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International Flower Essence Repertoire
Orchid Show

If you live in or near the UK, and are interested in orchids, be sure to visit the Peterborough International Orchid Show on the 6th 7th and 8th of July. Vendors from all over the UK and Europe and also from South America and the Far East will be there, the biggest and best event of its kind in the UK. I have found some wonderful plants there, and it is always highly educational. Various orchid societies put on fabulous displays, making it all the more worthwhile making the effort.

Japanese Seminar
In 2 days time a group are arriving from Japan, to attend the 2nd Japanese  LTOE seminar on Gigha. I've been very pleased to see the way people will take the trouble to travel from various parts of the world to attend the seminars here on Gigha. Last year a group came from Prague for a 6-day seminar, and in May we had a group that came from Geneva. It is very helpful for me that people are willing to travel here to learn about the LTOE, since I really do need to be here looking after the orchids.

In all we have had people from 31 countries attend the 30 seminars I have taught here at Achamore House. In March (for example) our new Distributor from Mexico came, Eva Orzynski. Her website is now up and running:
and shows a great deal of work on her part. Thank you Eva!

Distributor's Page
We have recently revamped the Distributor's page on our site, to make it a bit easier to locate the Distributor in your country. Have a look at the page by clicking the image above.

Test Kits
About a year ago we brought out our first Test Kit for kinesiologists and dowsers. It had been a long time in development, as I did not want to go down the standard route of the clear glass vials in a cheap plastic box, for the simple reason that the energies of the essences will tend over time to leak from these. After several years such a test kit will have little efficacy. Instead we have opted for 5ml bottles from Miron Glass. These bottles are the same dark violet glass that we use for our 15ml stock bottles, as well as the 30ml unscented sprays. Even the black caps have a violet insert inside to provide all-round protection.

We are now down to the last few boxes of the initial run of the Test Kit, and will be placing an order very soon for the next batch of boxes. At that point we will no longer offer the Test Kits at the heavily subsidised price they currently have. (Each Test Kit we sell costs us £65 more than we charge for them.) The new price is not yet set, but it will be considerably higher.

August Orchid Essence Seminar

I will be teaching an 8-day seminar this August here at Achamore House on the Isle of Gigha. Arrivals is on the 21st of August, with the seminar commencing the morning of Wednesday August 22nd, running through to the evening of August 29th. Departures are on the morning of Thursday the 30th of August. A maximum of 10 people may attend. We still have a few places available, so if this looks of interest, best to let us know fairly soon. Further details may be found on this page of our website.

Accommodation is in Achamore House, the lovely old baronial mansion where IFER is based. This is likely to be the last LTOE seminar in the house, as we hope to build new premises at the north end of Gigha next year. Over the past 10 weeks we (especially Emma, and our friend Andy) have been hard at work painting the exterior of Achamore House, getting it ready for putting it on the market. We love living here, but big old houses are expensive places in which to live, and so we have been developing plans over the past 2 years now for our new house, and new premises attached to it for IFER.

So if you have been thinking it might someday be nice to attend one of our seminars here, and enjoy the quiet luxury of the big house in the big gardens, then this may be your last good opportunity to do so. I will of course resume teaching once we have moved, but there will be an interruption to the seminar schedule because of these selling & building & moving plans.

Celestial Triangle
A new orchid essence was made in May, with a tiny and delicate specie from the cloud forests of Ecuador, called Scaphosepalum bicristatum. It builds upon the action of Crown of Serenity which was made in March. Crown of Serenity helps shift our energetic patterns, introducing a new form of a torus within our higher energies. In effect this is the first of a trio of essences concerned with sacred geometry. With Celestial Triangle this theme is developed further.

Its first action is in the pelvis (in the 2nd & 3rd chakras) but also then impacts the brow chakra before moving higher and higher into the chakras above the body. Our colleague Adrian said it went higher up in the chakras than any of the LTOE before it, higher even than Pushing Back the Night.
It is clear that Celestial Triangle helps one to incarnate higher spiritual energies, and in so doing helps brings a joy and light-heartedness which reflects the way in which this exquisite essence helps us to connect more deeply with all that is, with Life and Being.

One of the early "provers" of the essence saw Quan Yin in her meditation, who in effect told her that this essence was helping to bring in a New Mind. The prover asked Quan Yin how to cope with people stuck in the Old Mind, and she wa told, "Send Love. The new consciousness and mind create new air, which then enters people. Spread love."

More information will be released on this essence as we collate the early "provers" feedback, but it is available now.

Next Newsletter:  More on the topic of Connectedness, as we describe the newest of the LTOE.


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