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Sprays & Feet
At the beginning of September I had the delight of hosting a seminar with 7 wonderful women who had come to Gigha from both near and far. One person traveled to Gigha from Texas, one from California, and one of the group had to get here all the way from New Zealand... All were delightful company, and one of the ways in which we amused ourselves in the course of the week was with spraying the soles of our feet with the new 30 ml stock-strength oral sprays.

As the soles of the feet present mini-chakras for the entire body, this is a very efficient and also very refreshing way to experience the energies of the orchids. It was the first seminar where I was able to use this approach easily, as we now have all 104 essences available as unscented oral / aura sprays in the 30 ml Miron glass bottles. I will certainly be making more extensive use of the sprays in the seminars ahead.

Don's Gap Year?
Its been my intention to take a break from teaching next year, as there are some important other matters which will be demanding my time...  More on that in another newsletter, but there is a possibility that, depending on circumstances, I may schedule an Introductory LTOE 7-day seminar in March 2012. This is not a promise, just a possibility at this point. I won't know until the end of November at the earliest.

Kinesiology Seminar
The last seminar of this year is taking place in about two weeks time. Our friend and colleague Dr. Adrian Brito-Babapulle will be teaching his Therapeutic Energy Kinesiology (TEK for short) here at Achamore House. Participants will arrive on the 29th of September, and depart on Friday October the 7th. It is a wonderfully immersive introduction to this technique of muscle-testing, which Adrian has developed over the past 12 years or more.While the seminar is fully booked, we could probably manage space for one more if anyone is especially interested. Acommodation at this point would have to be at the Gigha Hotel, as all the rooms at Achamore House are long-since spoken for. Further details can be found by clicking here.

More Orchid Photos
The sharp-eyed and observant amongst the visitors to our website will have noticed that we have been adding many more pages of the "More Photos" to the Single Essence listings of the LTOE. I think we are about 3/4's of the way done completing this addition to our site. 

On each of these more photos pages, are additional photos of the orchid in question, each of which may be enlarged to show the orchid in great detail. A wonderful example is Heaven's Gate, as well as Love's Secret. Purity of Soul is of course the most recent addition, and the photos there are well worth clicking through.

September 14th 2011

Isle of Gigha
New Orchid Poster

Over the years I have from time to time designed a poster displaying all the orchids in our range, but I have always simply printed these out on the heavy and very high-quality photographic paper which we use for my photos of orchids which we sell (see this rather under-utilised part of our website...). And I use a medium-format professional Epson inkjet printer to produce these in house. Very convenient, and it is fine as long as there isn't much demand. That has been pretty well guaranteed by the fact that the costs of printing in this way are very high: for an A2 poster, the paper and ink costs come to nearly £10.

But this month we are finally biting the bullet and having our latest post printed commercially, and these should be available from us at the end of this month. Since some of our customers expressed a clear preference for a larger poster, and some only have space for a smaller one, we are having two different sizes printed: A1 and A2. The A1 poster will be roughly 24" x 34" (60 x 84 cm), while the A2 poster will be about 17" x 24" (42 x 60 cm). If you place an order with us for either poster before the end of September, the price will be £2 off the subsequent retail price. From October the smaller poster will cost £8.95 while the larger one will be £14.95. All of our usual discounts apply, so if you are a therapist then either the 10% or the 25% discount will apply, either this month or afterwards.


This means that when ordered with several essences (for example) the A1 poster would cost a therapist just £9.71 with the 25% discount. The A2 poster would cost just £5.21 when ordered before the end of September as long as a few other items are ordered with it - the order value excluding discount must be over £50 for the 25% discount rate to be applied.

(Click here to go to our new Posters web page.)

All of the photos in this poster have been taken by me over the years, of the various orchids which have made the essences of the Living Tree Orchid Essence range.

This poster (in miniature) also forms one-quarter page of the new brochure which we are also having printed in the next two weeks. If you wish to have one of these posters at A3 size, we will happily post it to you at no charge as part of the brochure, as soon as we have it. Alternatively you can download a low-res version of the poster free of charge from our website, suited for viewing on your computer screen.

Other Charts Available
On the same new page of our website where you can order or download the posters, you can also find updated versions of the two charts which have appeared in my book, one showing which Chakras resonate with each of the LTOE, and one showing which Meridians resonate. The best option with either of these is the free download, but we are also offering 3 print options as well. (The A3 version is pricey because we can only print colour A3 on the same high quality photographic inkjet paper I mentioned above.)

There are a couple of other charts which we will make available on this page shortly, relating to the pulsation points and receptors for kinesiological testing in respect of the orchid essences.

With my best wishes,



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