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New Combination

In the past few weeks a new combination orchid essence has come about. It is a part of the Defender Series of essences for psychic protection, and is called Defend Protect & Purify. This essence helps to cleanse the etheric body of low-level entities which may have attached themselves to one, especially since the period of August 2010 which gave rise to the creation of the Defender from the Dark essence.

The essence can be usefully applied topically, as well as taken orally. It is available now in either the 15ml stock dropper bottle, or in the 30ml unscented stock spray bottle. Our website hasn't quite caught up with this development yet, but if you order one of the Defender essences, and specify in the Notes section of the order that you want the new combination, we will send you Defend Protect & Purify.

Joyous Purification

Defender from the Dark

Protective Presence

DVD of Orchid Time-Lapse Videos

Over the past 6 months I have been busy creating time-lapse videos of our orchids growing. Hopefully you will have taken a few minutes to view some of these on either our website or on our Facebook pages. Via the latter a suggestion came from an old friend in Finland to use a certain track of music by the legendary jazz pianist Keith Jarrett with one of the time-lapse videos. It was a wonderful suggestion, so much so that I have made contact with Keith Jarrett via his agent, and secured agreement in principle to license that track for this one video. His agent said that Keith Jarrett very rarely makes such agreements, so I can only presume that he was impressed by the video in question.

Bulbophyllum gracillimum / Core Release / Base Regulator

There is a small license fee to pay, and although it is about 5% of normal commercial fees (I was told by an astonished journalist from the BBC who visited Gigha last month) it is nevertheless more than we can afford. So this newsletter is in part a fund-raising exercise. We are now making available for pre-order a DVD of the various time-lapse videos I have created, for £12.95. If we get 100 people or more buying the DVD before the end of July, then we will have raised enough to pay the license fee.  So...  the key point is that we won't ship any copies of the DVD until early August. If we haven't reached the 100 copies pre-ordered by that point, then the DVD will not include the Keith Jarret soundtrack for that one video.  But if we have reached that number, then the DVD will include the Core Release video with the soundtrack ("Part 9" from his album "Rio").

The DVD will include at least 20 time-lapse videos of the orchids, at high resolution, higher than you see on our website. Pre-orders can be placed by phone or post, and shortly it will be available on our website as well, on the Orchid Videos page.

If you have any questions, please email me (Don).

Scaphosepalum swertifolium / Life Direction

Phragmipedium Ainsworthii / Being in Time

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