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International Flower Essence Repertoire
March 2011 Newsletter

Japan Earthquake

This has obviously been a deeply traumatic time for people in Japan, and our hearts go out to everyone there. Alongside all that must be done to help with the recovery, it is clear that flower essences are able to help with different aspects of the psychological trauma. Andean Fire is helpful in these circumstances to help address the anxiety and fear that people are left with after such a massive event. At IFER we wish to do what we can to help (and please read further at the bottom of this column), and so we have been sending a few hundred essences as a donation to our Distributor there, for her to send out to people who need them. Some of these essences are currently in transit, and more are set to leave shortly.

We also sent a donation of 180 bottles of the orchid essences to New Zealand, via our Distributor there, to be given out to help people in Christchurch recover from the trauma of their big earthquake on Feb. 22nd. We sent Andean Fire, Angelic Canopy, Celestial Defender, Gentle Geisha, Defend & Protect, Shadow Defense and also Soul Shield+ to New Zealand. Jane Lindsay, our wonderful Distributor for Australia and New Zealand, is a professional homeopath who knows the orchid essences very well. Though based in Australia, she has good links in New Zealand, and is ensuring the essences reach people there.

What is needed in Japan is somewhat different. Andean Fire is still a key essence. Our Distributor Junko Terayama said of one customer and her own experience last week: "She tried Andean Fire, and felt so much better, said that some tension has melted and eased. I was nervous and felt fear too, just looking at TV, and took Andean Fire,
and I felt eased in 10 min. It was so quick!" When we made Andean Fire about 9 years ago, my friend Heather saw herself in a city which had been devastated by an earthquake, but thanks to the essence she was not overwhelmed, but able to help and be constructive, to help others who needed help.
Terra & Mycena Essences
The energetics of crisis trauma are complex, and while there are commonalities, there are also always differences. And in the case of Japan, there is also the enormous concern regarding the nuclear radiation from the Fukushima Reactors. There are two essences which are available in the world which are described as being helpful with this type of dire circumstance: the Yarrow Environmental Solution (YES) from FES in California, and the Terra emergency combination essence from Holland (with the key ingredient in this regard being the Mycena mushroom essence).

I was delighted to find that Bram & Miep Zaalberg, who make the Terra combination, offered to donate 50 bottles of Terra and also 50 bottles of Mycena essence to the relief effort in Japan. They sent the essences to us, and we have now sent them off by FedEx to our distributor. This is very generous of Bram & Miep, and characteristic of the kind hearts they have.

People in Japan can contact Junko regarding these essences via her website

For information & availability in Japan of our own new combination for cellular protection (described on the right) please contact Junko via the above website as well.

Donating to the Essence Relief Effort for Japan
Our ability to send free essences to Japan is limited, as we are only a small company. However, we wish to do more if we can, and so we have a proposal to make. If anyone wishes to help us to send more free essences to Japan, then over the next two weeks (until April 8th) they can place an order via our website for any of our Living Tree Orchid Essences, and for every essence ordered for themselves, we will send another bottle to Japan. All the person needs to do to make this happen is to write "Help send essences to Japan" (or words to that effect) in the Notes section of the order.

Of course, if anyone wishes to help us donate essences to Japan but is not wanting any essences themselves at present, then simply place an order for the orchid essences, and state "Send all to Japan" in the Notes. This request will mean we do not send any essences to you, but will send twice as many essences to Japan as are ordered by you.

If there are any questions, please feel free to email us with them. We want this to be simple, easy, and helpful for people in Japan at this time.

Paper Cranes for Japan
Another wonderful means of supporting the recovery efforts in Japan can be found on this website, wherein people are encouraged to make origami paper cranes, and for every crane subitted, the Bezos Family Foundation will donate $2 to Architecture for Humanity's reconstruction efforts in Japan. What is lovely about this project is that young students can participate easily. And in the Japanese tradition, anyone who folds 1,000 paper cranes will be granted a wish by a crane. They would also be raising $2,000 for the Japanese reconstruction efforts!

New  -  Moon Child Essence

An orchid called out with some impatience in the greenhouse at the beginning of March to be made into an essence. My wife Emma was the one who drew my attention to it, and once made into an essence I heard the orchid say to me, "NOW I can get on with my work!" I was intrigued at its impatience, and its insistent energy. I had bought Dendrobium Miva Plum from my friend Günter Ludwig and his wife Inge in Germany nearly 3 years ago.

Moon Child has an affinity with the pelvic energy constellation, and is able to remove blocks to emotional evolution. We gain many subtle and not so subtle energetic imprints during our 9 months in the womb, and Moon Child appears to be able to help remove those imprints which hinder our health and well-being, and our spiritual journey.

What has been unexpected was that this new essence very rapidly would lead to two new combinations. The first one was brought about by a woman contacting me by email to ask which of the orchid essences I would most recommend for her 7 year old adopted son. While it was clear that certain essences were most appropriate for the boy, it seemed to me that the core of his behavioural 'challenges' were most likely due to his teenage birth-mother having not wanted him. And I found myself reflecting on the fact that a great many people must have been unwanted while in the womb, and perhaps we should create a general combination to address that circumstance, for both children and adults. If your parents didn't want you, that message would have been felt by you in the womb throughout 9 months in the womb - and where does that leave you emotionally as an adult?

Love Beyond Love
And so the result is our new combination, Love Beyond Love. The essences in it are Moon Child; White Beauty (for the unconditional love of a mother for a newborn child); Unconditional Snuggles (for being at one and at home with oneself); Just Me (for accepting that it is alright to be oneself); and Love's Secret (to bring increased awareness of the nature of conception and birth, and connecting with all aspects of love).

It has been amazing in just the first week of having this new essence to offer, in talking with customers on the phone about it, having people unexpectedly burst softly into tears, as the nature of the essence and what it was for was described to them. It seems that this matter of not being wanted while in the womb is an all too common story. Love Beyond Love can also help if one is struggling with abandonment issues, or rejection.

Energy Matrix Protection
The very worrying situation in Japan has led us to create another new combination, the first one to include sea salt, and the first one to include our Narnia Sphagnum Moss essence. With any low-level exposure to nuclear radiation, such as is being experienced at the moment in Tokyo (for example) it is not any immediate health threat that is the worry, but rather the effects in ten years time of any radiation ingested into the body. Radiologists tell us that it is unlikely any flower essence can actually physically cleanse the body of nuclear isotopes, once they are ingested. However, we believe that flower essences may be capable of shielding the body internally, at the etheric level, from many of the harmful effects of such radiation. This is a bold & risky statement to make, and will be unlikely to be repeated by us elsewhere. Nevertheless, the situation being so pressing, we feel it is important to get this information "out there".

It is with this situation in Japan in mind that in the past week we have created a new combination, which is called Energy Matrix Protection. (Click here to see a large photo montage.) It is intended to help protect the etheric matrix of the body at a cellular level. There are two exceptional points to note about the EMP combination. First of all, it has 1% sea salt added to the mixture. We have to add this amount of sea salt to all the essences we send to Japan, as this the only way Japanese Customs will allow essences into the country. But while we did not wish to do this, we were intrigued to find that in our testing the salt acted to somewhat enhance the action of each essence. So when it came to make the EMP combination, we naturally muscle-tested it both with and without salt. And for the purposes we intend it for, it was clear that the sea salt was beneficial - even if the taste is a bit odd for our tongues!

 Energy Matrix Protection is the only combination we have which includes the Narnia Sphagnum Moss essence. This essence was made with a patch of sphagnum moss in a magical wood in England 10 years ago, which had a very strong signature of vibrant, healthy cellular growth, and it helps our own cells to remember that healthy blueprint. It is to date the single most powerful essence we have ever tested in this regard. Unfortunately we cannot say more in print on this topic. But the first batch of Energy Matrix Protection essence is being sent to Japan, as another of our donations to help people there with flower essences.

Other essences in the EMP formula are Wisdom of Compassion; Light of My Eye; Core Release and Moon Child. Each of these new essences are available immediately from IFER, and will be available shortly from our overseas distributors. Customers in the USA are best to contact our wonderful Distributor there, the Southern Herb Co. (Tel. 800-795-1354) Their small but knowledgeable and friendly team will be only too happy to help.

-  Don Dennis

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