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Action Alert: Say No To Plain Packs!

It's not often that we ask you to get actively involved in our campaigns but this is one of those occasions.

If you have been following Forest's Hands Off Our Packs campaign you will know that in response to the government consultation on standardised packaging of tobacco we submitted the names of over 235,000 people who oppose the measure.

In total it is estimated that the Department of Health received over 700,000 responses - half a million opposed to 'plain' packaging with around 210,000 in favour.

The DH is still reviewing the responses and a report - long overdue - could be published any time soon.

In the meantime, despite our best efforts, many MPs still seem to be ignorant of the level of opposition.

This is why we need your help.

If you are opposed to plain packaging it is very important that you write and tell your MP, personally.

We have set up a new website - Say No To Plain Packs - that allows you to send a letter in just two clicks.

It's really, really easy.

1. Visit
2. Enter your postcode
3. Click 'Next'
4. Enter your name and address
5. Click 'Submit'

That's it (unless you want to incude some additional comments.)

If you need convincing check out the Chief Medical Officer's performance at a recent House of Commons Science and Technology Select Committee meeting. It's beyond parody.

Or read this: More questions than answers.

Or this: FOI reveals arrogance of ASH.

Over to you.


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