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International Flower Essence Repertoire
July 2011 Newsletter

New Cards Arrived!
There were some delays in getting the new Pack #2 of the Orchid Photo Cards, but they arrived last night, and we have posted most of the pre-orders off this morning.

We're delighted with the print quality of the new set, which show all of the combination essences, and the single essences which have been made in the past 4 years. Additionally there is a card for the Narnia Sphagnum Moss Essence, and the two rhododendron essences in our range. (These two are officially in our other range we are calling the Living Isle Flower Essences - LIFE for short...  The acronym was irresistable.)

This set does NOT replace our first set, but rather is the complement and completion of it. If you have the earlier set of cards, you will only now need this 2nd pack of cards to have all of the essences in our range. We have taken the opportunity to reprint Set #1, and it does have some minor alterations, but nothing dramatic.

We are now expecting delivery of the slightly revised Set #1 in a week's time.

We hope that you will enjoy the new cards...!

New Orchid Essence available

Over the years we have made a number of essences with both species and hybrids of the orchid genus Bulbophyllum. With over 1200 species in the genus, found in SE Asia, Africa and Sotuh America, this is an ancient and very diverse genus, which will be a rich area for essence-making and exploration for decades to come I expect. Each new essence has such startling and different qualities from those that have been made before. Bulbophyllum frostii is no exception, and we have called it's essence Wingéd Messenger.

Wingéd Messenger is a very good essence to help you manifest your goals, which also brings joy to the heart and yet is also grounding. Helps you to be awake and in the present moment with a sense of cheer and lightness. This essence wants you to straighten the spine, and not slouch, thus enabling the heart to be both strong and open. Feel the delight and excitement that you felt as a child once more, despite the trials and troubles the years may have brought your way. Having faced the challenges life brings, let us not be weighed down by their memory. Slip on these fairy-shoes, and step out with assurance into a brand new day, on to a path which is either new or at least renewed.

To some degree this essence presents a type of ‘litmus test’, relating to our inner journey and its expression in life. If we are on our deeper spiritual path, and living in accordance with that, one will feel joy when taking this essence. If there is any lack of harmony between the path and its outer manifestation, then the emotional response will be subdued, as the orchid helps one to realign within.

Bulbophyllum frostii is a specie found at about 1400 meters in evergreen forests in Vietnam, and was first described in 1926. It grows in the warm section of our greenhouse.

Local Native Orchid Spectacular

Here on the Isle of Gigha there are a number of native species of orchid, some say there are 11 species to be found. Not all will appear in any given year, and some may not be seen for many years. However, this year we were treated to a wonderful treat, when this Dactylorhiza fuschii subs. fuschii appeared, with 8 spikes all clustered together, not 10 feet from a main local footpath leading to one of the island's lovely beaches.

I would not want to make an essence with an orchid so close to a very public footpath. Nevertheless, the orchid was sharing its exquisite beauty and energy with anyone who stopped to look. From what I heard, this orchid was seen blooming this past month in many places on the west coast of Scotland. We are fairly blessed with orchids!

        -  Don Dennis   July 14th 2011

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