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107th LTOE Essence

Luckily we now have in stock the small 3rd box for the LTOE kits, to house the essences which have had to sit outside the first two boxes. There are now 7 essences that would otherwise have to sit outside the kit boxes otherwise..!

Plenty to Explore
It will seem to some that we have now made a great many essences with orchids, and indeed we feel ourselves that we have what amounts to a fairly replete and even perhaps complete energetic toolkit now.

Yet my strengths as an orchid grower are limited to a relatively few genera. Out of the 800 orchid genera that exist, it is only a handful that I seem to be able to grow moderately well. My eldest brother, Reid Dennis, grows Cymbidiums in California, a genus I never had much luck with. And then there are thousands of people who are good with odontoglossums from South America, or with the vast Vanda family from SE Asia - to name but a few.

Working with our good colleague Dr. Brito-Babapulle over the past 10 years especially, we have developed what we believe to be an important and powerful kit of orchid essences. (Email us if you would like to have a PDF of Adrian's Pyramid arrangement of the LTOE - a fascinating and insightful way to consider the LTOE.)

But in the decades and centuries ahead, I expect there will always be new orchid essences that will emerge, just as each generation creates new poetry. And in the beauty of the family orchidaceae, there are vast areas yet to be explored.

Crown of Serenity

New orchid essences always come about as a surprise for me, as I never know when a given orchid might choose to sing out... But when I sent photos of this orchid to our colleague Dr. Adrian Brito-Babapulle, he knew straight away that this orchid had something special to share, and so encouraged me to make the essence with it. (Adrian lives near London, about 10 hours drive from our base in the Inner Hebrides.)

This is one of the marvelous orchids of the section of the genus Bulbophyllum which have a splay of blooms at the end of the bloom spike. Pushing Back the Night and also Necklace of Beauty are both of this section, and all are native to SE Asia.

This being a Friday and not the best day to hope people will pay attention to a newsletter, I'll keep this announcement fairly brief. There follows here a condensed description of the basic qualities of Crown of Serenity.

Calming, and clarifying of one's Intention. This essence invites one in to a high inner alignment of one's energies. Eases tensions held in the 8th chakra, freeing mental energies for more focused attention. This essence will be of greatest benefit to those who have already worked with a number of the other orchid essences in the range, as it builds energetically upon the foundations they have helped to create.

A significant impact is felt initially in sleep after taking this essence, with tensions eased by the deeper dream-state and the dreamless sleep which Crown of Serenity helps bring about. On a practical level this essence will be a useful aid to studying. At its more profound level it is assisting us with our spiritual evolution, shifting the energetic forms of the subtle body to enable higher energies to be incarnate.

The essence is available now as a 15 ml stock dropper bottle, or as a 30 ml stock-strength unscented aura spray, or as pillules. Within the coming few weeks our overseas Distributors should begin getting it in as well.

It is a lovely essence, and we hope you will enjoy / appreciate it..!

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