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Defender Testimonial
We regularly and frequently get lovely feedback regarding the various LTOE. But when an essence maker whom we hold in high regard takes the trouble to write and let us know something good that was experienced with one or the other of our essences, I stand and take a bit more notice than usual, I have to admit. Just the other day Ann Callaghan of the wonderful Indigo Essences in Ireland wrote to me as follows.

Hi Don,

I've been meaning to send over a few words about the Defenders but hadn't gotten around to it - then had cause to use Defend & Protect last night with speedy results. Here is the story.

My husband couldn't get to sleep last night. He felt there were 'things' in the room bothering him, poking at him and annoying him. I went to get Defend & Protect, put a few drops on his crown and within seconds he relaxed, fell asleep and stayed asleep all night.

The first time I used Defend & Protect myself I was aware that there were a lot of interfering energies around me and I was just too tired to do anything about them myself and felt I needed some help.  I put a drop of Defend & Protect on my crown and had the sensation of these energies just falling off me and a big clear space opening up around me. Truly wonderful, Thank you Don.


Ann Callaghan
Indigo Essences

Our good friend and colleague Dr. Adrian Brito-Babapulle uses the orchid essences in his kinesiological therapeutic work, and over the years various orchids have called out to him to be added to his 'energetic toolkit'. Sometimes this has happened when he has visited us on Gigha; upon walking into the greenhouse, he would encounter an orchid that was powerfully attracting his attention. And the essences which have been produced when Adrian would hear the song or story of that orchid have always been very potent.

So in the past 2 or 3 years I have been in the practise of sending photos to Adrian of what was in bloom, as he lives 11 hours drive away in the south of England.

A month ago I sent Adrian a couple of photos of typical blooms of an orchid that was only in early stages of bud development. This is an orchid which I have needed some years of experience to learn to grow successfully. Famous in the world of orchid growing, Paphiopedilum sanderianum is a majestic orchid, about as extraordinary as they come. (I have posted a 180 degree view of it - video - on our Facebook page. Click on the photo above to be taken to that FB page.)

In any case, the orchid called out to Adrian, and he was excited, as he had known for the past 8 months or so that there was another important essence yet to be made. And it was clear to him that this was the one. 

The essence is being called Celebration; it was made last Friday-Saturday (the 24th and 25th February), and we are still developing our understanding and description of it. Next week I will send out another newsletter which will have our fuller first assessment. What I can say at this stage is that the essence is powerful, and with a very high inner alignment, as those long petals suggest. Adrian adds that it has a clear connection with the new essences that have been made in the past 6 or 7 months, and that this essence will bear considerable reflection and research.

With my best wishes,


Orchid Beauty Facial Moisturiser

For over a decade now we have been wishing to bring our orchid essences out in a skin cream, but various obstacles kept presenting themselves. But finally, next week we will be launching two skin creams with the Living Tree Orchid Essences added to them.

The first cream is a facial moisturiser with a base* of Apricot and Borage and Avocado oils, Shea butter, vitamins A and E and a hint of carotene, with 5 of our orchid essences added. It of course made sense to put in Rising to the Call of Beauty, and White Beauty essences. There is also Clearing the Way / Self Belief, to help one bring a quietly confident face to the world. And we have added Just Me, and Purity of Soul. The Orchid Beauty Facial Moisturiser will be available from the middle of next week, in a 50 ml Miron (dark violet glass) jar, with a retail price of £18.95. Our usual therapist's and other discounts apply of course.

This cream formulation has been developed locally by a small local business called Gigha's Natural Skincare, who have worked with us in refining the precise ingredients and the specification of the formula. As Moven mixes the batch, she gives us a call, and I go one mile down the road here to add the drops of the 5 different mother tinctures to the batch while it is cooling; and then Morven pours the finished cream into the jars.

This has several advantages:
1. We are supporting a good local business. This is all the more important with our island location, where work is sometimes scarce. Helping the local economy to grow is a valuable process on Gigha.
2. We cut down the transport and thereby the carbon costs.
3. We are able to keep a close eye on the production process.
4. By adding the drops of mother tincture at the very final stage, we ensure maximum potency of the essences is maintained.

Batches are in small runs, which will also ensure that our customers get the creams with Best Before dates that are as long as possible, given that the maximum with the creams is two years.

The skin creams are not yet up on our website, as our web designer is away at the moment, but you can give us a call if you wish to pre-order either of the creams this week. But we expect the website will have them up by this coming weekend.

Angelic Coconut Body Butter

The other product is the Angelic Coconut Body Butter, which is a body butter with Angelic Canopy added. This has a lovely coconut extract in its base** of  Apricot Kernel and Safflower oils. I have a long-standing rash on my lower leg which has been giving me trouble for several years, and this new body butter has been fabulous in turning it around and helping the skin to heal. Morven at Gigha's Natural Skincare developed this base formula after conducting a lot of research into skincare ingredients, and with the addition of Angelic Canopy (4 drops of mother tincture per 100 ml of the cream), we believe this will quickly become a popular product with our customers.

The Angelic Coconut Body Butter will be available from early next week in either a 100 ml lined aluminium tin, or a 200 ml tin. The smaller size will retail at £18.95, and the larger size at £32. Our usual discounts apply.

We hope that you will enjoy these..!

- Don             Feb. 29th 2012

* The complete list of ingredients of the Orchid Beauty Facial Moisturiser are as follows. Spring water, Apricot oil, Borage oil, emulsifier, Shea butter, Avocado oil, preservative ‘K’, glycerine, Vitamin A & E oils, carotene; etheric infusion of Laeliocattleya Angel Love (Angelic Canopy) and our care & attention.

** The complete list of ingredients in the Angelic Coconut Body Butter are as follows:  Spring water, Apricot kernel oil, organic Safflower oil, emulsifying wax, preservative ‘K’, glycerine, Vitamin E oil, organic Cocos nucifera extract; etheric infusions of Phal. aphrodite (White Beauty), Cochlioda noezliana (Just Me), Paph. Lady Isabel (Rising to the Call of Beauty), Phrag. Don Wimbur (Clearing the Way / Self Belief) and Dendrobium moniliforme (Purity of Soul).

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