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International Flower Essence Repertoire
Black Friday Special!

This Friday the 25th of November, as a one-day Special Offer, we will let therapists buy our full kit of 105 essences at 45% off our retail price, instead of the usual 35%. This amounts to £96 off the normal kit price.

This offer is valid only this Friday the 25th of November, and is open to our UK customers, and customers of ours in those countries which do not currently have Distributors appointed by us. (So anyone in the USA, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Czech Republic, Hong Kong, Austria, Belgium, Holland and Singapore, our apologies...!)

Our full kit now has 105 essences, and 100 of these are in the two wooden boxes we provide. There are 5 essences which at this point must sit outside of the kit boxes until we figure out a solution to the dilemma they present!

Japanese Edition
We are thrilled to be able to tell you that the Japanese edition of our book on the Living Tree Orchid Essences is due to be published on the 5th of December. Translated by our wonderful Distributor in Japan, Junko Terayama, with the assistance of Akiyo Mizuma, the book has retained most of the format of our English edition. Inquiries may be made to Junko via her website:

Happy Thanksgiving!
And lastly, to our friends (and my family) in the US, I send my warmest wishes for what I have realized is my favourite holiday in America. No presents, no religious matters, simply family getting together for a quiet celebration. What a lovely and good idea!
Videos of the Orchids

Lately I have begun exploring how I could convey the orchids visually to our customers in better ways than I have done so far. There is an art to capturing the qualities of the orchid as best one can in a photograph, and I enjoy this process very much. But I am also now beginning to create videos of the orchids, which are basically of two types.

The first type of video is based on time-lapse photography. I set the orchid up in a room, and set my camera on a tripod, and tell it to take a photo every 5 minutes or so. Over several days this translates to many hundreds of photos, which can show the buds opening up etc. I then use a software program like Adobe Lightroom to create a slideshow of the sequence of these many photos. There's a few more techicalities to overcome before presenting the resulting video on the website, but in any case the first of my time-lapse videos is now able to be viewed on our website, in two locations. Defender from the Dark was made with a cloud-forest specie called Pleurothallis phalangifera, which is native to Ecuador. The specie comes in two very distinct colour forms: pale flesh-coloured, and dark purple.

The essence was made a year ago with the dark purple variety. But this month the pale form sent up 4 good spikes, and I siezed the chance to make a time-lapse video of two of these coming into bloom. The video is able to be seen at the very bottom of the More Photos page of Defender from the Dark.

It may also be viewed on our new Orchid Videos page.

The other type of video is simply a 360 degree viewing of the orchid. In effect I have the orchid on a table, and the camera set to shoot every 5 seconds. I then rotate the pot very very slightly between each photo. This is hard work, and I am hoping to automate at least the rotation part soon, since kneeling down and rotating a pot slightly 700 times in 90 minutes is tough..! But the result is to my eye, both wonderful and promising. Wonderful because one can now view the orchid I shot from all angles, no matter where you are in the world. Promising, because I know I can make these videos considerably better, as I learn the techniques and find the right rotational equipment. (My dream project is now to combine the two types of video, but that will certainly require some new equipment!)

The first video I have made of this second sort, is Laeliocattleya Angel Love, which I used this month to make a new batch of our essence Angelic Canopy. The video may be viewed at the bottom of the More Photos page of Angelic Canopy, as well as on our new Orchid Videos page.

In the next newsletter I will describe the re-making of Angelic Canopy; the struggle to find a specimen of this hybrid, and the plant's journey here; and of course the new aspects of the essence that have emerged in the remaking.

- Don    Nov. 23rd 2011

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