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Timelapse DVD Project

Over the past 10 months I have been creating timelapse videos of the orchids, and now have over 30 short videos to share. For a variety of reasons most of these are silent short videos, but with one important exception: the one of Core Release will have a soundtrack by legendary jazz pianist Keith Jarrett.

The license for that track, which has been agreed in principle, costs more than I can afford to take out of our cashflow, but I am determined to make it happen. I am compiling the various timelapse videos to have them together on a DVD, which I will send out in the first half of December. In order to raise the funds for the license for the music to be included on the DVD, I have presented the DVD project on today. You can find it by clicking here or by clicking the photo above.

I owe a big thank you to my old school friend Matti from Finland for suggesting I try marrying this particular track to that video sequence. One viewer, from an online orchid forum commented, "You have done something many of my friends consider impossible: I was left speechless... in awe at the beautiful dance of the flowers and the music. All I can say is thanks for sharing and for bringing a new sense of joy and beauty to our world."

Perhaps this could be a good Xmas present for some of our readers...? In any case, I hope you are able to enjoy viewing the above-mentioned video on our homepage, which by agreement with Keith Jarrett's agent we have been able to put up with that music of his prior to us paying the license in December, so viewers can see and hear what the fianl creation is like. View it by clicking here.

Enjoy a few images from two of the timelapse sequences just below here. One shows Vital Core / Phragmipedium besseae, and the other shows Being in Time / Phrag. Ainsworthii.

- Don      November 1st 2012

Soul's Grief Release

Early in October our wonderful Canadian Distributor Andy Christopher (at Alypsis Inc.) sent me an email with some pretty profound topics. He was wondering if the orchids could help with a state of being that he has seen becoming more widespread of late, which is of people feeling profoundly abandoned by the Universe. His email was serious and engaging, and I decided to share it with our friend Dr. Adrian Brito-Babapulle. Adrian then entered into the dialogue that had begun, and over the next few days we were both reflecting on the questions Andy had raised.

There is a modest yet lovely little cloud-forest orchid in our greenhouse which I bought 3 years ago from my late friend Günther Ludwig (who passed away in September). This orchid Pleurothallis tripterantha had often shown a bit of bloom over the years, but never as much as it was suddenly showing in August / September / October. So I took some photos of it and emailed these to Adrian, who has a gift of knowing when an orchid is in its prime for essence-making. On a Sunday in early October we spoke by phone, discussing the issues that Andy had raised, and Adrian said that he felt that this orchid was quite possibly relevant. Each time he looked at the photos I sent him, he felt sad - a highly unusual response. This only made sense to us in the light of Andy's questions, and so on the next day I set up the orchid for the essence making, and it was finished by the early evening before the last light of the day had faded.

What rapidly became clear from the initial people testing the mother tincture, is that this is a powerful and profound essence unlike any we have made before. It helps to clear grief and sadness at the deepest levels of the heart and soul. But it does not do this in a quick and easy manner. With several of us, it brought us into contact with deep sorrow for the first 24 hours after taking the essence. It seems that in order to do what it wishes to do, it must bring us into contact with that sorrow, to be in its presence as it were. It does not wave a magic wand as it were and hey presto! 

I had mentioned to Adrian in that conversation that I had been puzzling over something lately. There was a sadness deep in my heart which I had felt as long as I could remember, which felt as though it went back far earlier than childhood. It was there whenever I listened to my heart in quiet moments. And I was musing on the fact that over the past almost 15 years I had experienced each of our myriad orchid essences many times over, first in the making of them and later in seminars etc. I had countless wonderful and powerful meditations, yet none had touched this deep sadness. So I was wondering what this orchid would have to offer.

After the essence had been made, and the mother tincture safely bottled away, I sipped the last bit of it from the bowl and sat quietly for about half an hour. Immediately after closing my eyes I saw an image of a great conveyor belt, the sort that is used in huge mines in Australia and elsewhere; the machinery was chug-chugging away with the rhythm of my heart. This conveyor belt somehow stretched down through my throat deep into my chest, and I had the sense that it was slowly but powerfully "digging away" through layers of my being. Two minutes in and the word "fundamental" popped into my mind, unrelated to any thought process I was having. Then the sadness came to me, full and present, not hiding away anywhere inside. I did not resist. The weight of this sadness and sorrow was there throughout the meditation, and for the following 24 hours. I felt that the action of the essence would continue on for a few days, more gently of course. But after 2 days, that sadness felt largely gone.

About 10 days after first taking it, I felt to take it again, this time without meditating. I simply took a few drops of the mother tincture again a short while before going to bed. Sleep came easily, and was deep. In the morning I woke from a dream in which I saw and felt a 2 inch thick rope hundreds of meters long being pulled out of my chest up through my throat and mouth, and as the dream was ending the last bit of the long long rope popped out of my mouth.

And since that morning I have not been able to feel that sorrow which had been with me throughout my life, that sadness that seemed unrelated to any cause or event.

Other people testing the essence have had experiences in keeping with this, and Adrian has found it to be very helpful already with some of his clients. At first we discussed whether it should be included in the LTOE Kit, as it has such a profound and powerful action, but in the end Adrian came to feel it was too important an essence to hold back with it. And so it is the 114th essence in the kit now. It should not be used lightly, and we would ask that therapists use it themselves first, before using it with any clients, so they get a clear and direct sense of what Soul's Grief Release essence can do. We also have a long description of the initial feedback, which we can email to anyone interested.

Karmic Calm - new Combination

On that same Sunday evening when Adrian and I spoke about Pleurothallis tripterantha, he also mentioned that he had been thinking about a combination that would have 4 of the orchids in it, but he didn't know what they were yet. I said that I too had been thinking about a combination in response to Andy's emails, and had a feeling about two of them: Secret Wisdom (which I had had a strong dream about a week before) and Pushing Back the Night. As we talked, the other two came to us, with one essence declaring itself only in the bottling room as I went in to create the trial combination. And so by this very interesting cross-pollination process a very interesting new combination came into being. True Connections is one of the 4, as is Celebrations. Amongst other interesting points to note, three of the 4 are the orchids with the longest petals in our range.

Together, these 4 essences, with essence of 24kt Gold helping, seem to reach deep back in our psyche, to that level where we resonate with our past lives and karmic 'baggage', and seems to help us find peace and calm in relation to whatever of these issues may have been causing us stress.

One very good prover wrote: On taking the first thing I noticed was a sweet pleasant taste in my mouth. Next I was shown a great bank of storm clouds that were harmful to me and they were being pushed away. This was followed by the opening of the crown chakra and 'connection to the hall of records' (I was given these words though I am not sure what they mean). Next I was walking on a brightly lit, but very narrow pathway which felt like a bridge. Everything around me was very dark, but then I noticed it wasn't quite dark, there were a lot of very fine silver threads attached to me that were trying to pull me off the path in different directions. I watched as they snapped and dropped away. The effort of walking along this path was suddenly reduced to where it became effortless. I turned and looked behind me and realised that this path was my life. I could see a long way back, but when I looked forward I saw that there was only a small portion left. I felt a momentary regret and knew that I had to make the most of what was left, but the part in front was shining so much brighter than what was behind. So, although what is left is a smaller portion it could well be the best because I will be free to do what I should be doing. I was left feeling eager to get on with it and really happy.

Another fine prover reported: I am immediately aware that my energy is strongly expanding on either side of my body. This energy is strong, solid and stable and I picture it as slabs of stone that extend out about 2 feet from either side. They reach from the ground to my shoulders. It's like having 2 tall gravestones extending out from my sides.  Once that is in place a golden laurel-leaf circlet appears about 4-5 feet above my head. I also see that, from the circlet, golden rays of light arch down to join the extended energy on either side of me. The whole visual is in the shape of an archway. There is such a sense of gold, gold medals, gold light that it all feels very Olympian. I think that it makes me an Olympian. I realise the energy to either side of my body could be like the award podium and either side is space for the people in 2nd and 3rd place, but yet again I see no other people here. And I do not get any sense that I have just won a race or competition, it is more like I just feel an awareness of my inner strength and I feel good about myself, like I am a winner in all of life. I feel important, but not in an arrogant way. I know everyone is also important I am just very aware that it feels good.

Adrian wrote: My own observations were of a deep stillness, a detachment from present time, with no sense of urgency. The sense that even though I had things to do they will get done; there was no lack of motivation, but a feeling that the relative values of things I held dear were no longer important. I took the essence twice and each time there was this sense of stillness as if everything that I felt I had to worry about was of little or no importance.

This was very similar to what I experienced: upon taking the 9 drops, immediately there is a stillness, a calm within, which at first is drawing me back into myself and also further back, a sense of moving my focus behind my back. It is initially a gentle yet insistent movement down and behind me, like a ski slope movement to the space a foot or so behind my lower back. As if a part of my consciousness is reaching into that space, becoming aware of it, gaining a knowing of that. Then the stillness simply becomes an interior alignment within my torso, bringing a feeling like being in a grand Redwood forest, with that calm attention of those tall tall trees. A sense of inner elevation. Yet grounded, connected with the earth at the same time as reaching up high within. Calm, silent inner space, attentive. And that space feels somehow protected, and quietly strong as if it could not be easily disturbed.

Both Karmic Calm and Soul's Grief Release are now available from IFER. Though not yet up on our website, they will be there soon.

Southern Herb Co. in the USA have both essences on hand already for customers in the States, as their most recent order arrived 2 days ago and included a dozen of each of these new essences. We expect that the rest of our Distributer network will have them in soon, when they place their next orders. Some are enroute at the moment to Jane Lindsay in Australia, and should be with her in a week or so.
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