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Pillules Available Now

We now are offering all of the 104 essences in our range in pillule form, and the website has now gained 2 new pages for these products. There is a page for Pillules - Single for the individual orchid essences, and a page for Pillules - Combinations for the LTOE combination essences.

Choice of Types of Pillule

The pillules we are using by default are made with Xylitol, a type of plant-derived sugar which is tooth-friendly. (Here is a link to the Wikipedia article about Xyltiol.) However, we have decided to also offer either sucrose pillules, or the traditional milk-sugar pillues as well. If you want the pillules in one of these other two forms, then let us know via the Notes section of the website ordering process, as otherwise the Xylitol pillules will be used.

Each pillule form has its strengths and weaknesses. The milk-sugar pillules are of course not desirable for people who are lactose-intolerant. The sucrose pillules tend to dissolve & thereby stick together more readily in the bottle after we have administered the drops. Xylitol seems to have the least marks against it, but there is an important one: it is not good for dogs.

This means that all of the products in our range are now available in 3 basic formats: the traditional drops at stock strength; as an unscented oral/aura spray at stock strength; and now as pillules, for those who wish to avoid alcohol and yet have the benefit of the healing qualities of the orchid essences.

It should be understood that the pillules are in effect offering the essences at the equivalent of what is known as "dosage" strength. This is because each 12 gram pillule bottle has a three drops of stock essence as the 'dosing' for the pillules. 

If too many drops are added to the pillules in the bottle, then the pilules will end up in a day or two sticking together, making them difficult to use. So after some trials, we found that 3 drops was the optimum dose. 

We have to use stock strength essences for the dosing, since some of the combinations have several essences in them, and we would end up with too many drops of liquid in the pillules bottle if we put in drops of the mother tincture from each orchid essence.

So the stock-strength drops or sprays are always going to be the more powerful form of experiencing the LTOE; however, as some people are unable to take the alcohol that they come in, the pillules at least offer a non-alcohol option. So we will be very interested to see the response to these in the months ahead.

- Don  

     Sept. 21st 2011

Update on Website's Posters Page

I somewhat jumped the gun last week when I sent out the last newsletter, in that the Add to Basket buttons of our new Posters & Charts page were not yet functioning. So this is just a quick note to let you know that they are now working.

Corrected Poster

We also had the almost-final version of the Poster up on the website last week, but that has now been updated to show exactly the final artwork of the poster. So if you look at the poster on our site now, this is what is now being printed for us. It is also the same as the poster shown below. 

The final colour proofs arrived on Gigha by today's Post, and they look every bit as good as I had hoped. So we are excited about these.

Special Offer 
We'll be sending out a flyer in October by Royal Mail announcing our Autumn Special Offers, but one which should be announced straight away is that if you order 2 of either size of the posters, we will send you a 3rd one free of charge. So if you order two of the A2 posters, you get 3 of the A2 size posters sent to you. If you order two of the larger A1 posters, then you can choose to either have the 3rd one be an additional large A1 poster, or have this free one be an A2 poster. 

This means you can have two posters for your house or office or therapy room / clinic / healing centre, and still have one to give to a friend for Christmas if you wish.

Coming soon: the Japanese edition of Orchid Essence Healing!
This has been a major and very exciting project, and we will be able to share more details in the October newsletter. But we hope to see it out before 2011 ends! The translator is bringing the colour proofs with her to Gigha at the end of September, which should be exciting to see. Our distributor in Japan has done a wonderful job of bringing the LTOE to the attention of people in Japan over the past 5 years, and the book in Japanese will be a tremendous boost for her efforts there. It is deeply gratifying to see the orchid essences now reaching out to people around the world, and this new edition of the book is a major step in that development.

With my best wishes,


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