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Are you ready
for the ACT?

Beginning in January 2014

Test time is just around the corner.  And Waubonsee can help! Waubonsee will offer a variety of test prep classes, beginning in January. But don't delay! Register now, because these classes fill up fast!

ACT Victory. Waubonsee's most comprehensive course has everything you need to conquer the ACT!

ACT: Try the Test. In 3.5 hours, maximize your score by first taking the official, retired paper-and-pencil exam in a timed setting - exactly like the regular test day. The practice test will be offered on Jan. 25 and March 29.

Raise Your Score - ACT Math. This 6-week course will focus on six core subject areas to help you improve your ability to solve problems similar to those found on the ACT.

Raise Your Score - ACT Verbal. This 12-hour course will help you prepare for the English, reading and writing sections of the ACT.

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Congratulations seniors!

It's your last few months of high school.
Are you thinking about college yet? 

What are you waiting for? Now is the time to fill out college applications!  Most applications are now done online. But different schools use different admissions policies.  Here, we’ll unpack some of the terms used, to help you more easily navigate the admissions process.   Check them out, and if you haven’t already done so, find out which policy is used by each college you are considering.

Early Decision. Applications are usually due by November 1.  If you are accepted to a school with this policy, you MUST commit to attending this school and withdraw your applications from any other schools.  Early decision is a binding agreement, so you should be 100 percent positive you want to attend before going this route with any school.

Early Action. Like “early decision,” the application is due in early November.  The big difference is that with early action, if you are accepted, you are not required to commit to attending the school.  You can keep shopping schools to see who offers the best programs, services and financial aid packages.

Regular Admission. Applications must be submitted by a specific date (usually between November and January).  Applications are considered and students are notified of their acceptance status in the spring.

Rolling Admission. You can apply any time and applications are considered as they arrive.  While they accept applications longer, schools with rolling admissions policies often fill quickly, as admission is on a first come, first served basis.  Apply early if the school you are considering uses a rolling admissions policy.

Open Admissions. Any student wishing to take classes is admitted.  Community colleges, such as Waubonsee, have open admissions policies.


Know the right questions to ask.

When you are looking at colleges, whether it is by visiting campus, searching online or attending a college fair, there are some important questions you should be asking.  When working with college representatives, make sure to ask the following questions in order to find the college that fits you best:
  1.  What are your entrance requirements?
  2. Does your school offer the major/program of study I want?
  3. How long will it take me to complete my degree?
  4. How successful are graduates at finding employment?  Do you offer job placement assistance?
  5. Are internship opportunities available?
  6. What types of financial aid/scholarship opportunities are available?
  7. What types of sports /clubs/activities are available on campus?
  8. What types of other services (tutoring, disability services, health care etc.) are available to help me?
  9. Is your school accredited? And, what are its accrediting agencies? If the school is not accredited, your education may suffer, as courses may not transfer, financial aid may not be available and the overall quality of education may lag.

FAFSA Reminder

If you intend to apply for Financial Aid, the 2014-2015 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) will be available on January 1, 2014.  Be sure to apply by March 1 to have the most options for Financial Aid.  February is Financial Aid Awareness Month.  Be on the lookout for special workshops offered by Waubonsee to help you complete your FAFSA and understand the financial aid process.  These workshops will be free and open to the public, no matter which college you plan to attend.

Hey Juniors!

Undecided? It's not too early to start
researching colleges, or majors. 

At Waubonsee, we often get questions about what majors are “up and coming” or will offer the best job opportunities in the near future.  According to U.S. News and World Report, colleges around the U.S. are beefing up their offerings in many of these 11 fields of study.  Check them out!
  1. Biomedical Engineering. Interested in helping to find a cure for cancer, developing artificial organs or helping to build robots to assist in surgery?  This field may interest you.
  2. Biometrics. Photo IDs and passwords are being replaced by ID systems relying on facial recognition and other biometrics. Consider this field to be part of designing that future.
  3. Forensic Science. Television programs like CSI brought this field into the spotlight.  If you are strong in math and science, and have an interest in criminal justice, this may be the career for you!
  4. Computer Game Design. Enjoy your Playstation or Xbox?  They are only as good as the games gamers can play on them. Help develop games for these and other platforms.
  5. Cybersecurity. The increasing concern with computer system security is making this career field grow by leaps and bounds.
  6. Data Science. If using statistics and identifying trends is one of your strengths, this career involving predicting customer behavior and market trends may interest you.
  7. Business Analytics. Similar to data science, but with an emphasis on the particular needs of business.
  8. Petroleum Engineering. The oil and natural gas extraction business is booming. Those working in this field can take their careers in several different directions, including supervising efforts to access oil or gas, analyzing how much oil/gas can be recovered or engineering systems to recover the available oil and gas.
  9. Public Health. Interested in healthcare policy, or preventing the spread of contagious diseases? This field may interest you!
  10. Robotics. Students interested in a career in robotics are encouraged to pursue a major in mechanical, electrical and/or software engineering. 
  11. Environmental Studies/Sustainability. Interested in helping the environment and “going green?”  Check this field out!
Source:  U.S. News & World Report

What can you do to start
preparing for college now? 

Here are few things to put on your "To Do" list for the year:

Start researching colleges. Look online, go to open house events or meet with a representative to learn what a school has to offer.

Prepare for the ACT or SAT. Test time is just around the corner!  Waubonsee will be offering a variety of test prep classes starting in January.  See the sidebar at left for more information!

Keep your grades up. Add challenging courses to your schedule.  It might be tempting to take as many fun electives as possible, but your transcript will be much more impressive if it includes some advanced classes, too.

Get Involved. Grades are important, but colleges really want to see how well-rounded you are.  Consider joining a club, playing a sport, or volunteering in your community.  The more active you are inside and outside of school, the better!
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