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Special Offer!

We still have 14 of the plain (=unstained, natural colour) wooden boxes which we used to use for our kit boxes for our orchid essences before our move to the bigger Miron bottles.

These boxes hold 42 of the standard 15 ml bottles or smaller (such as 10 ml essential oil bottles for example). We are now offering these at half price, which is just £15 + vat not including the p&p. This Special Offer is only valid for the remainder of these 14 boxes. 

New Essences

If by chance you missed last week's newsletter, there are two new single orchid essences in our range now. Last week we announced Wingéd Messenger which brings joy to the heart yet is also grounding. Helps you to be awake and in the present moment with a sense of cheer and lightness. This essence wants you to straighten the spine, and not slouch, thus enabling the heart to be both strong and open. Feel the delight and excitement that you felt as a child once more, despite the trials and troubles the years may have brought your way. 

In today's newsletter in the larger column to the right, you can read about Hive of Heaven, our newest essence.

For those therapists who have bought our new Test Kit, we are posting out to you the sample bottles of these two new essences for you to add to your kit. These are being sent at no charge, as we want to be sure you have an up-to-date kit to work with.

And Lastly...

To all of you who ordered our new orchid photo cards, thank you for your patience! The 2nd Set of the cards arrived last week and were posted out, so you should have received them by now. We are expecting to receive the revised Set #1 of the photo cards within the next couple of days, and we will post them out straight away as soon as we receive them. We hope you will enjoy using them!
New  - Stock Strength Aura Sprays

From time to time we get asked if we can offer the Living Tree Orchid Essences in a different form. The reasons for the requests are various, from religious to practical or simply personal. In response to these requests, we are now announcing the immediate availability of all of the 103 essences in our range in 30 ml stock-strength spray bottles, with no oils or fragrance added. As with our 15 ml stock essences, these new sprays are in the very protective dark violet Miron glass bottles from Switzerland.

These new 30 ml sprays are produced with organic vodka; and in order to ensure they are able to be stored by therapists for many years, they have 22% alcohol content. This means the sprays, like our 15ml drops, have a 10-year Best Before date. Additionally, should it be asked for, we will send a pipette top with the spray. This means that the therapist can choose whether to use it as a spray or as a normal stock dropper bottle with their clients. (When ordering via our website, please put the request for the dropper tops in the Notes section of the order.)

Although the sprays can use the dropper tops instead of the spray tops,  the labels refer to the product as an aura spray, and so we will always be selling these with the spray top. If the therapist chooses to use the dropper top, that is of course their choice, and we are very pleased to offer a product with this flexibility of use. Indeed, we expect to learn of many new uses of our essences once people start to work with these stock-strength sprays.

One of our good customers is an animal healer who specializes in horses. She was excited to learn of these new sprays, as she often works on a horse from the distance. She envisages a 3D half-size holographic image of the horse; stepping into the image, she becomes attuned more deeply to the challenges the horse is dealing with at that point, both physically and emotionally. With the new sprays she said that she will be able to spray the image of the horse, and thereby send the healing energies of the orchids directly to the horse. When she only had the 15ml drops to choose from, or the smaller range of our scented aura sprays, this approach was not so feasible. So we look forward to hearing from her further in due course!

The new 30 ml sprays are available for all 72 of our Single Orchid Essences, and the 28 Combinations. They are also available for Narnia Sphagnum Moss, and our two Rhododendron essences. With the latter, the 

Rhododendron Griffithianum will be especially useful for massage therapists, as it is a very deeply relaxing essence. Sprayed onto someone's back during a massage, it will help the client's muscles to relax more fully.

A New Orchid Essence
You know what it is like waiting for a bus, the long wait and then two come right after each other...? Well that's what happened with our essence-making recently. No sooner had Wingéd Messenger been made then we heard the call from a very small orchid - perhaps the smallest orchid we have ever made an essence with. Bulbophyllum saltatorium is found throughout the forests of central Africa, and so it grows in the warm section of our greenhouse. A very dark bloom with a sort of furry tongue, but each bloom no bigger than a fingernail. 

Hive of Heaven is a very  yang essence, the action of which begins in the head, as light enters and expands into different areas of the brain, expanding and clearing as they move. It then goes down the neck (bypassing the throat chakra) extending into the chest cavity and the heart chakra, clearing both somewhat like the action of a bottle brush. The heart chakra opens with a sense of renewal. This can also bring a sense of heart-felt longing, as the essence then moves further down, to the 1st and 2nd chakras. The libido is stirred awake, connecting inextricably with the heart's longing.

Hive of Heaven is available now, though it may take a day or two before the buttons on our website work..!

We are already getting wonderful feedback about the essence we announced last week, Wingéd Messenger. One customer told us that it brought her a deep sense of joy, and told her that it would provide her with the dance of joy in her life which she never had as a child... 

We are always delighted to hear back from any of our customers with their feedback on the use of our essences. Also, if anyone has queries regarding the use of the LTOE, I am usually just an email away, and am happy to field any questions.

- Don Dennis   July 19th 2011
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