Publishing Hearts Connecticut
Online Auction to benefit Sandy Hook


Donations will be made directly to The United Way for Western Connecticut

If you do not see anything you need/want, consider making a cash donation to The United Way link above.

To my Fav Bloggers,

I am running an online auction for the victims of Sandy Hook Shooting. I wanted you to know so you could come visit or possibly tweet or blog about the event to send people our way for the auction. ;)

We are devastated about the tragic events that happened last Friday. As parents, we are horrified. It cut me so deeply I needed to do something with that energy and make it positive. Maybe help in some small way. 
We understand that money could never replace any lives. 
But from my perspective - as a parent, mother, I needed to do something to give back. 

I have children 5 and 8. They attend an elementary school in our neighborhood. We actually went through a lock down last year due to an armed robber in our neighborhood.  In the end, all the children were fine and there were no events. But, I know the feeling of receiving that robo call about a lock down at the school and the quiet desperation I felt waiting to find out my kids were safe.  I cannot imagine how I would feel if thing shad gone differently.
We were obviously the lucky ones. 
So a couple of authors got together and collected items for an online auction to raise money. In the "Publishing Hearts Connecticut" auction, the money raised will go to the Newtown Youth and Family Services that supports the Sandy Hook Relief Fund to ensure money  helps the community, families, school, and children affected.

The winners will donate the money directly to The United Way of Western Connecticut.
What items are included?

Since this is sponsored by the publishing community, we have a list of books (mostly young adult) as well as publishing services.
The full list of current auction is listed below. You can click on any item to see all the details, and bidding is happening in the comments.  Most of the items are for US and Canada Only except for the service auction items such as critiques, marketing, designs, ect.

For more information

Check out the list of items
The auction rules
What to expect?

If you do not see any items you need/want, please consider donating directly to the United Way !

If you have any questions, please email me at


The money raised will be allocated to Newtown Youth and Family Services. They have set up a "Sandy Hook Relief fund" that directly supports the families of the victims.
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