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International Flower Essence Repertoire
New Orchid Photo Cards!
In August 2007 we published our first set of Orchid Photo Cards, and we had a tremendous response to them. Since that time, a significant number of new essences have been made, and so it finally came time for us to create a 2nd set. This is now with the printers, and we expect to have them delivered to us before the end of June. This 2nd set will contain 23 single essence cards, and 28 combinations. There are 2 cards which illustrate 'body maps' of the essences in relation to various pulsation points and chakras. And there are two other informational cards.

We have also taken the opportunity to slightly revise the first set, and that will be printed at the same time. There are just a few photos which have been changed, as I was not entirely happy with the photo of (for example) Being in Time, as well as Shiva's Trident. Some minor textual changes have been made as well. 

Both Sets of cards are available to pre-order from our website at £8.95 retail (the normal discounts apply), which is £1 less than they will cost as of the 1st of July. So if you pre-order both you will be saving £2 compared with waiting until they are here. A pdf of each entire set of cards can be downloaded from our website from the Photo Cards page, so you can see exactly what is in both sets.

Test Kit Available
Over the past several years we have had a number of kinesiologists put a request to us for a test kit comprised of the Living Tree Orchid Essences. For those unfamiliar with the concept, a test kit typically contains small vials which hold very small quantities of the given essence or substance, and these kits are used for muscle-testing with clients. The vials themselves are normally never opened once they have been closed at the time each test kit is made. If an essence tests positively for the client, then the therapist will let the client know where they can obtain the bottle of the essence.

Usually test kits are made using small clear glass vials, which are typically housed in an inexpensive plastic box. This is good for the maker and for the therapist, insofar as the material costs are quite low. We looked into this possibility, but I felt there was one insurmountable problem with this approach as far as the orchid essences are concerned. Our essences these days are stored and sold in very dark violet glass bottles from the Miron Glass Co. in Switzerland, because in our research and experience the Miron glass provides the essences with the highest degree of protection available which a glass bottle can provide. Clear glass bottles or vials provide the least amount of protection energetically, and therefore if we produced a test kit using the clear glass, the quality of the essences would decline considerably over time.

Therefore the only sensible solution seemed to me to make use the smallest bottle that Miron make  (5 ml ) and get a new wooden box made in Poland to house these. This is a much more expensive way to create a test kit, but I could not see any other way that made sense. And so that is what we have done, and we now have the LTOE Test Kit available. 

The cost to therapists in the UK and Europe is £60 + VAT, plus shipping. For therapists outside of Europe, the cost will be £60 plus shipping. To send the Test Kit via FedEx to Canada or the USA currently costs us £39, which means a total cost of £99, or roughly $160. To FedEx the Test Kit to most destinations in the Far East, the cost is just £6 more. For the time being IFER will be selling the Test Kit direct to therapists, no matter where they are in the world.

These Test Kits are made by us here at our home on the Isle of Gigha. There are 101 sample bottles in the kit, each containing 6 drops of stock essence. There are also included in the kit 3 empty bottles. A photographic grid is glued into the inside of the lid, showing location of each essence. For the single essences there is only the photo; for the combinations the name is written. Should one not wish to have the names visible, then a piece of paper can be placed in front of the photo-grid when the kit is being used. (We can also supply the kit without the photo-grid inserted of course.)

This is an exciting development for us, and we hope that our muscle-testing customers will be delighted with it too!

Opening Times
Recently we decided we needed to alter the hours when we are available to answer the phones. Our hours are now Monday through Friday from 10 am till 5 pm. But bear in mind that our website is open for orders 24/7 and that we process web orders every bit as efficiently as orders we take over the phone. 

We also have a new member of staff, so you may find that Lynn sometimes answers the phone. Lynn is not yet very familiar with the various essences we carry, so if there are essence questions, she will hand the call over to either Rona or myself. But she is bright, cheerful and helpful, and we are glad to have her help!

The sharp-eyed will have noticed that the Test Kit contains 101 essences. Yet at the moment our Full Kit contains just 100 essences. So what gives..?

The 101st essence arises from our realising lately that, just as with Healing the Higher Heart and Spirit of the Higher Heart, there is a useful distinction between Wisdom of Compassion on its own, and Wisdom of Compassion with essence of 24 karat Gold added to it. So we now are offering both forms, even if our website is yet to catch up with the idea. With the essence of Gold added, Wisdom of Compassion is more likely to muscle-test positively for clients: it appears to addressing a more remedial state. Without the gold added, the deeper teaching of the orchid emerges more profoundly. So the two can be good to take in sequence, the the Gold-added one being taken for a few days first, followed by Wisdom of Compassion without the added gold.

Anyone buying our Full Kit (15ml) will from now on receive 101 essences, with the one bottle having to reside outside of the boxes.

- Don  
Two New Orchid Essences

One risk of having a greenhouse for orchids, is the likelihood of feeling compelled to find more orchids to put in it...  And the consequence is that there come to be more orchids calling out to be made into essences!

Recently there have been two new and frankly astonishing essences added to our range. The newest one, made in early May, was made with a hybrid called Brassia Rex, and the essence is called Heaven's Gate.

The genus Brassia is native to Central and South America, and all the species share the traits of the multiple blooms having these elongated petals. This is the first essence we have made with a Brassia, this being a primary hybrid (i.e., both parents are species, as found in nature). I bought the plant at the Peterborough International Orchid Show in June 2010. At the time it had 3 spikes of blooms, and looked lovely. Apparently it likes our greenhouse and the location inside where I have it growing on a wall, because this summer it has brought forth 8 flower spikes. Each spike may have between 12 and 16 blooms, so this plant has had well over 100 blooms out in the past 2 months - quite a sight!

In my book I drew a star (on page 14) which delineates the 6 major areas in which the essences have their impact: the physical; sensual / sexual; heart / emotional; mental; protective; and spiritual. Normally an essence will have some impact in two of these areas, and a major impact on one. Heaven's Gate is the first orchid essence we have made which has an impact in all 6 of these areas. There isn't the space here to go into all of this, and as of yet we have only our brief summary for describing the essence up on our website, but more information will be put up very soon. However, this essence is a wonderful one, which in brief we can say protects & enables the communion of Love, as we journey to find the gates to the mystic castle within. 

The other new essence, Night Soul, was made in March 2011, with a magnificent, commanding Paphiopedilum Wössner's Black Wings. 

I had bought this orchid from a commercial orchid grower in France two years ago, and this was the first time it had come into bloom. Our process of deciding whether to make an essence with one of the orchids these days usually involves some dialogue between my wife and I, and with our friend Adrian Brito-Babapulle. Both Emma and Adrian are good at sensing when a particular plant in bloom is bursting with its song, with its energetic intention. To be blunt about it, I am better at the watering! But the very clear benefit of having this 3-way dialogue is that an orchid has to be humming its song loudly for us to respond with the making of an essence with it. And that means that each new essence tends to be pretty potent.

Night Soul is no exception. The commanding presence the orchid exhibits is found in the qualities of the essence. Several of the provers reported seeing themselves embodying the energy of the orchid, flying over a devastated war-torn landscape. This flying spirit was a survivor, and had not merely survived, but had emerged intact, with all of its soul's capacity still very much present. One prover described feeling like a warrior-king, with a tremendous energy. 

The essence was made at night, finishing just at dawn. It is not an essence to take lightly. Night Soul will help people who have been through some of the most traumatic experiences that humanity inflicts upon itself. One therapist suggested that it should be helpful for survivors of the holocaust, or as Adrian said to me when I mentioned that to him, anyone who has survived a program of genocide. 

It is also one of several essences in the range which would help victims of rape. In a recent seminar, one woman shared with the group that she had been raped a number of years before. During the course of the seminar, three-quarters of the orchid essences were experienced in brief meditations, each taken at stock strength. Janet (not her real name) had very clear meditational healing from at least a third of the essences, directly relating to her rape. For example, Andean Fire went straight down into her pelvic region. (Andean Fire heals deep trauma, and helps one to recover courage and purpose.) Various other essences provided lovely, and loving reassurances to her heart and body. On the final day of the week-long seminar, we meditated on Night Soul. Janet reported that as soon as she took the drops and closed her eyes, she was vividly recalling and reliving the rape, except that this time she was able to throw the attacker off of her. This was a tremendous healing, and in her recounting of it several of us were moved to tears. With the help of Night Soul, Janet was re-programming her deep psyche, to affirm to herself that she is not a victim in life, but rather the Captain of her soul and of her experiences.

I mention that specific instance of the essence's healing qualities, as it is a wonderful example of how the essence can be used to good effect. Janet had experienced a great deal of healing in the course of the seminar, but without Night Soul, that healing would have been incomplete to some degree. Night Soul was a sort of Graduation exercise from the School of Trauma.

Two New Orchid Combinations

There are also two new combination essences: Memory Enhancer, and Solus. We have been working on the formula for Memory Enhancer for the past 2 or 3 years, and it was only with the addition of Moon Child that it finally had the impact that we were hoping for. An increased clarity of the mental processes is brought about, and while it is early days in our use of it, the feedback we have is very positive.

Some weeks back a therapist contacted me to ask which of the orchid essences might help with the circumstance that is common in China,, where the one-child family policy was in place for several decades. While it was a good way to control population growth, the consequences for society of having an entire generation grow up as the only in their family is challenging. While it certainly doesn't happen with every lone-child family, nevertheless this family situation can give rise to excessive ego-centric behaviour on the part of the child, who grows up as the "centre of the universe" for his or her parents. Not having siblings to bump up against, the psyche can end up not having the societal instincts that most people have. Solus was created by largely by Adrian in response to my passing on this question and conundrum. Interestingly, Night Soul is at the heart of this combination..! One very important point: if a child or adult is given Solus to take for a few weeks, it should be followed up with either Love Beyond Love, or Wisdom of Compassion, or both, to help with the further emotional development of the person.

The New Orchid Photo Cards
As described in the left-hand column up above, we have a new set of the Orchid Photo Cards due to arrive shortly from the printer. This is a more or less life-size image of one of the cards, front and back sides. The corners though are rounded so the cards feel good in the hand. Available to pre-order now at £8.95 + p&p. In the UK the p&p is just £1.50 for a set, and if two sets are ordered at the same time, an extra 50 pence is added to the p&p. If both the new Set 2 and the revised Set 1 are ordered at the same time, then the p&p is also just £2 in total. For customers in Europe the p&p is slightly higher.

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