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                                      February 2015 

Happy Lunar New Year to you all from Korea! Thursday, February 19 was the official day of SeoLal, or the Lunar New Year. Last year was the year of the Horse, and this next year is the year of the Sheep. During the holiday, Koreans travel to their hometowns to be with their family and spend time together for a few days. They eat a lot of food, play games, and share stories. For the first two weeks of February, we had our last classes of the school year. The first week of March will be the first week of the new school year in Korea and at the churches.
We will officially be serving at three churches beginning in March. We will still serve at God's Will and Happy Lutheran churches, but we will add a third, Daejo-dong (literally in English, town of Springtide) Lutheran Church.
We will teach Mondays and Thursdays at Springtide, Wednesdays and Fridays at God's Will, and Tuesdays at Happy. We expect to have about 100 students at the three churches and are excited to share Jesus with all of them through these English Classes! Above is a picture of Serena with a few of her students earlier this month and the church playing a tradition Lunar New Year game of Yut Nori.

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How you can pray...

-For Serena and the baby, as the due date (March 8th) gets closer and closer, for health for both of them.
-For all the Korean students starting a new school year.
-For Serena's mother and Elliot's parents travelling to Korea for their new grandchild in the coming weeks. 

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