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International Flower Essence Repertoire
July 2009
It was a rather busy Spring here on the Isle of Gigha, with two week-long seminars in April (one with Sabina Pettitt of the Pacific Essences, and one taught by Don on the LTOE) and another seminar in early June. Add to that our B&B entering the busy month of May, and Don's other business of Gigha Sea Tours, as well as the new labels being printed, and a few more essences made...  and you can see perhaps why this newsletter is coming out less frequently than I had anticipated!

But labels! Finally we have proper labels for the Positive Flow essence and also for the Positive Flow Aura Sprays. As with our other aura sprays, we are offering this in two versions of different essential oils, again one in a blue label and one with a beige label. 

Clearing & Releasing Spray
We get lovely feedback about Angelic Canopy Aura Spray, but there are occasions when one is up against very tough or persistent energies that require something stronger. And so we have our extra-strength space-clearing and aura cleansing spray, Clearing & Releasing. It consists of 3 orchid essences: Angelic Canopy; Releasing Karmic Patterns; and Pushing Back the Night. Again, this is available in two versions of essential oils, to allow for differences in personal preferences. Clearing & Releasing is also available as drops as well.

Stock Combinations
Some people aren't aware of it, but all of our 15 ml bottles of essences are sold at stock strength, including our combination essences. Just thought we should mention this!

LTOE Kits in Vodka
We also wanted to let you know that we hold full sets of the LTOE made up with vodka instead of cognac, for anyone who wishes to have the essences in this form. We can also provide the various essences in vodka to special order, but these cost £1 extra per bottle.

Two New Orchid Essences

One slipper orchid in the greenhouse called out to be made into an essence this Spring, and so Paphiopedilum spicerianum, a native of Bhutan, produced an essence we have called Redemption Dream.

This essence helps the psyche to address deep layers of guilt or shame, through bringing a shift to our dreams, enabling the mind to either consciously or unconsciously to resolve these issues. Guilt and shame are likely to cause a kind of compression (or suppression) of the heart chakra, particularly by means of blocking the higher heart chakra's ability to cleanse and heal the heart chakra. Through this blocking of the heart's energy, we lose the ability to love unconditionally, and thereby also lose inner peace. In this way one can see how guilt or shame can be major hindrances of our spiritual path. Redemption Dream helps us to remove these hindrances of the heart, specifically through vivifying and re-integrating our dreams at night, to allow ancient and deeply held issues to be aired as it were in the Theatre of the Psyche. In general, most people will benefit from taking Redemption Dream in the days before taking our other new essence Necklace of Beauty; or at the very least, the exquisite energy of the latter will be more readily accessed and fully felt if Redemption Dream has been worked with first.

Necklace of Beauty

Our newest essence was made with an orchid from Borneo, called Bulbophyllum longiflorum. Dr. Brito-Babapulle came to Achamore House in April to attend the Pacific Essences Energy Medicine seminar, and was powerfully drawn to this orchid in bloom in our greenhouse. "Don, you need to make an essence with this orchid!" he said to me, and I am grateful to Adrian for spurring me to do so. I have been making essences with orchids now for 10 years, yet nothing had prepared me for the exquisite beauty of the energy this essence brings to the area just above the heart chakra.

 Necklace of Beauty brings an exquisite, beautiful and loving energy to the area above the higher heart chakra but below the throat chakra (just where a necklace is usually worn), enabling one to feel uplifted, loved and at peace. This essence honours one’s inner beauty, and the light of one’s true being. To feel the deep beauty of this essence, we recommend meditating on the essence for 15 minutes at least after taking the drops for the first time.

This essence also prepares one for further important steps of one’s inner journey, by enabling the ego or shadow side to relinquish its hold in one, so the soul can continue its journey into light. Necklace of Beauty appears to ‘open the gate’ for one to experience more fully the high consciousness of the new combination Spirit of Life (or its two components Fire of Life and Furnace of Life). I will describe these other new essences in the next newsletter.

Himalayan Flower Enhancers
We also wish to announce that finally, after more than 11 years of being the UK distributor for the wonderful, lovely and powerful Himalayan Flower Enhancers, we now have the line 'live' on our website. Now you can read about the essences made by our dear friend Tanmaya, but also purchase them online should you wish to. There are 53 essences in the HFE range, as well as 24 new Astro Essences. If you are unfamiliar with his line, try either the Chakra Kit, or else the White Orchid essence. Tanmaya is an unusual essence maker, and a delightful, loving soul. We highly recommend his essences to you.


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