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International Flower Essence Repertoire
March 2010 Newsletter

New orchid essences

have been emerging in the past few months. Vital Core and Celestial Siren were made in November, and in February and March we have had the making of three new single essences and a combination. Source of Life was made with a lovely specie from South America called Cochlioda beyrodtiana.

Within a few days we will have information on it up on the website. And one orchid, a specie from SE Asia Bulbophyllum gracillimum has produced the other two new essences.

Base Regulator was made with the bloom as it was nearly fully open, but the sexual parts of it were still concealed; we then used the same plant on the next blooming to make an essence with it about 18 hours later in the bloom cycle. Core Release is the name of the 2nd essence of this orchid, which is the orchid featuring on the cover of the new book.

More will be written in the next monthly newsletter, but I'm afraid this is all I have time for tonight, as a new seminar group arrive tomorrow, and it is rather late...!

New Book next month

I'm afraid the newsletters have been sparse this winter, as I've been busy writing a book on the Living Tree Orchid Essences. It is now finished, and the files are with the printers in Sussex; we are expecting to receive copies of Orchid Essence Healing - A Guide to the Living Tree Orchid Essences around the 20th of April. The book is full-colour printing throughout its 128 pages, with many, many photos of the orchids and other images. I'm exhausted by the months of work on it, but also excited at the prospect of seeing it in print. We hope many of our friends and customers will also wish to see it, and we are pricing it very low, to help with that decision: just £8.99 retail.

Dr. Adrian Brito-Babapulle has contributed some description of his kinesiological work which makes wonderful use of the orchid essences. Peter Tadd has written a bit about the higher chakras. Martin Shaw wrote a lovely Foreword. And I have written much that I know on the topic, based on the past 11 years of the essence making, and feedback from therapists, etc. But perhaps the heart of the book consists of the many photos of the orchids I have taken over the years.

We are now accepting pre-orders for the book, for those who are keen to receive it as soon as we get it from the printers. Special postal rates have been created on the website for ordering the book from within the UK (£1.50) or Europe (£2.50) or the rest of the world (£3.90). (Multiple copies can also be ordered with minimal postal increases above the base charge, for example, in the UK the P&P charge for extra copies is just an extra 50 p per extra copy. For European destinations, an extra £1 per extra copy.)

So if you would like to get ahold of the book as soon as it arrives from the printers, then visit our website to pre-order. Or you can of course give us a call.

If the book is ordered with other items, then the normal p&p rates apply to the overall order value.

We hope you will enjoy the book...  please let us know what you think of it once you receive it, we'll be very interested to hear from you.

        -  Don Dennis   March 23rd 2010

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