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International Flower Essence Repertoire
Special Offer!

Order 4 of the Living Tree Orchid Essences or sprays before Nov. 7th and you can have a 50% discount on our lovely blue wooden kit boxes. These boxes hold 35 of our 15 ml bottles, and retail at £24.

These boxes are also able to hold most other 15 ml bottles, such as Bush or Findhorn. We use two of them to make up our
kit of the Living Tree Orchid Essences.

This special offer is available at this point only to our email newsletter subscribers. If ordering via our website, please mention the newsletter special offer, and we will refund the amount paid beyond the 50% straight away.

Greenhouse Notes
This time of year is wonderful in the greenhouse, as the long days of summer have given the orchids the energy they need for blooming.
Dendrobium Spectabile - aka Protective Presence - is in wonderful bloom at the moment. A native of PNG this orchid has a wonderfully bizarre appearance, and a delightful sweet fragrance.

Knight's Cloak is in bloom at the moment, and
Pushing Back the Night has been in bloom the past two weeks. As all three of these make the combination Soul Shield, perhaps this is a good time to look at this essence for overall protection. We have found for example that Soul Shield is very helpful in relation to the sleep disruptions caused by Tetra masts and other forms of EMF pollution. It seems that Soul Shield helps one's auric field to be stronger, so that one is not so susceptible to these unwanted technical
New - Orchid Greeting Cards

We have had many requests over the years for greeting cards to be produced with the photos Don has taken of the orchids we grow in the greenhouse. We are able to announce that there are now 8 lovely large greeting cards available. Each of the cards is blank inside, so they can be used for almost any occasion. They are A5 size (14.8 cm x 21 cm) and printed on high-quality card which is certified as being from a sustainably-managed forest by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)

The cards can be bought either individually at £1.95 each +p&p, via our website, or
in a box which holds 2 of each sort, so a total of 16 cards (and 16 suitable envelopes of course) retailing at £17.95 +p&p. Bought in the box set, the cards cost just £1.12 each, and that's not allowing for the various discounts which can apply. For example, if a non-therapist buys 3 boxes of the 16 cards, then each card costs just 95 pence each after the 15% discount is applied. A therapist making the same purchase is entitled to a 25% discount, so each card then is costing just 84 pence before adding the p&p. (We have also added new low p&p charges for purchases of one or two cards.)

The cards have only a bit of botanical information about each orchid on the back, along with our basic contact details. Although each of the 8 orchids is one of our essence-producing orchids, yet we decided to leave the essence information off the cards, so that they could appeal to the widest possible audience. The web address is all that hints at something beyond simple botany. By approaching it this way, we hope that the cards will be enjoyed by many people who may have little interest in essences. It is one way of gently introducing the subject, and in the meantime they can enjoy the beauty of the orchids in any case.

Some people may wish to give the boxed set of 16 cards as Christmas presents, and with that in mind we are also offering a "case quantity" discount of 35% on purchases of 12 boxes at a time. So the price anyone pays for the 12 boxes is £139 + p&p. With one purchase you may solve the conundrum of what to get for 12 friends and family for Christmas..!

If you would like to see a pdf of the 8 cards, simply
click here and it will download. This file is about 800 k in size.

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