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Mama Misitu Campaign
The Mama Misitu Campaign for the past two years (2012 – 2014), has reached more than 140,000 communities from various targeted districts such as Kilwa, Lindi, Nachingwea, Rufiji, Kisarawe, Kibaha, Muheza, and Korogwe through various trainings and dissemination of relevant information on forestry. There’s improved multi-stakeholder engagement through established platforms at district and national level. The campaign has generated national debates where communities, private sector, CSOs and the Government raised their concerns on the need to improve forest governance in Tanzania. 
Launch of Mama Misitu TV Campaign
The Mama Misitu Campaign launched a new series of television campaign about MJUMITA sustainable charcoal development, usage, and its broader based market. The main aim of the TV campaign was to promote the social, environmental and economic benefits of sustainable charcoal.
The Director of Forest and Beekeeping Division from the Ministry of Natural Resource and Tourism (MNRT) Ms. Gladness A. Mkamba officially launched the TV campaign on September 11, 2015 at the New Africa Hotel. 70 participants attended the ceremony that included development partners, Mama Misitu Campaign partners and staff, and journalists. The ceremony was also honored by the Deputy Head of Mission, Embassy of Finland in Dar Es Salaam   Mr. Simo-Pekka Parviainen.
Left is the Executive Director of TNRF Mr. Joseph Olila, centre is the Director of Forest and Beekeeping Division from MNRT Ms. Gladness Mkamba and right is Mr. Simo-PekkaParviainen – the Deputy Head of Mission, Embassy of Finland, Dar es Salaam.
The program episodes produced in Kilosa district, Morogoro region is part of concerted efforts by Mtandao wa Jamii wa Usimamizi wa Misitu Tanzania (MJUMITA), Tanzania Forest Conservation Group (TFCG), Tanzania Traditional Energy Development Organization (TaTEDO) and Kilosa District Council to transform and formalize the charcoal sector so that it can sustainably provide secure employment and incomes to rural and urban communities.
The TV campaign series on sustainable charcoal is aired on ITV every Tuesday at 06.30pm and repeats on Thursday at 10.30am from September to October 2015 consecutively. For feedback call us on +255 758 828 398, and
Links for more information and documents related to the launch are shown below:
MMC Communication Products distributed
The Mama Misitu Campaign in collaboration with partners produced and distributed communications products including educational in order to engage with the general public and impart pertinent messages regarding various lessons on forestry to create a national debate on the need to improve the governance of forestry resources in Tanzania. The products distributed portray relevant messages targeting different stakeholders dealing with forests issues. The communication materials included;
  1. A checklist for necessary procedures for legal forest products trade from community managed forests - a compliance tool that will enable various stakeholders to establish what is legal and what is not in the forest product trade;
  2. The Mama Misitu brochures (English and Kiswahili version); stickers with six (6) key different messages targeting different audiences; and
  3. Community based Forest Enterprise (CFE) documentary - a film that demonstrates the benefits of good forest governance through participatory forest management supported by Mpingo Conservation and Development Initiative (MCDI) in Kilwa District.
The main objective of this exercise (information dissemination) is to increase the knowledge base on various forestry issues and thereby contribute to the broader multi-stakeholder dialogue on the need to improve forestry resources governance in Tanzania.
Links to different communication products distributed by the Mama Misitu Campaign are shown below:
Social Accountability Monitoring (SAM) process
Social Accountability Monitoring (SAM) is a civic engagement tool, which promotes the realization of basic socio-economic rights and capabilities.

The aim of this civic engagement is to stimulate demand from citizens and thus put pressure on the state or private sector to meet their obligations to provide quality services. The supply side of this equation is about building state capability and responsiveness.
The Policy Forum in collaboration with MJUMITA provided technical support to established social accountability monitoring teams from Nachingwea and Lindi districts to review various plans and reports in their district. SAM teams reviewed various government related documents such as strategic plan and progress reports, income and expenditure statement and other related guidelines related to the management of the district council to establish how the forestry sector is being prioritized by the district council in terms of plans, allocations, reporting and benefits to forest adjacent communities.
At present, the SAM teams are finalizing the report. The findings from the SAM process will generate evidence for advocacy through facilitation of dialogue with relevant district management teams and councilors on the need to allocate more funds for implementation of participatory forest management activities in the targeted districts.
Timber Trade Study
The Mama Misitu Campaign in collaboration with TRAFFIC and WWF undertakes a study to evaluate the status of implementation of the recommendations provided by the renowned 2007 TRAFFIC REPORT on illegal timber trade and national development. The research work is coordinated by TRAFFIC where independent consultants have been engaged to collect data in selected districts and to various stakeholders. It is expected that findings from the research work will be shared before end of 2015.
Signing of a Zanzibar Resolution on illegal cross-boarder timber trade
TRAFFIC and WWF facilitated signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to curb illegal cross boarder timber trade involving Tanzania, Kenya, Zanzibar, Madagascar and Mozambique. The signing took place in September during the World Forestry Forum in Durban South Africa. The official signing is part of the concerted efforts by forestry stakeholders as agreed during a regional stakeholder forum on timber trade held in Zanzibar in July. The Mama Misitu is part of the initiative aimed at enhancing legal and sustainable timber trade across the region.
Government officials from Tanzania, Kenya, Zanzibar, Mozambique and Madagascar sign Zanzibar protocal on curbing illegal timber trade
Investigative Journalism mentoring support
The Mama Misitu in collaboration with experts from Tanzania Media Fund (TMF) continues to build capacity of journalists from Kilwa, Lindi, Nachingwea, Mtwara and Ruvuma on investigative journalism skills to build their knowledge on reporting various challenges facing the forestry sector in Southern Tanzania. The program trained 19 journalists whilst providing mentoring support on investigative articles and feature writings. Despite challenges related to limited knowledge of journalists on forestry issues, there are some achievements made by journalists through writing investigative features in the mainstream media. Some of these articles will be shared through established information blog (Under development) MWANAMISITU BLOG. Click this link for more details;
Community Awareness and Advocacy Forums
MJUMITA supported its local networks and target Village Natural Resource Committees (VNRC) from 10 villages in Lindi and Nachingwea to conduct community awareness forum meetings so as to discuss various challenges encountered in forest management in their villages and developing collective action. These meetings were part of the Mama Misitu support to improve communications in addressing forest governance issues. During these meetings, communities underscored the need to build capacity of politicians especially Councilors to understand broader forest governance problems in their districts so that they can be part of the solution when elected into power.
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Social Media interactions
The Mama Misitu embraces social media as a platform to deliver its message, brand the campaign and increase awareness. Therefore, various pertinent information shared through Mama Misitu social media platforms have leveraged other stakeholders and bloggers like tabianchi blog to popularize our products through tweeting Mama Misitu related information in their platforms. 
Consequently, the Mama Misitu tweets/posts have been shared widely /re-tweeted elsewhere in the social media by Eco footprints and Kuni Africa where our election message was shared on their Facebook page and other political platforms such as # Mabadiliko 2015 and #Hapakazitu #UchaguziTanzania2015. Our Facebook account during this reporting period has reached 4,675 likes. To view the Mama Misitu campaign page click the following link:
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In the next issue
  • Communicate the checklist for legal forest products trade across Tanzania and in major checkpoints
  • Developments on Timber trade study
  • Release of PFM popular guidelines
  • Conduct Social Accountability Monitoring (SAM) forums at District and Village level to share findings and lessons learnt
  • Airing of Mama Misitu TV campaign on sustainable charcoal on ITV every Tuesday at 06.30pm and repeats on Thursday at 10.30am.
The Mama Misitu Campaign is funded by the Government of Finland
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