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Relax, Don't Worry

I've mentioned it before, but I wish to mention again the wonderful essence we made with Rhododendrom griffithianum, here in Achamore Gardens on Gigha. Making essences with plants which have never ben made into essences before is always quietly exciting, the opportunity to explore something that nobody has encountered before. It is one of the things that drives me in this work, that quiet thrill. It is simply so much more interesting to explore than to follow other's tracks.

Rh. Griffithianum's essence qualities are deeply calming and relaxing, bringing a sense of peace. It is one of the 4 components of Gentle Sleep.

It wasn't until I began experiencing this essence while being massaged that its most powerful quality of relaxation became clear to me. Apply a few drops of the essence to tense muscles, and the tension simply and more or less instantly disappears. A massage therapist, Laura McKenzie, comes to Gigha every 2 weeks, and she now chiefly uses the 30 ml stock-strength spray form of Rh. Griffithianum. Two or 3 shorts bursts of the spray onto the tense muscles of the back, and her job is far more easily done - and the client is all the happier with her work!

I don't have a great deal of time for reading these days, but in the past 9 months I have read several books which I have found fascinating. These are all books that have nothing to do with flower essences: they are my attempt to keep abreast of what goes on in the wide world. I read two books about Google; 2 books about the finacial crisis of the past several  years; the biography of Steve Jobs; and am currently reading the Life of George Stephenson, the father of the railway locomotive. This latest one is hard to explain, and seems an uncharacteristic subject for me to find absorbing, and yet it is.

How our world was changed in almost the blink of an eye by the advent of the railways is a story worth learning about. No other technological development of the 18th and 19th centuries had as much impact as the creation of the rail network around the world. In the 20th century it was rivalled and then surpassed by cars and roads, but in the 1850's and on for several decades, peoples lives were utterly changed by this development.

Perhaps at some point all of this various reading will make some coherent sense, but in any case, I am enjoying the sense of perspective they convey.

Full Orchid Essence Kits

The story is passed down in my family that my great-grandfather on my father's side was the first person in America to sell cars on a 'time' basis: so much down, and pay 'x' amount per month for a while. 100 years ago when Studebaker cars first became available, they were too expensive for most people to buy in a single purchase. My great-grandfather decided to offer people the chance to pay part up front, and the rest in installments. It worked, and people were grateful.

I have often pondered the fact that while many therapists we know would like to have a full set of our 105 Living Tree Orchid Essences, they cannot afford the up-front purchase. Hence I have decided, times being as they are (unusually tough for many), to extend Chester N. Weaver's approach to our kits. We are now going to offer to let therapists purchase the full kit with an up-front payment of £156 followed by 9 monthly payments of just £52. This is exactly the same total cost as if the purchase were made in one go, i.e., the total sum of those payments comes to £624.

Give us a call if you would like to arrange to make the purchase in this manner - the website is not really set up to handle such a procedure yet. Payments should be arranged by standing order or Direct Debit; if someone wishes to pay monthly by credit card, there would be a £3 admin surcharge per month, as it involves more work for us.

This offer is restricted to our customers in the UK and Ireland.

Being in Time-Lapse
Our latest time-lapse video has been posted now on our website, and also on our Facebook pages. This video features Phragmipedium Ainsworthii, the beautiful slipper orchid which produced the essence called Being in Time. 

My efforts in creating the time-lapse videos is to try to convey more fully
something of the extraordinary beauty and qualities that the orchids present. Most of our customers will not have the chance to see the orchids in person, and yet it is so rewarding to do so. These videos are the closest I can arrive at to provide something of that experience. I hope that you'll enjoy taking the time to watch them.

This video above was shot over 7 and a half days (182 hours), with the camera taking shots roughly every 2 minutes. Some 5,965 photos were them brought together to create the video that you see here. It has been exciting and challenging, learning how to create these videos, as there is little information out there about how to do this, and very very little in the way of time-lapse videos of orchids growing. Moreover, this video presents the orchid in 360 degrees of rotation - the orchid rotates fully 4 times in the course of the 182 hours. To the best of my knowledge, this is the first time that anyone has ever created such a time-lapse video of an orchid, combining the time-lapse growth with full 360 degree rotational movement. 

Being in Time is a tremendously helpful essence for travel, as it helps one's body to adjust to the cycles of nature where you are, and hence helps with jet-lag. It therefore seems very appropriate that the very first rotational time-lapse video should have been made with this beautiful orchid.

- Don    

February 1st  2012


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