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Sept. 2009 Newsletter


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We have gradually been adding more of the ranges of various essences we carry to our website, a slow process since each range we add requires many hours of design and development work on the part of our web designer, and web tech fellow. But now we have not only our own Living Tree Orchid Essences, and the Living Isle Flower Essences, but also the Pacific Flower, Sea and Gem Essences, and the Himalayan Flower Enhancers, and also the Bush Flower Essences live on our site, but we will also have within a few days the Healing Herbs Bach Flower Remedies up as well. 

As this extends to more and more pages of description and photos, we realised there was a need for a more efficient approach for those customers who already know which essences they want, and wish to order quickly. And so we have now got live our new
QuickShop pages, which enable you to place orders without having to browse through the more descriptive pages of each line. Give it a try, we think many of you will appreciate it's clean and elegant functionality.

Packaging Matters!

Over the years IFER has quietly pursued questions of how to get our products safely to our customers, as these are usually glass bottles filled with liquid... When we brought out our LTOE Aura Sprays last autumn, we went to the box-making company which our Director Don Dennis has been dealing with since 1989, and asked them to produce a box which would enable the aura sprays to reach customers without risk of harm enroute through the postal system. These have worked very well, and our customers have generally been very good at posting the empty boxes back to us, so that we are able to re-use them. (We refund their postage costs on their next order.) 

We have a fair number of orders for three bottles or fewer, and just recently we went back to our box-supplier, to ask for something less wasteful for posting out these small orders. They responded with a little beauty of a brown cardboard box, which fits of course through a standard letterbox, and which gives strong protection to the bottles in transit. Its just a small detail, but we love these new little boxes, and just wanted to mention them. It is all about our efforts to give the best customer service we can.

Positive Flow Stories

Our new combination essence Positive Flow has generated a number of interesting stories in the past few months. We like to joke that the recent news that France and Germany had emerged out of recession was helped by our sending bottles of both the Positive Flow drops and sprays to our distributors in those countries, but in any case those people who have used this combination are frequently reporting remarkable shifts in their daily lives. Here are a few of the reports we have received.

Our distributor in Japan had a customer who sprayed the Positive Flow Spray over her husband, whose business had been suffering. He then immediately started receiving many orders from his customers, and his business became very busy. The husband was very surprised to say the least.

Melanie, who runs a shop in California, wrote "Regarding Positive Flow - I started taking it on Tuesday morning and had a fantastic business day, which then continued the entire week.  The money truely flowed in - literally!  I had big sales paid in cash! The great majority of my sales are usually paid with credit cards. I'm a happy camper."

Positive Flow is not simply about sales and money, though it certainly appears able to help in that department. It is fundamentally about the flow of energy in our life. We have had lovely reports of how people's day proceeded with much more ease, and even various challenges which were dealt with by 'lucky' shifts of circumstance. One young lady from the Far East was travelling in Britain, and felt that Positive Flow enabled her to deal gracefully with situations which could have been troubling, and managing to avoid some pitfalls by 'chance'. And our most recent seminar group, which had been taking Positive Flow the day before, managed to turn up for the ferry near Glasgow they needed just 30 seconds before departure.

However, in this time of global financial recession, this is an essence which appears to be able to help people snap out of the rather turgid flow of 'doom and gloom' and shift into a frame of mind and heart that enables them to initiate a much more dynamic and creative flow of one's energies to the day.

We had a lovely bit of feedback from Daniel Mapel, the maker of the Wild Earth Animal Essences. His 10 yr. old son Gabriel is very gifted with second sight, and Daniel emailed me some weeks after I had sent him a bottle of the new combination. Here is what Daniel wrote:

"Today Gabriel and Positive Vision were side by side at some point so I opened the bottle and had him look at the "colors" of the tincture inside the dropper, before I showed him I explained it was a new essence that you had sent me. So I pull the dropper out and say to him "How are the colors of this?" and his reply, quite firm and loud "OH MY GOD!" "OH MY GOD, THAT HAS SUCH *GREAT* COLORS, WOW!"
It is rare for him to see something that impresses him this much! And he sees EVERYTHING.
So another thumbs up for you new creation! :)

However, there is one note of caution to sound with it as well: if a person has deep emotional issues to work on, then Positive Flow is not the best thing for them. Far better to work with other essences in the range first, to help shift those emotional blocks, before engaging with the vibrancy of Positive Flow. 

Special Offer to readers of this newsletter:
Order the two different sprays of Positive Flow Aura Spray, and we will send you the Positive Flow drops free of charge. If ordering via our website, simply mention the Newsletter Special Offer in the note alongside the order process. Alternatively, call to place your order, and we will be delighted to hear from you! This offer is good until the next (October) email newsletter goes out.

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