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August LTOE Seminar

I keep thinking that the next seminar I teach here at Achamore House will be the last one before we move, but so far we have no offer on the house, and so we are scheduling an 8-day seminar here from the 15th through the 22nd of August. The arrival day is Wednesday the 14th, and the departure day is Friday the 23rd of August. The cost including B&B accommodation here in Achamore House is £595 if booked before July 14th. 

An experiential and residential seminar in tranquil luxury in the Inner Hebrides. Achamore House is set within the 50 acres of the magnificent Achamore Gardens, on the small and beautiful Isle of Gigha. Participants will be introduced to all 119 of the LTOE Single and combination essences, both in meditation and with photos, and some directly with the orchids in bloom. We do advise that attendees buy our book prior to attending the seminar, and have at least some experience with the essences.

At the core of the seminar are the 5 to 10 minute meditations we have with the majority of the essences in the range. After each meditation there is the opportunity to share within the small group, which for each seminar is therefore limited to 10 people. Don will also share information and gathered insights, and photos of the orchids, and we will also spend a bit of time in our new greenhouse, where over 700 orchids are growing. Connecting with each essence in meditation, and visually via Don's photos, as well as encountering the living orchids in the greenhouse all adds up to a wonderful and powerful experience.

With the 8-Day seminar we take one half-day off for a mixture of relaxing, and seeing the island with its stunning beauty, including a short walk up the highest hill whence there is a magnificent view of the island and the sea surrounding us. We watch the weather, and go out on the finest day if we can.
Orchids are unusual in the essence world in that they not only work on the in-the-body chakras, they also have activity in the chakras that exist above our physical bodies. In this way, they touch our soul at profound levels, and help us to encounter their sublime messages. The seminar provides the fullest possible introduction to their profound and extraordinary energies, and is highly recommended for anyone wishing to understand them more fully.

LTOE Facebook pages
Many readers of this newsletter may not be aware that we have some pretty good Facebook pages, where we post news and other information between these monthly newsletters.

If that link above doesn't work, simply search within Facebook for the Living Tree Orchid Essences.

It is worth looking in at our FB pages from time to time, as we occasionally post special offers there, as well as it is usually these days the first place I post news relating to the essences. Photos of Blue Angel were posted there two weeks ago. My most recent posting is of an album of 33 photos of the folk that attended the recent LTOE seminar here.

LTOE Website Design
Several years ago when we decided to finally create our website, we had to face the tough choice between the inexpensive route of using design templates for the site, or going down the more costly route of creating our website from scratch. We chose to do the latter, as I had strong feelings about how we should present the beauty of the orchids in this medium.

As a consequence of that decision, it took us over 2 years before the website began to cover its own costs, let alone contribute to cashflow. But I have never begrudged the costs involved, because I feel we have a beautiful website, and one which does justice to the orchids. Many of our our overseas Distributors have now made use of our design and photos etc. for their own websites, as this way they are able to show the photos of the orchids to good advantage with minimal effort and cost on their part.

The key to our website's success has been the terrific web designer who has created it, Debra Carey. Debra is a very fine harpist, but is also a web geek and guru, who specialises in websites for complimentary health therapists. Her own website is and I can vouch for the fact that she is a joy to work with. Our website is a testament to her eye for design. I cannot recommend her too highly.

Debra's telephone number in the UK is 01 348 874 539.  If you are considering creating a website, or replacing or modifying an existing one, no matter where you live in the world, she will be able to give you very good and clear advice. Template options are far more sophisticated and flexible now than even just 5 or 6 years ago, and so that can be a very good route to take now. But in any case, Debra is a reliable and hard-working mum with great web / html coding knowledge, with a great artistic sensibility. We appreciate enormously what she has done in building up our website over the years.

Debra's website logo and link is shown at the bottom of the right-hand side column of this newsletter, below the descriptions of the new combination essences.

Blue Angel - new Orchid Essence

The sharp-eyed amongst our customers and friends will have noticed a new single orchid essence has been added to our website, as well as mentioned on our Facebook pages. Blue Angel was made in April with two fine specimens of the hybrid Vanda Gomalco's Blue Magic. Apart from the feedback from our usual provers, we have also had the benefit of two seminar groups meditating on the mother tincture.

This beautiful essence helps us reconnect with the soul’s blueprint, and the origins of our soul. Blue Angel is a very reflective essence: it is akin to looking up from the bottom of a clear blue lake and seeing the light percolating into the depths of the water, as we look up to our origin.

Blue Angel clears unwanted negative imprints in the lower chakras, enabling channels  to open in the psyche, drawing our attention to aspects of the soul that we have forgotten. This process can stir elements of the subconscious mind into consciousness. By this process it will occasionally give rise to an intense anger at being reminded of our soul’s obligations on the journey, if the person has resisted that contract of the soul. This anger is a necessary response and is best not interfered with. It will usually pass within a few days,  bringing in its place a profound longing to draw closer to our origins, and to fulfil our soul’s purpose in this incarnation.

It appears that the action of Blue Angel is able to carry on for several weeks, as one of our provers had powerful dreams even 3 weeks after taking the mother tincture. In one dream the key figure was a sleeping blue mermaid who had survived (and slept) from ancient times but who now had woken, and was walking with newly-formed legs with the prover. Her other dream was also fascinating:

"I went out to go and get my lunch to a food floor of the department store. To go to the department store, I had to cross the bridge over the river. I saw many young bad guys who are stealing the money from the people on that bridge.  I started to cross the bridge, and was surrounded by them who were wearing black suits. There were about 10 guys on that group. They tried to stop me to walk and pulled my bag and stole my wallet. I struggled with them but finally I left them and found that my wallet was stolen. I went back to my office and called the credit card company to report.

I then visited a green tea shop at the other end of that bridge. The shop was along the river. An old Japanese lady served me a cup of tea, I was telling her that my wallet was stolen on that bridge and was depressed. She and I shared sweets. Then, she said “Wait a moment.” and went to the opened window which was facing that river. She found my wallet outside the window. That window had a small rest (window sill) outside, and my wallet was there. She gave me that wallet, so I looked at it. It was dry, money and credit cards were just there as they were there – no one touched. I was very surprised and looked down the river, and then I found a blue big fish which had a big mouth, had only a half body in the river, and thought that this fish picked up my wallet from the river. This fish dove into the water and picked the plastic cover of our sweets next and gave this to me. I found that this came from the sweet she and I shared just now.   

I asked him “Why do you do this?”
He replied “Because I love you.”
I asked him again “Why do you do this?”
He replied again “Because I love you.”  

Clearly we can see that Blue Angel helps to awaken deep and ancient elements of the psyche and soul, helping us to be more fully who we are, and to move forward in our journey in this lifetime.

above photo: Vanda Gomalco's Blue Magic

New Combination:  Coming Home

During Adrian's kinesiology seminar here at Achamore House in April, one of the attendees, Liz Jones, ended up creating a new combination of the orchid essences, in conjunction with Adrian. It is called Coming Home, and consists of Behold the Silence, Boundless Peace, Mercutio, Purity of Heart, Renewing Life and Unconditional Snuggles, with also 24kt Gold essence, and a chakra-tonal essence which Adrian has created called Achord.

Soothing, relaxing and grounding. Brings one’s energy into the foundational chakras of the body (1st , 2nd and 3rd) as well as the heart chakra, conveying a lightness of being. Clears unwanted imprints from the 1st and 2nd chakras. Increases clarity of Vision. Very useful after meditation if one feels a bit light-headed, to assist gentle grounding. Brings an Aahhhhh…! sensation. We are grateful to Liz for her contribution, as this new combination is bringing us a good deal of lovely feedback already from the early users.

I will also mention, that for the first time in our research, this combination enters into one of the channels used in reiki. These two channels are sometimes referred to as the "solar" and the "lunar" channels, which run just parallel to the causal body / shaft of light that runs vertically just in front of the spine. Adrian is fascinated as this has not turned up before in any of the LTOE.

Two Sympathetic Combinations

Two years ago, after the making of Night Soul, Adrian was drawn to create two new combinations, which were designed to help support the sympathetic nervous system on the one hand, and the parasympathetic nervous system on the other. That's the impetus, and of course we are not able to state publicly that they are able to do any such thing. So we are not stating that. But we will say that these two essences are best taken in tandem, with Sympathetic being taken once on day #1, then Sympathetic (P) being taken once on day #2, then repeat that cycle 21 times. In other words these are best taken as a 42 day course, alternating the days for each.

Sympathetic contains Angelic Canopy, Just Me, Heaven's Gate, Night Soul & 24kt Gold essences.

Sympathetic (P) contains Heaven's Gate, Hive of Heaven, Purity of Soul, Wingéd Messenger, 24kt Gold and Achord tonal essence.

These two Sympathetic combinations are primarily for the advanced therapist to use as additional supportive healing tools in their repertoire.

Each of the essences mentioned here are available now, and are also available from our overseas Distributors (or else will be shortly).

With my best wishes,


Isle of Gigha   Scotland    May 23rd  2013

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