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Since the establishment of IANPHI in 2006, our vision has been to strengthen the collaboration between national public health institutes (NPHIs) and to contribute to global health, especially by helping low and middle income countries to strengthen or establish NPHIs. IANPHI represents a remarkable global network of institutions and their public health professionals whose contributions are key to both their member countries and to public health at the global level.

As we establish our plans and goals for 2014, we recognize the major changes taking place in global public health today. The epidemiological transition shows the great growth of non-communicable diseases (NCD), which are now responsible for two-thirds of the world’s deaths. At the same time, infectious diseases are still problematic and present new challenges. Likewise, many traditional public health problems related to nutrition, child and maternal health, and health emergencies still need strong attention.

With a commitment to saving lives though national public health
 institutes and a strong network of 86 member institutes, IANPHI reaches all corners of the globe to address public health challenges and improve people’s lives worldwide.  >>

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