to one or two essences of late with good effect.

Rona then told me that in fact she had dowsed that Achord should be in the combo, but put that aside and didn't mention it to me, as she reckoned I wanted only orchids in the combination. True enough, that would have been my preference, but if both her dowsing and Adrian's intuition are in agreement, I know something is up. And so Achord was added, and confirmed in blind testing by Adrian a few days ago.

So what does Revelation do? Here is what I have now put up on our website:

This combination grew out of reflections on the limits of Positive Flow within the context of the global recession of the past 5 years.  Attempting to attract abundance is simply not sufficient in these challenging times. Circumstances in Japan, two years on from the destructive tsunami, echo the psychological and spiritual challenges that the recession has brought to the fore: a sense of despondency, and of not being able to move forward out of the general morass. It is in this context that Revelation has been borne.

It would appear that in this situation, the relationship between ourselves and society needs to be examined. It is not simply that one can become stuck in a somewhat depressed outlook, but that the etheric network linking us to one another can itself grow dim. Revelation helps to open up those network paths, and revitalize them; it also brings clarity of the soul’s purpose, beyond the actions dependent on the ego. It releases the stresses we can succumb to in these times of larger societal challenges and restrictions. Revelation renews our hope for the future, and provides the energy and momentum to shift into a new state of mind, wherein one has the get up and go to accomplish that which is needed.

You can stop reading now if you are impatient, but if you would like a bit more detail, here is Rona's description of her meditation upon taking the essence:

 I can feel my toes tingling a lot. I can feel between the toes too. My hands feel the same – tingling fingers and a tingling in the spaces between the fingers. I see strong, green shoots growing upwards through the spaces between my toes.
This is an essence that takes a good 20 minutes or more to unfold it’s meaning in meditation. It seems to work in stages during that time. It becomes much more energizing after about 15 minutes.
I can see a reel of film. I see 2 or 3 frames of it close up. In one frame are objects (I can’t remember what they were now) that symbolise the ideal, perfect future I picture for myself at the moment (I am hoping to move away from Gigha once I find a suitable new job).
The items in the frame seem to be representing only my ego-generated hopes for the future. For example – I picture myself in a particular location, in a certain type of house. My ego thinks it needs certain things to be happy. My reluctance to let go some of these cherished dreams convinces me that they are indeed ego-generated. So I let them go and the frame becomes just a pure white square. I am surprised it is white and not clear.
I automatically go to refill the square with symbols to define my future plans but try to generate this from beyond the ego, however, before I even start I am distracted by some outside noise and the square of film gets left blank. It occurs to me that it is perhaps best left blank as the ego-generated markers of success may be stopping me moving forward. This will make it easier for your natural inner growth to influence your direction in life.
There is lots of energy in my legs and feet now.
Half an hour after taking the essence I am feeling a bit flat. I think this is because I had to let go of a few ego dreams, and my ego is not best happy with that right now!
So anyway, this is a good essence to help you create the future you want and hopefully help in manifesting it. I think it is for when you are perhaps too entrenched, stuck or overly comfortable in your current state, and a lot of connections or networks need to be refreshed or revived to provide enough energy and momentum for you to shift into a new, improved state.

Our friend in Japan JT was feeling stuck in grey energy a few days ago, after watching some of the many hours of television being broadcast there on the 2nd anniversary of the tsunami. Adrian asked her to create a dosage strength Revelation from the stock bottles she had to hand, using the correct dosing quantities. He reported:

She took the whole dose and immediately felt herself drawn to the dreaming point above and behind her head and then she had a deep breath and in a minute the pain in her left arm and the pain in her chest went leaving a small residual point in the chest which gradually subsided, she could then move her arm freely and this was followed by tingling and shivering on both sides of the chest at the height of the will centre. The greyness disappeared; the left arm now became very warm; she now feels centred and her vertebrae feel aligned at the level of the neck. She feels as if she has more space around the neck and shoulder!

We all know we must brush our teeth each day, and take baths or showers, exercise and eat well. But part of being healthy has to do with maintaining a healthy energy system in ourselves. In these challenging times, simply watching the evening news can have unfortunate consequences on our energy field. And so we feel there is an important role at this time for Revelation, to help us move forward with our plans and intentions. Our distributors in various countries should have it in within the next 2 to 3 weeks, but be sure to ask them, so they know of your interest.

- Don

March 14th, 2013
Isle of Gigha

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